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May 20th 2012
Published: May 20th 2012
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Day 8

No queues. Champagne, champagne........

On the TGV should be TGVF - Train goes very fast..... Wow what a trip. Super smooth, super fast and very comfortable - probably coz we were in 1st class, but hey, the fare difference was minimal. Not sure how fast wenweregoing but the cars on the motorway were being swallowed up by the train and they normally sit on over 130 kmh so whatever it was, it was fast......

Got to Reims at 0945 and walked down the semi deserted main street to the tourist bureau. They were very helpful and next thing we are off in a cab to our first champagne tour, to be followed by a self walk audiologue of 2 old churches (Basilique de Reims) and the Cathedral de Notre Dame (Reims version). Add tthat hat another champagne house as well.

1st tour was interesting as it showed the bowels of the earth with lots ofchampagne bottles and the chalk pits they dug out to form the caves (cellars to us). A glass of bubbles (real French champagne as it comes from the champagne district) and off on our tour of the churches.

Audio logs very interesting and really informative once you get the hang of which way is north......

Walk through the streets to the cathedral, including a bread shop stop for some food and the next audiolog is started. Bloody big churches with very large stained glass windows, etc.

Off to our 2nd champagne house - with a deviation through the local cemetery. Very old graves and an area assigned to lost souls from the war (1st war graves). Find champagne house of Mumm and do the next tour. Different in a good way - new bits of information and more bubbles to taste - getting the hang of this French champagne.

To the station for the return TGVF train and same/same - fast and smooth. Back in Paris for our last night. Packed the bags and planned to have picnic tea on the grass of the Eiffel Tower but rain..... So to a new local cafe for tea and now to sleep for an early start to Amiens for the Western Front (WW1) tour tomorrow morning.


21st May 2012

Interesting blogs. Sounds like you are having a great time.

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