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December 7th 2012
Published: December 7th 2012
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Mont Saint MichelMont Saint MichelMont Saint Michel

The best shot of the whole structure
I had big expectations for Mont Saint Michel. It was a site I studied a fair bit in my French classes at school, and I'd seen so many amazing pictures of what it was portrayed to look like. Before I left for my trip to France, one of my French teachers gave me a brochure of it. She told me it was a must see, and from that moment, I built up my excitement. I had yet to find out I wouldn't be disappointed.

When I finally arrived there, I was flabbergasted as I stepped out of the car. There it was in the distance, standing tall and dream-like. It easily resembled a fairytale castle in a children's book. The parking lot was giant, and there were tourists everywhere. Getting to the entry stairway took nearly half an hour, but it was more than worth it.

The place is like a tourist paradise. I got to see people from almost every country with every accent in the book, including my own. And the number of gift shops and restaurants they can fit into that castle is mind-blowing, not to mention the prices. I managed to purchase a couple of
Mont Saint MichelMont Saint MichelMont Saint Michel

What it looked like after climbing several sets of stairs
postcards to send to my family back in Canada.

If you thought you've experienced a real workout before travelling here, you will come to know that you really have not. The castle is filled with endless outdoor staircases taking you all the way to the top level. When I went, it was a hot and sunny day. I recommend you bring lot's of sunscreen, and wear a brimmed hat and good running shoes.

Describing the structure of Mont St. Michel is really difficult. It's one of those places you just have to see for yourself. It's situated on an island, with a population of about 45 people. The view from the top is breathtaking, so make sure you have a camera handy. If you're into history, this is a great spot to check out.

I rate this tourist site 5/5 stars!

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