The French Adventure: Lyon!!!

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June 26th 2012
Published: June 27th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

So, the 26th, which was yesterday (or actually, the day before yesterday since it's past midnight by now), I arrived in lyon. This was quite an interesting journey, as it involved getting up at 6 in the morning and accidentally missing my train since I hadn't looked at the ticket and thought the guy making my reservation made one for a later train (Note to self, ALWAYS check not only that you have your tickets but also what is on them!). The good thing was that I got to travel first class later on in the TGV, which was awesome (so spacious!!!).

Another time, I'll write more about getting to my room in a studenthousing complex and how I'm doing there, but for now I'm too tired and I just wanna sleep 😊

We shall meet again!


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