Day 5 - Nice and Arles

Published: June 24th 2016
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Woke and finished packing the bags. Went down to the market at the front door and got some prosciutto and salami along with fresh bread. This with some cheese we bought earlier was a nice way to start the day.
Owner asked us when we were vacating the room, must have someone else booked in. Asked him if we could store our bags anywhere and he offered an apartment on the 3rd floor which was in the middle of being renovated. Interesting to see the old and compare to what we stayed in. What was a maze is being turned into an open space with obviously modern facilities.

Wandered off to do some shopping then back to get our bags before catching the bus to the airport. Enough time to have one last drink looking out over the Mediterranean. Local place called Movida which had an upstairs bar on the balcony - very pleasant way to end our time in Nice. Bags retrieved, through the the back streets a last time and to the bus stop. Waiting, waiting - hmm, finally the bus arrives and we are off to the airport to meet our tour.

We then have to bus it to Arles where we get on the ship. Find our connection and book in. Lots of people with APT name badges on - hmm, can't quite find ours........

Finally all the peeps are here and the bus has been called. Away we go and can't see anyone we know so I'm sure that introductions will happen at some stage. All going well until the inevitable road crash. Traffic backed up for at least a kilometre. Finally through that and back on schedule.

We left at 1500 with 3 to 3.5 hours TomgetbtonArles. Finally got to the ship at about 1830 so not too bad. Welcomed off the bus by the crew in full uniform and assisted to our room by a gloved room attendant. Bit over the top but nice. Room well presented, then bags arrived and room is a mess. Clothes everywhere and we had to be in the lounge at 1845 for a safety briefing and welcome drinks. OK, if they want us there then we go and do what we have to do....

Meet new people with champagne in hand. They have flown in this morning and had 6 hours in Nice airport. Poor buggers. Anyhoo, introduced to the crew by the skipper who is 37! French and good looking according to comments around me.

All good then safety bit and drinks/cheers. All very formal. I am chastised by one guest for maybe not being serious enough about formal dress for tomorrow nights official dinner. My idea of formal shorts is not good enough according to her expectations. Just wait..................

Down to dinner and meet a (wait for it) kiwi couple. Do we attract them or is it just fate.... Nice couple and dinner is a pleasant evening. Back to the room to re-arrange and then to sleep. Poor room attendant has just enough room to leave bedtime choccies on the pillows, but no treats like towel elephants tonight.

Early start tomorrow so off to sleep now.


25th June 2016

Good start
KP started cruise on 24th also. Sounds very french so far Presume that local wines will be served as you pass the various "cotes de .... " vineyards

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