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December 9th 2008
Published: December 9th 2008
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So it is good to be back in Germany. It is a few degrees warmer here but still not LA weather!
I welcome a wintery Christmas, however. Tonight, I will be going to the Weinachtsmarkt. This is something just about every city has in Germany. It is a venue for merchants to sell their expensive but quaint Christmas gifts. They also have food, rides, and Gluhwein!
So I figured out how Santa Claus is able to cover so much ground. I learned that he comes around on the Sixth of December (his birthday) and children leave out their shoes in hopes of finding candy. I never did this because I grew up with a cat.
While a fat American Santa is squeezing through chimneys and bypassing security systems, Germany is treated by two visitors. The Christ Child and The Christmas Man. This is an annonymous night stalker with a red and white suit. Rip off! I love Santa Claus and his American ways of coming around on the 25th but I do have to say that it is nice to see that they still hold on to the religious ellement of Christmas. But like other trend, canned food, reality shows, etc... I am sure that it is only a matter of time before Christmas religious traditions are unwrapped in Germany.
Merry Christmas!!!
PS. Where are my presents!!!


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