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October 15th 2006
Published: October 15th 2006
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I made a quick trip to Palazzo Adriano with a friend of mine from Catania. I really wanted to slow down and 'absorb', but it's so hard to when someone else is waiting, and wanting to hurry !!! I must go back. This is the village my grandfather's parents came from.

I recall finding the town hall, where they have the vital statistics. I wanted so much to index my grandfather's name (Alessi ) and his mother's name (Grana) The place was closed, so we waited around for him to return.... finally we had to go, so I never got to check any thing out ! (guess this is why I like solo travel so much more, I can do my own thing )

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Plaque in the church 1Plaque in the church 1
Plaque in the church 1

To ROSARIO DRAGOTTA ALESSI obedient, wise, of affectionate heart, sincere who worked as teacher with willness, braveness and honor. Ah! Victim of a cruel illness, before it was time to he was caught from his family, his native land. Devout man, surrended like a heroe at the young age of 33 he passed to the ethernal peace on december 21th 1881. His hurting parents, brothers and sister left here this memory of him. (Translation by [url=]giulio[/url])
Plaque in the church 2Plaque in the church 2
Plaque in the church 2

PAPAS VICARIO PIETRO ALESSI Was an uncomparable priest, a model of clergyman, integral citizen. At top of his ideals he always had the education and the prosperity of the family, for tath he always had an expecial attention and very fine feelings. His religious role was always a mission for him, who was nominated VICARIO FORANEO thanks to the confidence of the bishop since 1876. He was counscious and full of energy, admired from everybody. He didn't refuse to give his help when his native land needed it. Born on August 3rd 1829 he flyed to the ethernal peace on May 6th 1895, with the pain of all the people. His sons: Domenica, Basilio, Francesco and Cirillo, hurtind for the pain R.I.P. (Translation by [url=]giulio[/url])

19th June 2007

Palazzo Adriano, L'Ultimo Paradiso
I visited Palazzo Adriano in May of 2007. It was the home of my grandfather. I found it to be a wonderful place. I spend two weeks touring Italy before I went to Palazzo Adriano and found that the rest of Italy was one big overpriced tourist trap (although there were mny places worth seeing). Palazzo Adriano was an unadulterated paradise, it was the high point of my trip to Italy. The people were warm, friendly and very helpful to the visitor who did not speak Italian (they did not speak english but we managed to communicate). The Hotel Del Viale was as good as any hotel I'd been in (at a fraction of the cost). There are at least two restaurants in town and a cafe. The food is excellent, local and resonably priced. The town is rich in histroy and culture and the locals are happy to share it with you. They have frequent religious feasts with big liturgies and processions through the town that are like walking back in history, or being in an early 20th century italian movie. I have no hesitation reccommending a visit to Palazzo Adriano for those who want to see small village Italy. It is a little remote but that's whay it is so good.
22nd June 2007

thanks for comments. Strange as it is, of all the places to visit, I just long to return to Sicily and some of these out of the way places. i prefer the out of the way places too. caio!
12th September 2007

My grandfather and grandmother were born in palazzo adriano. I wonder if there is still an Alessi family in town ? Thanks for your comments.
7th October 2007

Yes, the Alessi's are still there. In fact the former mayor of the town is an Alessi. The Alessi's are one of the old families in the village and the family is prominent in the history of the village. There is an Alessi home which has been in the family for several generations which is still there and occupied by Alessi's.
30th October 2007

Researching the Milazzo Family Tree
My grandfather Paolo Milazzo was born in Palazzo Adriano. I'm the family genealogist and would like to find out if there is any of my family still there in Sicily and how to research the family records. Would the church be the place to do this or the Town Hall records?
2nd December 2007

hall of records
my guess is the town hall would be the place. I am hoping to return soon. I will find out for sure. Last time, the office was closed, we waited and waited, but I guess "Il Riposino Pomeridiano" never ended!
13th December 2007

Not too bright ?
Please do not judge people by the way you think they look, and you don't even know what they thought of you, just by looking at how fast you went through this beautiful place without spending enough time to meet any of the Alessi's, like the former mayor. Palazzo Adriano is a very unique place in a region where nature is pristine, it is a "riserva naturale", you can also find there a great bed and breakfast 'a casa vecchia". People there are very proud of their unique albanese/sicilian heritage, but today's economic situation in rural Sicily still forces many people to leave this beautiful place. I suggest you go back there and spend more time and meet people.
22nd December 2007

re: not too bright
what you say is true, about PA being a very unique place. that is why I am returning on my next trip to europe. Of all the places to visit, it is my priority. however, it is true that some of the guys hanging around in the local square looked more than just a little bit off. I am not being critical, I am just telling it as I saw it. sorry if I offended you!
5th January 2008

Me Too
My grandfather Philipo Masaracchia left PA in the early 1900's. I regret not knowing more of my heritage and as a youngster never thought to inquire and ask questions to my "Nonu". At some point I will go back to Sicily and spend some quality time in Palazzo Adriano. I'll probably hire a ancestry reseacher or at the very least an Italian translator. Please comment back here again should you visit Palazzo Adriano again.
22nd January 2008

paisani? Grana, Alessi, Masaracchia, Carpita
Just wondering if you might be related to any Alessi's in Independence, Louisiana??? My Grandpa, a Grana, talks about the Alessi "paisani" down in Louisiana. He says they are cousins of his fathers family, the Grana's (now of St. Louis) but isn't sure how. Both of his parents immigrated from Palazzo Adriano, and I have these Grana's traced back to 1817, with the help of other cousins there (also related to some Masaracchia's) so I might be able to help you find more info. Everyone I have met there has always been exceptionally welcoming. It's really a beautiful and uniquely unspoiled place. Hopefully it stays that way . . . even as younger generations are moving away and tourists are discovering it.
24th January 2008

paisani, for sure!
Yes, my great grandmother was Giovanna Grana! They lived in Independence. We be paisani!!!
31st January 2008

Hello!My name is Sara and I live in Italy. My mother and my boyfriend come from Palazzo Adriano and I go there 3 or 4 times at year (sorry fot my English). I am very surprised of reading your message in the Web. I didn't know that "paisani" in the world wrote about Palazzo Adriano. It's incredible!Very good!If you want informations about Palazzo I'm here!Where are you from?Do you Know somebody in Palazzo? Bye. Sara
23rd February 2008

Is anyone going?
I feel like Alice in Wonderland! I, too, have grandparents from Palazzo Adriano. I just stumbled across your blog JR and wonder if anyone is planning on going to Sicily. I, too, think that traveling alone in this situation is probably best but would love to have fellow researchers while I'm there. Thanks, Joan
10th March 2008

maybe someday...
This is a small village in Sicily? It is wonderful that so many are finding your blog and are finding this common geography from their ancenstry. I have great-grandparents who immigrated to the US from Palazzo Adriano. Surnames are Cottonaro and Cali. I have family info that leads me back to this village, but little before that. I would love to visit someday. Thanks for all the info. Karen
15th March 2008

Film location
Just for info this is the town they used for the external shots of the town in the movie Cinema Paradiso.
21st March 2008

The Schiro's are also an old Palazzo Adriano family
My grandparents Vincenzo and Josephine Schiro also came to America from PA in the early 1900s. About 10 years ago I was fortunate enough to visit there and saw the house they lived in which is situated at the foot of the steps of the Greek Orthodox (I think) church building. The Schiro name is mentioned several times on the monument at the fountain. Beautiful place. Any one know much of the Schiro family in Palazzo Adriano?
23rd March 2008

My GrandMother is from Palazzo Adriano, from the Spallino's Family.
2nd April 2008

We went in December of 06 to visit my cousins. We stayed at Del Viale and they have a restaurant there. It was OK... Not great - not bad. I didnt go to the town hall but I did go to the cemetary right outside of town and its a really good source of info. I found out that one side of my family lived there briefly and since there was only one tombstone with that family name on it, they were from a neighboring city in San Guisepe. I will go there next time and research them. But my Bua side was there and I got to see my great great grandparents graves. VERY COOL!! My cousins left there toured me around the city and showed me points of interest and the church where my great grandparents got married. They have a shrine to St. Nicolas there and it was around Christmas so it was really neat to see. Cant wait to go back!
2nd April 2008

Oh yeah! One more thing... when I first went to PA in 1997 the church my cousins attend (Angela, Carmela and Guiseppe Bua) had a pastor named Father Frank and he spent about 10 years in New York with a church there. He spoke perfect English and when I needed anything he could get it. He told me that the public records only went back to a certain point and the old records had been destroyed in a fire. He said that the cemetary was the best way to research my grandparents and so thats where I got my best information. Plus I was lucky enough to find living cousins still there who helped me with that side of my Sicilian roots. How wonderful the experience was. We will always go back. Now my daughter can enjoy her history with me! Plus, I would add that prices have gone up considerably in hotels and food! But it had been 9 years since I had gone there the first time! The hotel was about 80 dollars a night for a double bedroom. The food prices were very reasonable but had gone up some. If you know some Italian people are willing to help you out even more since you will know how to ask for it so they can understand.
20th April 2008

Grana, Costa
Oh my Gosh! I just stumbled upon this page while googling about Sicily. My grandparents and all of my uncles and aunt born before my father were from Palazzo Adriano! My father was the first child born once they came to the U.S. My grandfather was Guiseppe Grana and my granmother was Luchina Costa. I have found the ship's manifests of both my Nonu and then several years later of my Nana, uncles and aunt on All of them are gone now and all I have are the memories of all the stories told at Sunday dinners. My most fervent dream is to go to PA and see where they all came from and hopefully find out more about my family. I noticed Granas in St. Louis from an earlier comment and wonder if we are related? Also, does anyone know of any Costas in PA?
23rd April 2008

Cavallaro and Di Giovanni
My Grandparents left in 1910 or so. I wonder if any family is left there. My grandfather was Pietro Cavallaro and my Nana was Anna Di Giovanni. I would LOVE to visit!
18th May 2008

glad you found my blog! Actually, there have been so many responses from people whose roots are in PA that I thought of starting an online bulletin board! we could all have a big stateside reunion! my great grandmother was giovanna grana, and there is some discrepency as to whether she is related to the Grana family in St. Louis, as her name isn't on the census record of the Grana family. I hope to go to PA this September and get it all straighened out. great mystery to me!
24th May 2008

I was born in palazzo adriano, then moved to new york. Its wonderful that there are so many palazzesi in america. Its a beatiuful place to visit they have the best cheese and water. learning about your family roots is excited. I still have family in pa and i travel somewhat often
19th June 2008

demetrius stecca my grand father live there.
are there any family by the that name live there may be my relative by that name.
30th June 2008

Pillora Family
Its a long shot but my family moved in the late 1800s. The name was Pillora. Has anyone run across records or may have been family of the Pilloras?
3rd July 2008

Public transportation to PA
I want to visit PA this summer and I'll be visiting family near Caltanissetta, in the interior of Siicly. Does anyone know how to arrive at PA by public transport?
4th July 2008

PA by Bus
I know the bus runs once a day from Palermo. I am not sure what the schedule is from anywhere else. I hope to be there in Sept, but am going to rent a car. bus/train transport in Sicily is very limited, and there's a lot to see Buon Viaggio!
16th July 2008

Zia Nina Costa
Luchina: Grana, Costa. My grandfather was born in PA. His name was Nicolo Alessi.He came to America around 1903. He told me that on the ship coming to America, that he accompanied a young girl from PA to the USA. He called her Nina. She was Nina Costa.For many years we recieved a christmas card from her. Could she be related to you ? Best Wishes, Tom
25th July 2008

I was born in Palazzo Adriano, I live now in California, it is amazing how many people are interested in this little town, many of the last name mentioned are still around, Grana', Costa, Di Giovanni, Masaracchia, Alessi.......but be careful, even if many people share their last name, they may be not related......go to the COMUNE, or the Churches archivesgood luck....buona fortuna for information, go in the mid morning, they may get up late or take a siesta in the afternoon......
28th July 2008

I am ticketed!
Yes, I remember going to the Comune in the later afternoon, and didn't have the time to wait around for someone to return. I am ticketed to Catania for the 8th of September, hiring a car there, then going to Siracusa, Noto, Ragusa, before I head toward PA. Any other destinations of interest please let me know.
28th July 2008

any places of interest.....? all interesting....with all the people who wanted to conquer.....and live something of their own, palermo has arabic , byzantin spanish architecture, agrigento has greek ruins.....and also taormina e siracusa.....monreale by palermo has a beautiful cathedral, the mosaic are unique...and on and on..... there are many alessi and grana' still in palazzo, you may be related to some, some of grana' owed a' caffe'", nella piazza, BUONA FORTUNA....and BUON VIAGGIO.... P.S. Play around on the web, typing palazzo adriano you'll see how may sites and pictures are there.....
29th July 2008

I spent 4 days in Palermo a few years ago, then went to Cefalu and Enna and then on to Catania via train. I felt so restricted, having no car. This time, going to do some serious 'meandering'. Have also been to most places you mentioned, Agrigento, Taormina, Monreale. I am planning to spend at least 2 days in PA, I am bringing my geneology record with me, to see if I can clear up some mysteries!! caio
8th August 2008

Cottonaro & Cali in Palazzo Adriano
I would like to reach Karen Moore who posted a comment on this blog Mar 10 2008.
26th August 2008

The Churches
I was wondering if you know the name of the churchs there? My Great grandfather Peter Scuriba was a sculptur who worked on one of the churches and my mother who is 92 cannot remember. I would love to find out and go visit someday. Thanks, Jeff
31st August 2008

the churches names on the greek side are; MARIA SS. ASSUNTA, IN PIAZZA, SAN NICOLA, LA MADONNA DELLE GRAZIE, IN THE COUNTRY.SAN GIOVANNI The latin church es are: MARIA SS. DEL LUME, IN PIAZZA, LA MADONNA DEL CARMELO(CARMINE), ST. ANTONINO in the country side. there are many small churches in the country pieta' is one of them. Hope I helped....go and visit is a very lovely little town.....
31st August 2008

sorry, forgat......scuriba? may be SCIURBA??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!sounds more like a palazzese last name.....
1st September 2008

the Churches
The two main churches in the Palazzo Adirano are: Maria SS Assunta (Byzantine) and Santa Maria Del Lume (Roman). There are also a number of oratories in the town connected to one or the other of the main churches. Ron Pecci
3rd September 2008

I've been in Palazzo...
Hey! It's great to read that so many people is connected to Palazzo. I'm from Rosario, Argentina, and my grandpa was born in Palazzo. His family had to move away in the earlies 1900s because one of the capomafia's son wanted to marry a sister of my grandpa, and my family didn't want to. As nobody supported them (the mafia blocked their commercial business and they had no way to survive) the ones who came here didn't want to hear about Palazzo. But we travelled in 1983 when I was a little child (my father, mother, brother and me) and when we arrived there we were treated greatly. We have there the families of my grandpa cousins: the Vetranos, the Granas, the Lalas, and the Buscarinos. Every time we go back there my father sleeps in the bed where his father was born. I still e-mail my "relatives" who has more or less my age (30), and call the elderly ones every 4 or 6 months. I hope to come back asap (I've been there in 2001 for the last time).
11th September 2008

It's only a month later, Donna I hope you are still checking in !
Post from August 8th, 2008 - Donna Bethel - I've bookmarked this WONDERFUL site and will watch for you. Thanks! Karen
17th September 2008

Manrara´s in Sicily
Hello, In google upon typing my last name, Manrara, Palazzo Adriano came up. We are doing a family history and basically know we started in Sicily, some say Palermo, but cannot find exactly where. Perhaps the name has changed some but we know since mid 1700´s it has been Manrara. From Italy the Manrara´s went to Mallorca in Spain, Canary Islands also Spain and then Cuba and back again to Spain and now mainly in Miami, Florida. Please if anyone has heard of the Manrara´s associated to any town or city in Sicily, or Italy for that matter, please let me know. Thanks and good luck to everyone.
4th October 2008

Costa/ scramuzza
My husband's Great grandmother was Carmela Costa. She married Serafino Scramuzza and they Lived in PA. I just found some records and now we have a town of origin. We are finding a lot of info in the Family History Library archives.
5th October 2008

5th October 2008

7th October 2008

Just returned from PA
Just returned from trip... have to admit I saw PA in a totally different perspective. First time, time was limited, and it was January. Town appeared sleepy and obscure. This time, it was September, and I had all the time I wanted. It is one jammin' little town, never a dull moment. Special thanks to Francesco, Nicola and Eduard(sp?) Grana who were so gracious to me while I was there! For anyone who visits, don't miss having lunch or dinner at Casale de Borgia Resort, and say hi to Nicola and his brother Eduard (sp?) for me!!
16th October 2008

nice to hear you enjoyed your visit to palazzo adriano, where you able to find out which of the alessi are you related with?
21st October 2008

re: palazzo
Actually, no. No locals with the name Alessi or Grana could connect with any of my ancestors. Since the records before 1850 were destroyed in a fire, there are no existing records of my great great grandparents, although I did find birth records of two of my great uncles who were born after 1850. But when I showed people the geneology of my great great grandparents, no one identified with it as being part of their family. I joked that it was too bad, I had an estate worth many millions of dollars to divide among living relatives.... :)
22nd October 2008

My brother is here from PA and he gave me a dvd from comune di palazzo adriano. Its shows around the town,inside the beatiuful churches. It tells you a little history of the town and all the feasts that they celebrate througout the year. Just watching the dvd I can't wait to go again. I say great job to the Comune! the upcoming feast is november 11 San Martino.
22nd October 2008

Palazzo Adriano
I was given that DVD while I was there... and some very attractive tourism booklets, I wish they'd do some translating into English though
22nd October 2008

videos of Palazzo Adriano
I just figured out how to publish videos, after looking at this, you'll REALLY want to go back, it's so full of life!
27th October 2008

My grandfather Mike Merchone Cicchirillo or cichrillo
My grandfather was born in the town of Palazzo Adriano in 1898. His name was Merchone (MIKE) Cicchirillo or Cichrillo. Came to the USA in 1910 or 1911 not real sure. Trying to find out if there is any family still in town. All so looking for any Glavianos my grandfathers cousins. Please contact me with any info. 949-637-3155 John marino 31441 Holly Dr. Laguna Beach CA. 92651 USA
2nd December 2008

Diana Costa/Scramuzza
Do you know if your husband's Great grandmother, Carmela Costa had a sister, Luchina Marie Costa? Luchina Costa was my grandmother from PA
4th December 2008

no Costa in my family that I know of... (on my mother's side) Guiseppi Alessi + Antonina Parrino = Georgo Alessi (great grandfather) Domenick Grana + Josephina Ardignola = Giovanni Grana (great grandmother) But the Granas that I met in PA might have Costa.
4th December 2008

I'm very surprised that with all the Alessi and Grana' and Parrino, still living in Palazzo, you did not find somebody related to you.....I remember many families with the last names, even not related between them.. maybe because the new generation lost site of their ancestors. I saw your pictures and videos on line, very nice, they reminded me how charming this little town is,and also how little there is to do, I recognized Francesco Grana', he was still a kid when I left, now he is gray, I remember all his family.did not recognized his grandparents, maybe because they changed, are they Granas, or from his mom? to Diana. I remember a Luchina Costa in Palazzo, I'm sure she is gone by now, she was already old, when I left, but the family may be related to you, since they used to name their children after the grandparents, resulting in many cousins whith the same name.
12th December 2008

Palazzo Adriano
hey, I went to visit by car from Cefalu as its where they filmed my fav movie..cinema paridiso (you prob know that). Spent about 4 hours there, it was fantastic. Met a bunch of locals who where in and around the movie set, saw a private collection of photos from the movie in the town hall. I loved in there. went to Corleone as well..did you stop there too?
12th December 2008

I was given a book by the chap from the town hall, its all in italian, its called 'Saggio di storia municipale di sicilia' Comune di palazzo adriano, the foreword is written by Giuseppe Alessi. The book by Nicolo Buscemi. It seems to be all about the town. They gave me two copies..if you want one I will gladly send it to you
13th December 2008

Palazzo Adriano
Thanks for the offer... I was also given two copies of the book (I didn't realize it was written by an Alessi!). Yes, PA is where 'Cinema Paradiso' was filmed. I was given a poster of a scene in the movie of the piazza. yes, it's a really good movie. others have said it's the best movie they have ever seen! Now, this really makes me want to return to PA!
14th December 2008

well in palazzo everyboby know everybody, I was born and growing up there, exept some years in school, in palermo. I knew Fancesco brother, Lillo, somebody told me he passed, I dont know the childrens, since I have been here, almost 30 years, never heard of the casale borgia, I know they opened a bed and breakfast in palazzo,I still keep in touch with some good old friends, its how sometimes I get some news and should go in august, you will see how many people go back there for their summer vacations, and also see the fiesta , you may be more lucky next time.....And maybe you can ask to meet some old people who used to work in municipio, they may be more helpful of the new cold generation..... p.s can I buy your extra copy of the book that you mentioned?
18th December 2008

Palazzo Adriano
I would very much like to communicate with someone that lives there. I was born there. I came to NY in 1963. I often think about what changes the town has gone through. My email is Il mio Italino non e tanto bene piu. Ma poderso, con aiuto, mi posso imparare meglio. Grazie! Nick
17th January 2009

Palazzo Andriano
Both of my grandparents' families on my mother's side come from Palazzo Andriano. As I was researching our ancestry a few years ago, I discovered the history and charm of PA - I look forward to visiting one day. My grandmother's family included Mariano Costa, his father being Nicolo Costa. Mariano came to the US when he was 17 and it looks like he first went to Independence, LA then shortly left for Pueblo, CO. There he met up with others from PA and married my great grandmother, a Parrino. On my grandfather's side, his father and mother were already married when they arrived (also in Pueblo, CO). My grandfather's name was Nicolas Crispi, his father was Filippo Crispi and his mother was Maria Sabella. Fillippo had 2 sisters that stayed in PA. They had 9 children in PA, all of whom died in infancy. They had another 6 in the US all of who survived. Filippo's father was Nicolo Crispi. We also have DiPetros and Macalusos that all came from PA to the US. Very special people - it is great to see so many others that have PA in common.
1st February 2009

birth certificates
I wrote to officials in PA and received the birth certificates for my great- grandfather and great-grandmother and their marriage certificate. I know the family is from PA but don't know how to go further back. Anyone have any ideas? I am looking for Sparacio, Riggio, Genovese. They came through New Orleans and settled in Independence, LA. later moving to Ill. Appreciate any thoughts or ideas. Thanks for the pictures and the information about PA. I would like to go there someday.
1st February 2009

this is for Fran
by any chance was your father name Giovanni and mother josephine and once lived via giuseppe verdi if so we know each other
17th February 2009

My PA Family - Costa, Crispi, Parrino, Sabella, Macaluso, Buscarino
I have been researching my family (mother's side) for a few years now and I am so glad I stumbled onto this site. I have never seen so many comments about PA and families that are definitely my kin. Both of my mother's grandparents were from Palazzo Adriano. My great grandfather on my mother's maternal side was Mariano Costa Who did come to America at the age of 17. According to Ellis Island records, he first went to New Orleans (probably Indepence, LA which many families from PA migrated), but he soon joined other family memebers in Trinidad, CO, where he worked in the coal mines. He, along with other Costa family members were involved in a coal-miners' strike in which the Colorado miltia was called and proceeded to burn down the strikers' tent city killing several people. A Charles Costa was one of the victums, he was shot and killed. Mariano married Giovannina Parrino. Eventually the family moved to Woodland Hills, CA where Mariano opened a gas station-car repair-restaurant on Ventura Blvd. My Grandmother's name is Josephine Crispi and she was the first child and was born in Pueblo, CO. On my grandfather's side, His name was Nicholas Crispi and his parents were Fillipo Crispi and Mariana Sabella. They were married in PA and had and lost 6 children before leaving for America where they had 7 healthy children. They also went to Pueblo, Co and then on to Alhambra (in Los Angeles) where Fillipo worked for the city parks department and actually planted and cared for the famous rose garden at Expostion Park across the street from USC. My mother has been back to PA a few times. We hope to go together in the near future. When she visited there she spent time in the Latin (Catholic) church not realizing that our family actually belonged to the Greek Church. I would love to hook up with some of you to discover more about our families. I do know that there were four Crispi families living in PA in the early 1800's, two of them gentry and two of them peasent. One of the gentry families was Francesco Crispi's (Prime Minister of Italy) grandparents. Don Francesco Crispi was a priest at the Greek Church and ran an produce exporting business. One of Don Francesco's nephews was Giuseppe Crispi who was the Titular Bishop of Lampudsa and taught Greek at the University of Palermo. Look forward to hearing more from everyone. Take care Michael
1st March 2009

great info
thanks much!
7th March 2009

John F.
Note to Michael. An Italian prime minister, Francesco Crispi, who served in the late 19th century, had roots in Palazzo Adriano. I think his father was born there.
13th March 2009

I saw your blog and I noticed many commonalities. My dad was raised in PA and my grandparents as well as many other relatives came from there. There are still about 20 Chiarchiaro's living in PA. My mom's family lived in Sopris, CO, Pueblo, and Trinidad. My grandfather, Michael Crappa/Capra, was killed in a mining accident in CO. Other male family members worked in the coal mines near Trinidad, like Fillipo Crappa/Capra, Michael Crappa/Capra, Joe Basta, Charlie Basta. The family relocated to Lincoln Heights, CA probably around 1920. Some of the family lived in Alhambra. I know that we had some friends with the last name of Costa. I think my grandomother's maiden name was Cuccia, and there are some Cuccia's still in PA. Let me know if you would like to explore this further.
17th March 2009

would like contact with my relatives
my grandparents from palazzo adriano were giuseppe grana' and luchina costa. they immigrated to trinidad colorado then to los angeles california. i have been to palazzo twice and stayed with my aunt luchina costa, wife of nino parrino. before i left the last time i filmed video footage of aunt luchina answering questions regarding our grana-costa relatives
24th March 2009

Photo of plaque in church 1
Thank you for this fabulous site. For the first time I see the name Dragotta in print other than in my own family and in the Ellis Island records. Vincenzo Dragotta is the name of my maternal grandfather, his wife was Oliva Rodolico and she had a brother Matteo and sister Anna, all from PA. My maternal great grandmother was a Consoniere. My grandparents came through Ellis Island, they were married in PA. They settled in NYC for a period of time and moved onto Wilmington, DE to raise their family. If anyone out there recognizes any of the above noted sur names and has any information I would be delighted. This is the closest I've come to my mother's relatives.
25th March 2009

Loved reading what you said. Photos were great also. I too prefer to travel solo, and prefer the out-of-the-way places. You can be sure I'll visit Palazzo Adriano. Maybe I'll catch a glimpse of you across the piazza. Be sure to wave. b.
11th April 2009

Aug 28, 08 - Jeff: The churches
Jeff, We must be related! My great grandfather was Peter Sciurba, the sculptor at the church in PA. His son, Nicolo Sciurba, was my grandfather. I would love to hear from you. Can you give me your email address? Where do you live?
29th April 2009

My great- grandfather came from Palazzo Adriano
My great-grandfather, Vincenzo Gristina came from Palazzo Adriano. He eventually settled in the New Orleans area. A few years ago we had the opportunity to visit Palazzo Adriano and stayed with my cousins who still reside there. It was a trip of lifetime!
6th May 2009

My grandfather was from Palazzo Adriano. I have found maybe his brother Nicolo Alessi and Nicolo's wife Carmela Grani coming to the US in 1905 and1907.
15th May 2009

Hello, I am looking into visiting Sicily and came across your info. Are you possibly my cousin? My great grandfathers name was Peter Sciurba also. Please contact me at this email address.
15th May 2009

jean or jeff
My email address is Love to hear from you. Was you mothers name Bridgia (spelling?) ??? Lillian
6th June 2009

Ferrara, Schiro
My grandmother's from PA. Her maiden name was Ferrara and she came from a family of bakers in the town. My great grandmother married a man named Schiro and moved to Chicago. I can't believe there are so many blogs about this little town! Can't wait to go and see this bel posto.
16th June 2009

Visiting PA, Looking for Canzoneri's and Schiro's
My wife, myself and two of my three children will visit Palazzo Adriano as part of our visit to Sicily, July 1-8. Her maiden name is Canzoneri. Don't know if this spelling is anglicized or original..presume it is. Her grandfather was George Canzoneri (known to his compatriots as Don Giorgio). Relatives have traced his roots to PA before the turn of the century. he married a woman, Josephine Schiro and settled in Shreveport. Louisiana. Moved to Brooklyn, NY with four sons and two daughters around 1920 or so. The second oldest boy, Tony Canzoneri, became the featherweight boxing champion in 1925 and won world titles as junior lightweight and lightweight champion before his career ended in 1935. He was beloved and celebrated like Babe Ruth and Jack Dempsey. It is believed some with the same last surname still live in PA. Anyone with any info? We will visit the public records with an interpreter. Might be able to help those looking for Schiro's.
21st June 2009

Grana & Alessi my family also
Hi JR: Was your grandmother Carmela Grana and your grandfather Domenic Alessi? If so we are related. My grandmother was Carmela's sister Antonina Grana. The mother of Carmela and Antonina was Vita Masaracchia. Please let me know if we are related. My e-mail is Michael Crappa
22nd July 2009

tyring yo locate the Cicchirillo family, my grandfather was born in Palazzo Adriano Merchone or Mike Cicchirillo. His father was very tall they called him the giant. My Grandfather left there at the age of 13 to come to America and settled in Los Angeles. he married a Glaviano. The last time I visited palazzo Adriano was in 1974 and the Mayor of the town was Mr. TORTAMASI he was related to my grandfather. Hope anyone out there knows of those family's. Thank You, John Marino
24th July 2009

My wife is Catherine Mae (Parrino) Jack born in Los Angeles. Her grandfather is Giuseppi Parrino born in Palazzo Adriano 1868. He came to Aguilar, near Trinidad, Colorado, where he settled in 1895. He owned a dance hall, saloon, and Texaco gas station, which included a lunch room and store. He also had 700 goats and made cheese. He shipped the cheese in empty wooden beer barrels from the saloon to Pueblo, Chicago and New York. He died in Pueblo, Colorado 1918. Catherine Mae (Parrino) Jack's grandmother, wife of Giuseppi Parrino, is Rosa Di Giovanni born in Palazzo Adriano 1871 and died in Los Angeles 1953. My wife is also descended from Lo Bosco and Vanella of Palazzo Adriano. She is related to Costa, Tamburelli and Maculuso. Her brother Anthony Parrino visited Palazzo Adriano a few years ago and nobody there knew of any Parrinos living there at that time. Finally two little girls took him to a home of an elderly woman, a Parrino cousin, who seemed to have memory loss. Several years before that an American Parrino cousin visited the city hall and was able to get copies of birth certificates. Before Anthony visited Palazzo Adriano, I read where the surname Parrino in Palazzo Adriano was one of the more numerous surnames there?
27th July 2009

Parrino surname
Greetings! Yes, Parrino is a common name in PA, and on my last visit (10/08) I did meet some with the Parrino surname, although they didn't make any connection the Grana/Alessi surnames of my family. In the cemetery there are many monuments to the Parrino family. caio!
31st July 2009

Alessi's from PA to Colorado
My grandfather (Giovanni Alessi) brother (Guiseppe Alessi) another brother who ended up in California and a sister came to the US in the early 1900's. My grandfather lived in Pueblo, Colorado and his brother Guiseppe moved to Trinidad, Colorado and started the Alessi Dairy. They were from Palazzo Adriano. I am not sure about the names of his other sibblings. I also know he had at least one other sister who stayed in Palazzo Adriano. If anyone has information about this family please let me know. I also live in Pueblo and am planning to go to Trinidad to see if I can find any info on this part of my family. Thanks for any help. Mary Lou
8th August 2009

My great-grandparents are also Grana! And from Palazzo Adriano!
10th August 2009

Gerald - Parrino family
Gerald, mr great grandfather owned a Texaco gas station with a restaurant and bar next to it. The Texaco station had a large sign on the top that bore his name = "M. Costa" The M stands for Mariano. his wife was Giovannia Parrino. Mariano was born in 1880 in PA and immigrated to the US in 1898. According to the ship's manifest he was going to New Orleans, but I am not sure he actually went there. Anyway, he ended up going to Trinidad, CO and worked in the coal mines. He also married my great-grandmother there. Sometime between 1924 and 1930 the family moved to Woodland Hills, CA were he opened the gas station and restaurant. It was located on Ventura Blvd. - there is a photo from Cal State Northridge's library showing my great-grandfather in front of his business. We also have Lo Bosco and Macaluso in our family and also DiPetro, Crispi, Tambruello and Buscarino. I would say that we are from the same family. My great-grandfather did half a few sheep, goats, horses and chicken on his property - his eldest son, Nick Costa had one of the largest sheep ranches in Cailf. in Newbury Park.
20th August 2009

My Grandfather, Mike Cichirillo
Trying to locate my Grandfathers Family that may still live in Palazzo Adriano. Is the family called the Tortormasi still there, looking for any Glaviano's as well. Please let me know. John Marino
23rd August 2009

Michael Aug 10, 2009
Michael, my wife Catherine Mae (Parrino) Jack is your 2nd cousin once removed and your 3rd cousin to our 2 daughters. Cathy as a child with her parents, Ignacio aka Charlie Parrino and her mother Lena (Nicola) Parrino remembers visiting your great grandparents at Chalk Hill where they lived, that you mention in your Aug 10, 2009 comment. Giovannia Parrino is Charlie's aunt. Charlie's father is Giuseppi Parrino a brother to your great grandmother Giovannia (Parrino) Costa. Cathy's parents moved to Los Angeles in 1925 from Pueblo Colorado where Giovannia (Parrino) Costa's brother, Giudeppi Parrino, father of Charlie Parrino, is buried. Giuseppi Parrino's wife, Rose (Digiovanni) Parrino, is buried in Calvary Catholic Cemetery in East Los Angeles. Is any of your family buried there? It is amazing how we find relationships at this site. Many thanks to the sponsor.
24th August 2009

More Parrino Family
My wife Catherine Mae (Parrino) Jack, listed in the July 24th, 2009 Comments, is also a great grandaughter of Antonius Parrino who was born in Palazzo Adriano and died in1904. He was buried in the Catholic Cemetery in Trinidad, Colorado. Later the grave was relocated to? According to cousin Rose Ferris, she and her mother a Tamburelli visited the cemetery and no one could tell them where the grave was moved to? Antonius Parrino was married to Vincenza Lo Bosco who was born in1846 at Palazzo Adriano. She was buried ln the same Catholic Cemetery as Antonius in Trinidad, Colorado, whose graves were relocated to? Ellis Island Record: Ship Manifest, Vincenza Lo Bosco (married women were listed under their maiden names) sailed on the S.S. Hohenzolleran from Naples, Italy, October 31, 1901, and arrived November 13, 1901, Age 55 with daughter Adriana Parrino Age 29. Possession of money: Vincenza, $8.00 and Adriana, $20.00. Final Destnation: Berwind, Colorado to join husbands Antonius Parrino and Nicoli Macaluso. Cathy's grandmother, wife of Guiseppi Parrino (son of Antonius and Vincenza) is Rosa (Digiovanni) Parrino born in PA. Rosa is the daughter of Salvatore Di Giovanni and Paola Vanela from Palazzo Adriano. They are also Cathy's great grandparents.
5th September 2009

E-mail addresses of Parrino family, States or Palazzo Adriano
My grandfather, Andrea Parrino, came to New Orleans in 1894 on the SS Initiativo. He married Antonina Scalia and moved to Morgan City, LA. He ultimately settled in Bastrop, LA where my father and I were born. If ,by referral by you or someone reading your excellent site I can obtain some contact, I would very much apprciate it. Thank you very much. Pat Parrino Rome, Georgia, USA
15th September 2009

I may be distantly related to you
If you're a Cicchorillo, Ciccorillo or a Bua from this Palazzo, I may also be related to you. My maternal grandmother, Sarah Bua grew up there and my cousins are all Ciccorillo's, I'm not entirely sure of the connection, only that much of it. I still have family there that I've never met, though my sister has gone over a few times and met them. I would love to go someday soon! It's lovely to see it here on your blog. I love the little picture of the "Cinema Paradiso" you included. I bought the movie a few years back hoping to see some of my family in it as an extra. It's so cute and it really showcases the quaint uniqueness of Sicily.
14th October 2009

I had posted a few months ago about my grandfather, John Aless, I have learned recently that his sister who did not come to America but stayed in PA was Angelina Alessi (Parrino). If anyone has a connection or is able to give me anymore information I would appreciate it. Mary Lou
14th December 2009

Hi, I'm looking for a picture of de "piazza" with de fountaine and the cathollique church. I want to do a present for my father who comes from palazzo adriano. I know he would like a poster of this place but we don't have any goed pictures. I need a file with a JPEG picture high pixels. I try to get this for Christmas ... Does anyone have something for me ??? Thank you very much ... i hope to hear something from you ! Johanna
22nd December 2009

Glaviano and Chichirillo famly's
Trying to locate any of my family in town. The Cichirillo's, Tortamasi's,Glaviano's. Thank You, John Marino 949-637-3155
25th December 2009

What a great blog. I visited Palazzo on two occasion in the past 10 years. My grandfather was Carmelo Grana and his parents were Guiseppe Grana and Luchina Costa. My problem is, Guiseppe Grana's mother was listed as Carmela Scialis but it is hard to find that name anywhere. It is also hard to read the writing so the spelling could be wrong. Any help on the wife of Guiseppe would be appreciated.
29th December 2009

my family is also from palazzo adriano
hello...i am a seidita, my father is from palazzo mother is a vaiana on her father's side/gioia on her mother's side, both from palazzo adriano. i have been to "palazzo" 4 times in my lifetime and plan to live there's the type of place where you feel that you know. i have 1 cousin and 1 aunt still left there from my father's side ...i'm not sure if anyone from my mother's side is still living in palazzo adriano. i visited in june of 2008 but only for a few days....the towns people remembered me from my last trip (back in 1985) but no one from my mothers side came forward this time. If anyone is still alive, please email me...i plan to visit again in 4 years and would very much like to make a connection....I haven't been many places, but from the places that i have been, believe me, this is the most wonderful of them all!
29th December 2009

April 23rd 2008 - Shelley Cavallaro: Cavallaro and Di Giovanni regards to your grandmothers name being Anna grandmothers name is also Anna DiGiovanni from Palazzo Adriano..but my grandfather is Domenico Seidita...OMG..there is so much info on this website...all the familiar names...palazzo is such a small community it makes one stop to wonder...i read one of the blogs from a guy that said his family went from palazzo to colorado, to lincoln heights, to alhambra (just as my grandmothers family) and this kind-a blows my mind. Also, the Grana's.....i met a girl 5 years ago who looked at me, immediately knew i was italian and asked where my family was from..imagine my surprise when she said her family was the Grana's from Palazzo...the Grana's that own the "bar" across the street from my Zio Pino's barber shop on piazza know, the two bars, next to each other.....its so nice to be able to share all this with other palazziotos.
29th January 2010

Does anyone know what the fountain in the middle of the square says?
7th April 2010

parrino-palazzo inzina(insinna)-vallelunga pratameno sicily
Family lived (lives ) Monroe, La...Bastrop, La. just would like to know how they ended up in north louisiana came in New Orleans to Smoke Bend, La. ( between Baton Rouge and New Orleans 1899 ( Inzina originally spelled Insinna Vallelunga Sicily Anthony ( Tony ) Inzina married Anna ( Annie ) Parrino (Tony Inzina ) - parents ...Filippo (Inzina ) or Philip orig. Insinna (father) , Josephine Canale both from Vallelunga Pratameno (central Sicily ...maybe 80 miles southeast of Palermo Anna ( or Annie ) Inzina (Parrino ) family came from Palazzo Adriano ( central Sicily...maybe 80 miles southwest of Palermo...estimate not sure if Anthony ( Tony ) born in Smoke Bend or possibly Bosco, La. ...I think Ouachita Parrish Annie ( Parrino) Inzina born Bunkie, La. 1900....Anthony (Tony) ...1899 families related Inzina, Parrino, Marsala, Scalia, Comrato(spelling), Embanato (spelling), Bastrop and Monroe mostly...please help with information if possible my family (Inzina ) Mobile, Al. my name is David Inzina ...Anthony Inzina's grandson
9th April 2010

My grandfather, Ignacio Sparacio, immigrated to Louisiana from PA, following his parents, as a teenager in the early 1900s. Does anyone know if there are any Sparacios still living in Palazzo Adriano?
29th April 2010

Michael & Gerald Jack-Parrinos
Hi, I am Rose (Tamburelli) Ferris' daughter. I know I am related at least to Gerald's wife, Catherine and her family, and it seems Michael's also. I have, when younger, met many of the people mentioned in your messages. As a child I visited the house on Ventura Blvd. We have just returned this week from Trinidad, Co after having buried Rose, next to my father George, who was from Aguilar. I am related to the Parrinos, Tamburellis, Macalusos, Genovas, Costas, and so on, I think we have lost contact, because my mother (Rose) moved and for the last 8-9 years she was unable to. My cousins and I would like to re-connect, so please contact me at, I live in Orange County, Ca. Thanks, Bobbi
18th May 2010

Salve! mi chiamo Parrino Fortunata; mio papà era di Palazzo e mi raccontava che essendo molte famiglie col cognome PARRINO, ad ogni ceppo è stato dato un sopranome per capire di quale ramo faveva parte. Il nostro soprannome era " MILANO". Qualcuno si ricorda di questa storia e di come è nato il nostro soprannome? Grazie ciao!
27th May 2010

Alessi Milk bottle
My Grandfather owned a ranch in Westcliff Colorado, he sold it in the seventies and then bought a smaller one in Rye, Colorado, and that is where I found the quart milk bottle with the Alessi's Sanitary Dairy, Trinidad, Colorado Registered and sealed 1-11-14. As you are so proud of your grandparents I also am so proud of mine. They were very hard working people who were determined to be the role model we respect. Robert Saunders, Austin, Texas
3rd June 2010

Nano (Paolo Costa) and Nani (Carmela Costa - both her maiden and married last name), entered the U.S. through New Orleans, LA where they stayed only a brief time. They settled in Trinidad, CO where I still have family. I visited Palazzo Adriano in October 2009, but only for a few hours as I was part of a tour with my church. I met a cousin in the Hall of Records and it was absolutely amazing! We ate at a restaurant and our waitress' last name was Milazzo. Absolutely the highlight of my life visiting PA and I plan to return. Can anyone advise where I might stay as I did not see any hotels in PA. My email:
16th June 2010

Looking for Di Pietro and Gioia
Hi, I just found your site and this is amazing. My grandparents immigrated from PA. My grandfather was Di Pietro, and I think my grandmother was Gioia. I just moved, and the information is in a box, but as soon as I find it I will post more of the family names. I visited PA in 1991 but no one would talk with me. It sounds like things have changed a lot in the village. I would love to go back and explore my heritage. I can't believe how many people have connections to such a small village.
16th June 2010

Wonderful pictures!
My grandparents Giorgio and Rosa (nee' Schiro) were born PA and immigrated to Independence, LA in 1907 with three children and my mother in the womb.
17th June 2010

Giambrone, Schiro, Ferrara
Looking for information on the following families from Palazzo Adriano
25th June 2010

@Tony- Carmelo Grana etc.
Hope you see this Tony. My great grandfather is Carmelo Grana, but whatever info I've found on other peoples trees seems off. Carmelo was married to Antonia Petralia? Same one? I'm having trouble with both the Petralia and Grana sides. The best I can find for Antonia is when she came over on the Fulda with Giuseppe and Giuseppa and Vincenza Giannaorchini? On that manifest it shows that they came over with the Parrinos and a few others too and were all headed to Trinidad Co.. It's funny then how they all ended up in So. Cal. too. Anyway, do you have any further information about Grana and Petralia going back?
26th June 2010

The surname Inzina.... probably spelled Insinna or possibly Inzinna I have seen both spelliings in the beautiful town of Vallelunga Pratameno In America ( U.S.A. ) my family is from Vallelunga Pratameno . So far , I have found that I have relatives that live in Ohio, U.S.A. , spelled Zeno.... I have relatives in south Louisiana,U.S.A. spelled Inzinna... I have relatives in north Louisiana spelled Inzina... I also have relatives in Buffalo, New York and New Jersey U.S.A. In the state of Missouri , U.S.A. ... Zeno is the spelling MY GRANDMOTHER'S SURNAME PARRINO PALAZZO ADRIANO INZINA / PARRINO Flavio Insinna ... curious to know if we are related ...I know that there are Insinna's in ROME and GENOA Done a lot of research to find we are related to people from Palazzo Adriano and Vallelunga Pratameno ... would love to hear from someone who might be able to help solve the puzzle ...Insinna ... Inzinna ... Inzina ...Zeno We are probably FAMILY . Please reply if you think you have information . I live in Mobile , Alabama ,U.S.A. on the Gulf of Mexico ...Thank You Love from America D. Anthony Inzina Goodbye
24th July 2010

Sopris Colorado
I ran across your family's account. A family of Cuccia's lived in Sopris, Colorado and there was also a Costa family. You may want to check out the Sopris, colorado website and see if there are any connections. I also knew the Alessi family in Trinidad. We recently had a Town Reunion - Sopris, CO 2010. The town is now under water and over 600 people came to celebrate from all over the country. You can view pictures on the Sopris Reunion 2010 Facebook.
6th August 2010

i think we may be related, my grandparents last names athe grana, capra,basta and the alessa name are also my relitives... i have been the the villages of palatso adreana, rocamena ( rhe roccaforte ) name of ne of my grandparants ) bassano ( the capra name) i found out so much about my family, i did siclia three times in the late 90's cousin with last name of (hiarchiaro) just got back from sisily............i am so excited reading about your and trip i can't wait to hear from you....
6th August 2010

i think we may be related, my grandparents last names athe grana, capra,basta and the alessa name are also my relitives... i have been the the villages of palatso adreana, rocamena ( rhe roccaforte ) name of ne of my grandparants ) bassano ( the capra name) i found out so much about my family, i did siclia three times in the late 90's cousin with last name of (hiarchiaro) just got back from sisily............i am so excited reading about your and trip i can't wait to hear from you....
15th August 2010

I want to learn about my relatives
My grand parents came from Palazzo Adriana and Prizzi or surrounding area. My grand father came to NY in the early 1900s and my grand mother came a little latter (1908). My grand father was named Antonio Parrino and my grand mother was named Rosalia D'Angelo. I visited this area in 1975 and I visited relatives living in Palazzo Adriano and Prizzi. Being that I do not speak Italian it was hard for me to learn about my family. Today I much older (than in 1975) and would like to try and learn more about my family. Any info would be great, I am hoping to visit Palermo in May 2011.
26th August 2010

I will be visting
My Family name is Lima, My GGrandfather was born in PA. his name is Vincent Lima born i believe 1829. I wrote to pa requesting his birth record, They were kind enought to write back telling me because of the great fire destroyed records before 1850 they could not help me. I guess my best way for info would be thru the Church??? I will be visting the last week in Sept
10th September 2010

response to Pamela Costa Date:June 3rd 2010
There are 2 hotels in Palazzo Adriano. One is in the center and is called del Valle I believe. It has a restaurant downstairs and is quite inexpensive. The other is up on the hill and is run by the folks who run the hotel in town called the casa vecchia I believe. The latter recently opened a beautiful hotel on the outskirts of the town. My wife and I along with her cousins from near Milano. We stayed at this place for about 1 week and were very impressed with the proprietor ( she was a wealth of information). The place was clean, had Internet access in most rooms, food was excellent and it was a good value. Hope this was helpful.
12th September 2010

Masaracchia and Costa
Hi, my great grandfather was Nicolo Masaracchia married to Josephina Costa. They had 3 son's Filippo, Ignatio, and Paulo. My grandfather Filippo left PA in 1906 at 14 years old and came to New Orleans, La. His brother Ignatio went to New York, and Paulo stayed in PA. Filippo married Virginia Giacobbe from La, and settled in Chicago. I have many Masaracchia relatives in Chicago, New York, Louisiana, and really all over the US. Can anyone shed some light on the Masaracchia family history? Are we Albanian or Greek? The fountain in PA has our name inscribed, but spelled Masarachi, was our original name something more like Mazaraki? According to the info I read on the net, PA was originally a military garrison awarded to our decendents by the King of Aragon. Does anyone know much of our early history? This is a wonderful blog and all of the participants in this blog feel like distant relatives. I guess one thing we all have from our family that herald from PA is a strong sense of family and curiosity. My family has discussed a group visit to PA and judging from those that have been there, it's well worth it.
18th September 2010

Bua Connection
I am heading to Palazzo Adriano with my grandmother who is daughter of Guiseppe Bua and Sara Bua (Giordano) of Pallazzo Adriano. Guiseppe Bua was born in PA in 1894 and he came to the US in 1907. If anyone has some tips on family connections that still exist in Palazzo Adriano or other related information to share please comment. Thanks - Jeff
26th September 2010

The Costa Family
Next year I am hoping to visit Palazzo Adriano, the birthplace of my maternal grandfather, Nicola Costa. He came to America with his family as a young boy around 1886. He and his brother were coal miners in southeastern Colorado and participated in the coal miners' strike in 1914. His brother Charlie Costa, his wife Cedi, and their children were killed in what came to be known as the Ludlow Massacre. (I have visited the monument area and took part in a teachers' conference in Trinidad that detailed the event.) After living in Trinidad, Walsenberg, and Pueblo, in 1922 he and my grandmother moved their family of 8 children to Lincoln Heights in Los Angeles. In her last years, my grandmother (Louisa) was haunted by memories of what happened at Ludlow. My grandmother was from Bisacquino, which I also intend to visit. She came to America around 1901 with her aunt and uncle, the La Russa's. Frank Capra's sister lived in Lincoln Heights--Darwin Street, I think--and was responsible for helping my Aunt Josephine get a job in the garment district. I also remember a Basta family (Annie?) that lived in the area.I was surprised that there were comments relating to the Costas, Trinidad, and Lincoln Hts., but I have no idea if the family referred to is mine since Costa is a common name in Sicily. I would like to find out if I have any relatives who are currently living in Sicily and would appreciate any information you might have about the process of finding them or if anyone has any information that might help me on my quest to discover my family's history.
4th November 2010

Insinna/ Inzina
David I am also decended from the Inzina's from Louisiana. My grandfather is Philip Inzina. I have been trying to put our family history together for years, but had an unfortunate problem with my computer and lost much of it. My Uncle, Joseph Robert Inzina a Catholic Priest, wrote to a priest in Italy several years ago for information about our family. I do have some paperwork from the response, but it's in Italian! If I'm right, he knew of your family because he often spoke of the Inzina's in Alabama. And yes, you are correct that all of those spellings are related to us. I hope that we can make the connection between the two of us!
6th November 2010

Paolo Masaracchia ?
Hi , I have been researching my ancestors from Palazzo Adriano and I have hit a dead-end with my great great great grandfather, Paolo Masaracchia , he was born in Palazzo in 1835 . Later he married the daughter of Francesco Salamone ( 1803-? ) . I would be thrilled if you could find anything out ! Thanks
7th December 2010

Reply to Anna Seidita - Colorado to Lincoln Heights to Alhambra
Anna Seidita wrote: "Shelley Cavallaro: Cavallaro and Di Giovanni regards to your grandmothers name being Anna grandmothers name is also Anna DiGiovanni from Palazzo Adriano..but my grandfather is Domenico Seidita...OMG..there is so much info on this website...all the familiar names...palazzo is such a small community it makes one stop to wonder...i read one of the blogs from a guy that said his family went from palazzo to colorado, to lincoln heights, to alhambra (just as my grandmothers family) and this kind-a blows my mind. Also, the Grana's.....i met a girl 5 years ago who looked at me, immediately knew i was italian and asked where my family was from..imagine my surprise when she said her family was the Grana's from Palazzo...the Grana's that own the "bar" across the street from my Zio Pino's barber shop on piazza know, the two bars, next to each other.....its so nice to be able to share all this with other palazziotos." Anna, I don't know if you ever come back to this site, but here is what I know: The marriage to my Grandfather Pietro was Anna Di Giovanni's second marriage. They always darkly joked that her first husband was murdered by the black hand or something like that. I also see in the post above that another family came from PA to Trinidad, Colorado. My Grandfather was born there. I was told that a number of families came together. Just like mine, the came from Colorado to Linclon Heights and then to Alhambra or other parts of the San Gabriel Valley.
9th December 2010

Located the Cicchirillo Family
Hello, Trying to locate my Grandfathers family the Cicchirillo's. My Grandfathers name was Mike Cicchirillo his dads name was Joseph. I am all so looking for any Glaviano's and Tortamosi's. You can call my cell phone in America or email me . John Marino phone 949-637-3155
15th December 2010

hey im from tha trindad colorado area!
Hey I'm from trinidad colorado and I am very intersted to learn more of my family heritage? My family is from all these places talked about aguilar trinidad walsenberg colorado!!!! My family names are Riggio Riccatone Biundo Parrino Falsetto??? My auntie leena whom I spent many precious moments with one owned a feed store!!!! And my great grandfather owned a saloon in aguilar!!!!! Tha biundo side of tha family is also from theese same areas???
15th December 2010
Palazzo Adriano3

Here are some namez frank riggio charles riggio marco riccattone virgina riccatone lina riccatone ignazio castighia
3rd March 2011

Hello, I just found this site. I am doing genealogy on my family (Telliano- Italiano) my great grandfather came over sponsored by Petrailia family he (Guiseppe Italiano) and his wife Giovannina Petrolia came over in 1898 on the Werra. His wifes' mother and 3 other kids came over in 1897 her name was Vinzsenza Giannaorchini (sorry my spellings may be wrong). I know the father, died in the Trinidad area and the mother eventually moved in with her son-inlaw and daughter (Joseph Italiano and Jennie Petralia) by that time. Does anyone have any info on the Italiano, Petralia or Giannaorchini family prior to leaving Palazzo Adriano? Any suggestion on doing research for someone who cannot write or read Italian?
22nd March 2011

Masaracchia origin
The question of the origin of this name has intrigued me. My family name is Masarachi and originates in Cephalonia. There is the remains of a village called Masarakata; the grave yard is brimming with Masarachis. My great grandfather left for Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK, probably sometime in the 1880's. I was always told that the name had originated in Italy many centuries before. From what has been said by other people on this topic, I am in some confusion as to which way the name travelled. Does anyone have any ideas? Are the Masaracchia's and the Masarachi's long lost cousins? Most fascinating! RM
2nd July 2011

Vicari and Saverino Families in PA
Let me know if you have ever heard of the Vicari's (my grandmother's maiden name) and the Saverino's (my grandfather)born in PA. I would like to know if I still have relatives there. Her name Santa Vicari and she married Rossario Saverino. My nickname is Sandy.
8th July 2011

PER CURIOSITA' Salve! mi chiamo Parrino Fortunata; mio papà era di Palazzo e mi raccontava che essendo molte famiglie col cognome PARRINO, ad ogni ceppo è stato dato un sopranome per capire di quale ramo faveva parte. Il nostro soprannome era " MILANO". Qualcuno si ricorda di questa storia e di come è nato il nostro soprannome? Grazie ciao!
12th August 2011

re: not too bright
it isnt that the men in the square were "a little off"...this is the only life that they know. i have been to PA 4 times now....i'm only 51 years old. i'm not criticizing you at all, but please remember that the farthest away from palazzo adriano that most of those men have been is to prizzi....maybe. and some of them have never ever left their little town. i love love love palazzo. it is my destination when i retire from all of the hustle n bustle of the u.s.a life. i haven't been many places, however, of the few places that i have traveled to, i still get chills every time i see pictures of my parents home's where i feel i belong.
12th August 2011

31st January 2008 from sara
hello sara, yes, i have my cousin Anna Seidita e her mother, Zia Angelina still living in palazzo. I have also made some friends there over the course of my lifetime....Sara e Franca diMartino (surname prior to marriages), Valentina Caruso is Franca's daughter and friendly with me and my son on facebook...pls give them all my love on your next visit. ciao
21st August 2011

Family - Cichirillo, Canzoneri and Daleo
Grazie per questo sito meraviglioso viaggio. Le foto e le storie di cuore mi raccontano la storia della PA e dove la mia famiglia sono da . My Grandmother (Carmela Cichirillo), sister (Nicolina Cichrillo) and brother (Mike "Mercione" Cichirillo) were borned in Palazzo Adriano and came to United States in 1911. They lived in many area's of Los Angeles County; City Terrace (Los Angeles), Burbank, El Monte, San Gabriel Valley. I believe their mother's surname was SANTO, but I am not certain. All three were married before coming to the US. Carmela Cichirillo married Guiseppe Daleo, her sister Nicolina married Veto Canzoneri and Mike married Mary Giaviano. I know from reading the string of postings that John Marino and I are distant relatives. I remember my mother Carmella Daleo DeSmith keeping in touch with all the family. For those of you who remember many of our family pinic's were at Bonelli Park, San Dimas CA. Looking forward to any post to this travel blog. Thank you very much, Janet from California
21st August 2011

Daleo, Basta, Cichirillo, Santo & Canzoneri
Looking for information on my paternal GGrandparent's Ciro Daleo (Dileo or Deleo) and Anna Basta. If you have any information please contact me at Thank you, Janet
17th October 2011

Your not the only Alessi interested.
My name is Cyril Alessi named after my grandfather Cirillo who left Palazzo Adriano in 1898 (we still have his passport ) A branch of the Alessi clan landed in Buffalo NY via New Orleans. My grandmother was a Parisi from Mount Magore a neighboring village. Sooner or later my family wants to make a group trip to Palazzo Adriano as you did.
20th December 2011

My maternal grandfathers fathers name was Franchesco Cusimano. I believe his fathers name was Rosalino and his mothers name was Cristina (Cirrincione). Not much more is known other than a document I have dated May 5 1932 from Comune di Palazzo Adriano. My fathers family is from Bivona, not far away. Thier family names are DiLio and Vasille. Are these names familiar to anyone? Contact me at
18th May 2013

Alessi, Dragotta, Grana. Names in my family
I am from Independence, La. My Greatgrand parents came from Palazzo Adriano around 1890. I,m not certain of the date. The father of the family was Georgio Alessi and his wife was Giavanni Grana. There were three boys that I am certain of Joe, Dominic and Nicolo. There were girls but I forget their names,,,,,one was called, aunt Ben??? joe was my Greatgrand father and he married Angelina Dragotta.
14th July 2013

Grandparents from Palazzo Adriano
Hello! I see you visited the churches in the square in Palazzo Adriano researching your grandparents just as I have done - actually I believe it was the same year. My grandmother was born there and her father was a sculptor who's picture and plaque are displayed in the wall of one of the churches. It would be great to communicate with you. Have you ever returned? I always say, if I go back to Sicily I will not return home! I know this is probably an older blog. Hope you receive the message. Michael Vance Chicago, IL
29th November 2013

Thank you for the tour and information. I very much enjoyed it !!
My Great Great Grandfather was Georgio Alessi from Palazzo Adriano. My great Grandmother name is Angelina Dragotta she married Joesph Alessi Sr. both were born in Palazzo Adriano
20th September 2015

Hi Jr. I was wondering, one day soon I am hoping to make a visit to Palazzo di Adriano
Hi Jr. I thank you for blogging about your trips, you've are blessed and fearless I see. My Grand & Great-Grandfather's artwork us displayed somewhere in "Palazzo di Adriano” They were great sculporers, artists, and dress designers, their work is located in this city on a Catholic Church. It seems nobody in the family remembers where. Oh well, God bless, Maria
19th July 2017
Palazzo Adriano4

We are traveling to Sicily in August. We plan to visit Palazzo Adriano and Caccamo, where my grandfather and grandmother are from, respectively. Any information you can share relative to those you visited for birth records would be greatly appreciated. I would like to contact them before arriving, but have had not luck determining a website, or emails, only phone numbers. Many thanks in advance. Grazie! Kathy

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