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December 5th 2012
Published: December 5th 2012
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The cathedral
Located in Lower Normandy, Bayeux is home to the famous Bayeux Cathedral and Bayeux Tapestry. I was lucky enough to gain the privilege of spending an entire day roaming its streets and admiring the ancient beauty surrounding me.

The first thing you notice when driving in is the tall cathedral. The perfection of its structure makes it look surreal, and even more desirable than imagined. In one of the pictures I took, it looks like a castle in an old Disney movie.

Inside the cathedral is even more magnificent. I spent a lot of my time looking at the effort that was put into the stain glass windows. And all the way around are sculptures and works done of Jesus and different religious aspects. There's always locals there too, either praying or greeting the tourists. They have a system where if you're just visiting, you can light a candle and set it among all the others to show that you've been accepted into the church by Jesus.

If you're a big history fanatic, Bayeux is a great place for you to visit. The tapestry is really neat, found in its own museum. It tells the story of William

In town
the Conquerer and the Battle of Hastings. I recommend that if you visit the museum, you ask for the audio device, which tells the story of the whole 70 metres of cloth. I'm not big on history, but I was really fascinated by the making of the tapestry and how the pictures of the battles were sewn onto it.

I rate this experience 4/5 stars!

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