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December 11th 2012
Published: December 12th 2012
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Home of Hans Christian Andersen
Because of my mother's Danish background, I've had the chance to travel to Denmark roughly five times since I was born. Her entire family lives there, including my grandma, or mormor as they call it in danish. Over our years visiting, my sister and I have made friends there, and getting the chance to see them is exciting, too.

My mormor lives in the heart of Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. It's home to the Copenhagen harbour, which hosts the famous Little Mermaid statue, story created by the dane Hans Christian Andersen. People of Denmark are known for using bicycles as a way of transportation, rather than cars. The country is so small and city based that vehicles aren't really necessary. Because bikes are so popular, every road has a bike path.

Back in 2007 when I visited last, I got a taste of what the danes are really like. I was sitting in the back seat of a car my family decided to rent. My dad was driving, and we were in a supermarket parking lot. We were waiting for someone to pull out of their spot, and as soon as they did, another car came zooming in

Dinner with family at mormor's apartment
out of the blue and snatched that spot from us. My dad was so mad, and my mom was just dying of laughter, telling him that's "how we are". Inside the actual supermarket, my dad got his foot ran over by some lady's cart, too. No apology, and he was not amused.

Each time I've been to Copenhagen, my favourite thing to do is just walk down the quaint streets and browse in all of the shops. Everything in Denmark is fairly expensive compared to Canadian prices, so I never end up going on a shopping spree. It's just interesting seeing the different brands and products a small country like Denmark has to offer for tourists of a North American atmosphere. When I was a toddler, my favourite danish product was "Diddle Mouse", a cartoon mouse logo that appeared on all sorts of stuff like backpacks and keychains. I still have my Diddle Mouse collection stored in my room.

I rate the overall Copenhagen experience 5/5 stars!

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