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November 1st 2008
Published: November 2nd 2008
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Did you know that Halloween is still an infant here in Germany??
For ten years, people have gotten familiarized with ghosts, goblins, and trick-or-treating on Halloween. You still can't find a great selection of costumes and when people have Halloween partys, they hardly dress up!
This is because their "Halloween" is called Fastnacht and it is our Mardi Gras. It involves a huge parade, lots of bars, costumes, special songs, and great times.
Mardi Gras has the same origin but Fastnacht was started to send the winter home. However, for this blogger, it means no meat on Fridays!
Plenty of great food, including a bloody hand in pasta made from almonds and sausages, at our party. Around 25 people showed up and we showed them how to bob for apples, pin the broom on the witch, and in our basement with had "blind folded ghost stories" with spaghetti and peeled grapes to illustrate brains and eye- balls!
They did come in costume and some were well put together. A fellow American co-host, Meredith, won the costume contest with her Dead Cinderella costume. According to her, you can order a costume up to a week in advance from the German online stores. Many American stores have international shipping.
My advice, buy something more creative at Fastnacht and save it for October.
Bis Dan!


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