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October 15th 2006
Published: October 15th 2006
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looked up the definition of LIFE in the dictionary. I could list all twenty different definitions, but decided that was an overkill to the point I wish to make. Let me just make this point...... all twenty definitions could be done away with... and only one would be necessary to describe the essence of life. That is Paris...... on Sunday.

It was a Sunday in October, 2000, my last day of a 3 week trip, five of which were spent in Paris. I hadn't visited the Louvre yet, and had planned to do that on this last day. But after an hour of wandering around the Louvre, I had enough of indoors, and decided that being in Paris... was being OUTSIDE. On Sunday, they CLOSE streets for pedestrians and bicycles only. There is literally a CELEBRATION of life... it is like the blooming of a flower! There is just nothing like Paris on a Sunday! What was I doing indoors! I booked it outta there... and headed down the Jardin des Tuleries. It was totally awesome... I walked slowly, breathing as much French air that I could.


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