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October 15th 2006
Published: October 15th 2006
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Here's how I ended up here-- on the map I see 'Villefranche-de-Rouergue (don't ask me to pronounce it !) and it looked like an obscure out of the way place, so since I am looking for obscure out of the way places where the tourists are not parading around with their cameras slung around their necks, I decide to make that a goal to check out.

I spent one night in Cahors, and after my adventure to Saint Cirq Lapopie, I end up in V de R.

Still have to scan pics, I will work on it, I promise !!!

I remember V de R had an old part of the citte, that had to be 500 years old. Was quite worth the trip to be there.

Stayed in the International Youth Hostel. It was BRAND new, aaahh, honestly, was sort of weird. First, there was some group of workers staying there, as I recall, they were a bit off balance, well, no one spoke English but some guy that I happened to sit next to during the communal dinner (that was very decent) maybe this guy was the only one that was a few bricks short of a full load !!!
The Youth Hostel in V de R was one of the strangest places I had ever stayed in.

I felt like I was in an insane asylum ! The hallways leading to the room was walking through a maze the walls were painted bright colors, verry modern, and I went through a few doors, each one slamming behind me echoing through out this madhouse. I finally reach my room- there were a few beds in it, but none were occupied, I had the room to myself. The bathroom was private, but again, it was strange- there was no shower door, it was totally open, like I was just standing there naked in the corner of the bathroom getting sprayed !!! Very cold feeling- guess I like a shower door that keeps in the steam and warmth of the hot water !!!

Maybe I am the one that's crazy- and this place was the center of normality, no ??


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