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December 7th 2012
Published: December 7th 2012
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Canadian CemeteryCanadian CemeteryCanadian Cemetery

A shot of what the landscape looked like
Since I'm from Canada, this particular visit really hit home for me. As I walked in the Canadian Cemetery, I noticed that there was nobody there except for the maintenance worker. At the front, there was a giant stone with a cross on top reading: "their name liveth for evermore".

In a little pavilion near the entrance there was a book, listing all the names and birth places of the Canadian soldiers who died in the Battle of Normandy during World War Two. There were names given from every province, including some who lived just an hour away from me. I didn't know any of them, but it made me feel really connected and close to my homeland even though I was so far away.

The cemetery grounds were kept absolutely spotless. Almost every tombstone had a picture of its fallen soldier, and a small earthy patch of blooming flowers. The grass was trimmed to perfection, making all of the rows look especially tidy.

I took my time in reading the names on many of the gravestones. History had never been my cup of tea, but knowing that those casualties were from my own country, and I was
Canadian CemeteryCanadian CemeteryCanadian Cemetery

The view at the front entrance
right there seeing it all, was really special and inspiring for me.

As I was leaving, I saw two bikers dismounting their motorcycles in the parking lot and walking in. They were speaking English. As soon as I heard them, I walked over and introduced myself, saying where I was from. They, too, were Canadian, and visiting this sentimental site. I wanted to spend more time talking to them about why they were in France and where in Canada they were from exactly, but I found myself at a loss for words. I guess I was just really emotional at the time.

I recommend the cemetery for anyone visiting from Canada. It's a truly inspirational experience.

I rate this visit 5/5 stars!

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