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Europe » France » Île-de-France » Saint-Ouen September 14th 2013

After weeks and weeks of fine sunny weather which had been great for sightseeing we are being tested here in Paris with light rain that seems to appear just when we don't want it and today looks like it will be no different.It is also our last full day on the continent and we have a small list of outdoor things to do and we need the weather to clear for us. Sylvie had alerted us to the flea market just up the road from the B&B so we put our coats on and walked up in the light rain to have a wander around and experience it with the locals.However,we were a bit early at 10am and the stalls were just starting to open as we found shelter from getting too wet before we started ... read more
The B&B,St Ouen
St Denis cathedral
Rose stained glass window,St Denis cathedral

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Saint-Ouen September 13th 2013

Isn't it amazing the inventions of recent years.And now our first experience of an electric toilet.Makes the mind boggle at first thought.For the uniniatiated the toilet worked when the light switch for the room was on and after you had pushed a small button after the business had been done. The B&B is a lovely ,peaceful haven in a big and busy city.The location off a main road in the inner suburb of St Ouen belies just how quiet it was overnight and even this morning when the people of the suburb go about their business.The bed was comfortable and the room is cosy. Sylvie and Eric have owned the home for about 15 years and have just the two rooms for the B&B.They have built a beautiful backyard complete with chicken run,lots of greenery and ... read more
Mouldings in the interior
The Paris Opera House
Padlocks by the thousands on a bridge over the River Seine

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Saint-Ouen September 11th 2010

this one is about touring the obscure! This is going to be partly at least about the exercise of going to the end of the train line, to somewhere where you would perhaps not otherwise go, and just see what you can see (aka Mr Mink doctrine of "accidental tourism"). In this case the the choice of the end of the line was not completely bizarre -- in fact it is simply a question of following my favourite metro line, line 4, from Porte d'Orleans which is where I am staying south of Montparnasse to the northern end of the line at Porte Clignancourt. This does of course have the advantage of not having to change lines anywhere. And believe me if there are various choices of "correspondance" (line change) some places are better than others ... read more
Marche Biron
Marche Biron
Stevo McQueen - in St Ouen market

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