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June 27th 2012
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After the exhausting late night dinners with the newly weds' friends and family, moi and my dear mom, aunt and uncle traveled to Nice by train. Surprisingly, although Eze is really not that big, getting to the station was quite a drive all the way down the mountains close to the sea side. Since I had to make reservations for my train to Lyon the next day and we all hated the hassle of parking a car in a big city like Nice, we figured going by by train would simply be easier. (And it had the bonus of me being able to practice my french on the french-only ticket machines)

Fortunately, Nice is about 15 minutes by from Eze, so after a short ride in the incredibly comfy local trains we arrived in Nice. And, after standing in line for 30 minutes or so to get my train reservations, we could finally explore the city.

Tourist bus considerations...

Just like in Monaco, we took one of those extremely touristy hop on hop off busses with the open roof. Since I personally found Nice quite disappointing. I did a lot of thinking about these tourist busses. So, after taking these buses a grand total of 2 times, here's my verdict:

Tourist hop on and off buses are a DON'T (for me). Although you see a lot of things in a short time, there's no walking & you get additional information you wouldn't get just walking by, the entire ride is quite shallow since at a lot of places you do not stop and the information is not that great either. Also you can only go to the places where the bus can go (which is slightly problematic in for example Nice's said to be pretty old town)

Nice Nice?

Yet, I have to admit, one of the interesting things I did learn on the tour is that Nice had a local language, Nissa, derived from popular Latin. Around Nice see, you see a lot of graffiti saying Nissa, which I assume is the visual proof that, although the language almost died out, it is making a come-back. (Which makes the Art&Humanities part of me happy, since I seem to be a sucker for endangered languages)

But back to Nice, it is quite a nice city....for about 2 days max. Its buildings have this typical style, which is quite pretty and there is some nice architecture here and there, but I have not seen a lot of WOW AMAZING there. There was a nice-looking chuch, but there are a lot of those around the world I believe. Obviously, also in Nice the sea is gorgeous azure blue (my favorite color), but it's like that everywhere along the cote d'azure. Maybe the old town could have changed my mind, but so far....I'll just say Nice is nice, but nothing more than just that.

After the Nice-journey, it was time for me to pack my bags and prepare for my long trainjourney the next day! However, before I did that, I just had to take dive into the hotel's amazing pool, as it had a view of the everything down the mountain...including the sea!

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