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March 27th 2016
Published: March 29th 2016
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It’s eight pm on March 26th and we’re sitting in a restaurant called Pramil, sipping wine, chatting with our friend Michael and thankful that we are celebrating our 22ndwedding anniversary in Paris, enjoying great friendship and food. Evenings like these are precious and this is one we won’t forget soon. Michael joined us for a time in Myanmar back in 2012 as we bounced around that beautiful... Read Full Entry

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Cori, Emmanuel, Michael, MJ, DaveCori, Emmanuel, Michael, MJ, Dave
Cori, Emmanuel, Michael, MJ, Dave

Travelers discussing world politics & travel
Emmanuel, Dave & MichaelEmmanuel, Dave & Michael
Emmanuel, Dave & Michael

Must be solving world problems
John John

Fellow travel blogger
John, Dave, MJ, MichaelJohn, Dave, MJ, Michael
John, Dave, MJ, Michael

So many travel stories, so little time
Go eat at PramilGo eat at Pramil
Go eat at Pramil

Our anniversary dinner
Strolling the cityStrolling the city
Strolling the city

Beautiful architecture
Sea ScallopsSea Scallops
Sea Scallops

Taste buds dancing in cream

30th March 2016

The beauty of Paris!
Great to read your travels around Paris; one of my favourite cities. Three years ago, the last time I was in Paris, I booked an apartment for a week in Montmatre the first four days of which I was on my own until my partner arrived from Sydney. Then one of our sons arrived from Tokyo and we caught a TGV to Avignon, stayed for a couple of days and then picked up a hire car. Then another son arrived, having also flown in from Sydney and the four of us travelled to the Languedoc-Roussillon area where I'd rented an eight bedroomed house for a week to celebrate my 70th birthday. All but one of my six adult children joined us there as did four beautiful grandchildren and we had the time of our lives. It was such a fantastic week, one that it would be impossible to replicate. Those of us who can afford to travel really are so extremely lucky and we should count our blessings every day. Thanks for reminding me; look what your stories of Paris have done! Do get in touch next time you travel to Sydney. Cheers, Michelle
30th March 2016

The beauty of Paris
An amazing city that you can never tire of visiting. Doubt you could ever enjoy all of it. Next time we go we hope o get an apartment and go even slower than we did this time. Sounds like you had the perfect birthday celebration with the family. Excellent.
30th March 2016

Happy Anniversary!
Your visit to Paris sounds so laidback and lovely, and those pastries and chocolates would have been such a treat.
30th March 2016

Happy Anniversary
Thanks for the wishes. It is a wonderful city for celebrations. We took a slow pace and savored as much as we could. Walking the beautiful neighborhoods of Paris is all you need to do to be happy.
30th March 2016

Enjoyed your overview of the lovely city. I will be there in 2 weeks so it was nice to get a preview. I was there 40 years ago so guess things might be a bit different! Thanks for sharing your experience.
30th March 2016

Can't believe we are missing each other by two weeks. Darn. Yes I'm certain there have been changes in 40 years. You will have a great time. Eager to hear about your trip.
30th March 2016

Dave and Merry Jo, Thank you for giving me the chance to show you my favorite places in Paris. I get the feeling that we could travel together anywhere and enjoy each other's company. Your support, whether during the earthquake in Myanmar, running from the Balinese mafia or treating me to an awesome meal at my favorite restaurant, will always be appreciated.
30th March 2016

Michael we love you and look forward to traveling with you again. It was fabulous seeing some of your favorite places and sharing them. Who knows what adventure we will have next.
30th March 2016

Happy 22nd!
Another great post, making me miss the road as usual! Was last in Paris 4 years ago, (2nd visit) just a long day trip from London on Eurostar. London is one of my favorite cities in the world, lots to do and see and jumping off point for the rest of the UK and Ireland. My travel this month is driving from Florida to Utah and Colorado and Texas, work and fun and family, definitely not one of my more expansive trips but its still the road......! You guys be safe and enjoy all those adventures ahead!
30th March 2016

Our 22nd
Thanks Dave....all is well. We enjoyed the Eurostar from Paris to London and tomorrow we head back to Florida. We are ready to go back to our home and enjoy the beach. We always enjoy London. Our last blog will come very soon. Your trip sounds fantastic. We absolutely love road trips. So envious. Enjoy.
30th March 2016

Proper flaneurs!
This wonderful French word must have been coined in Paris--the perfect city for sauntering about, and it sounds as if you were proper flaneurs. And what a romantic (and tasty) city to celebrate your anniversary! My first time there, I had an apartment for a month. Then, whenever I'd fly to Europe, I'd land in Paris, planning to stay only a couple of days which always stretched to a few weeks. As you said, one could never tire of the beautiful city.
30th March 2016

Proper flaneurs
Never, never tire of the French life. I can see how it could stretch from a few days to a few weeks if you had the time.
30th March 2016

Happy anniversary
Paris eludes me... I have yet to hear anything to stop me from going. Nice blog, I like the small adventures within the larger adventure. Sitting at a cafe and chatting is one of the biggest parts of anyone's travels. And by the way - those chocolates do look nice - did you do this to tease readers?
30th March 2016

Anniversary wishes
Thanks for the well wishes. No the photos of the chocolates are not to tease....they are art! I do hope you will find time for Paris as it is an amazing city. Each and every neighborhood has a completely different vibe and all are charming. It could take a lifetime to work your way through it. This trip was about connecting and re-connecting so there was a lot of time in cafes and talking about life, politics and travel. Everyone seems to want to discuss the upcoming elections in the U.S.
1st May 2016

Joyeux anniversaire en Paris!
Happy 22nd Anniversary you two!!
1st May 2016

Paris Celebration
Paris is a grand location for an anniversary! Thank you.

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