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Europe » France » Champagne-Ardenne » Reims February 13th 2021

The map is very interesting. Have I purchased any of those items? See below for the answers.Again, I tend to buy very little these days, but I still buy T shirts and refrigerator magnets, wine, and some candy, like Turkish Delight, wine gummies, and chocolate. But you will see that over the years, I have purchased some things that I still have.United Kingdom Yes, I have an umbrella from Wimbledon, as well as a cap, polo shirt, tennis ball, and coffee mug. I went a little crazy. Stick to strawberries and cream! Netherlands I have brought home goud... read more
My Lanson from Reims
Turkish Delight
Chocolate shop in Bucharest

Europe » France » Champagne-Ardenne » Reims February 11th 2021

From time to time, a review of basic champagne is a good idea. Information is always a good thing: The Champagne Method Also known as the “Traditional Method,” the “Champagne Method” of sparkling wine production requires the wine to undergo two fermentations, wherein sugar is converted into alcohol.Primary Fermentation - After harvest, the grapes are carefully pressed, and the juice goes through an initial alcoholic fermentation - usually in stainless steel tanks. The result is known as the “base wine.”... read more
Love the bubbly
One of my favorites

Europe » France » Champagne-Ardenne » Reims July 7th 2020

I do not really have a wine blog per se, but I do like to share wine and sparkling information with you. I feel I have other things to say and share. But, with wine, people are fanatics. There is an estimated 1700 wine blogs worldwide in 2019. One of the original wine blogs—Alder Yarrow’s Vinography—began in 2004, and by 2009 there were over 700. Today, the vast majority are penned by so-called “citizen bloggers,” versus winery or press blogs. Of these citizen blogs, 60% are in English with the rest divided among other languages including Italian, French, Catalan, Portuguese, Czech, German, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, Hungarian, Norwegian, and Indonesian.This is just great, invented by a wine lover with too much time on his or her hands. Rosé the Robot is an innovative ... read more
Many Champagnes to Choose
Lovely visit to Taittinger

Europe » France » Champagne-Ardenne » Reims June 5th 2020

Did you hear about this? From CNN: A cognac from a 1762 vintage sold for £118,580 ($146,000) at an online auction on Thursday.The "exceedingly rare" Gautier cognac is one of the oldest surviving cognacs in the world, and only three bottles of it are left, according to Sotheby's auction house. This bottle is the largest of the three, known as "grand frère" or "big brother," and had remained in the same family for generations. The "petit frère" or "little brother" was sold at an auction in New York in 2014 and the "petite soeur" or "little sister" is found in the Gautier Museum, in Cognac, southwestern France.And now this from Karen at Winespeed: TWO (in millions of U.S.$) for a bottle of Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Gra... read more
In honor of Hazel
And the Director

Europe » France » Champagne-Ardenne » Reims June 10th 2019

We’re off on an extra little adventure. Daughter no 2 is doing an experiment in Switzerland and needs a van load of equipment driven from London to Zurich. So we are going to be roadies. Or, more accurately, the old man is going to be a roadie. I’m just along for the ride. Does that make me a groupie? Probably not with my own daughter. We start the day by catching an Uber to the college. We’ve not booked an Uber before. The old man eyes the App with the sort of suspicion you’d expect from someone encountering witchcraft. But the car arrives and we reach our destination without the driver casting a spell. The van is delivered – 35 minutes late. Daughter no 2 is very stressed. However, the equipment is packed and we are ... read more
Equipment loaded
And we’re off
In Le Shuttle

Europe » France » Champagne-Ardenne » Reims July 19th 2018

This morning Peri, Janine and I walked to the Reims train station to catch a train to Epernay. Unfortunately by the time we worked out the ticketing system we missed the train. One of the best things about travelling without too many time constraints is that you can easily revert to Plan B. We bought tickets for the next train and had about an hour to kill so we walked to the main shopping strip of Reims and spent the time browsing and trying on outfits - and we were none the poorer for the experience lol. Back to the train station with time to jump onto the correct train and we were on our way. The views along the way are a constant 'wow'. As we drew into Epernay station we were all blown away ... read more
The hous of Moet & Chandon
Enjoying our champagne tastings
Cute pop-up Champagne bar

Europe » France » Champagne-Ardenne » Reims July 18th 2018

Up earlier this morning as we were being picked up by our driver at 9am for our full day Champagne tour. Our driver arrived very promptly - his name is Valentin. He had a very comfortable vehicle for the 5 of us so we settled in for our drive into the country. Tour starts at 9 - our driver Valantine picked us up in his very nice car. We headed towards the area that captures villages such as Verzy, Verzenay and Ludes. Our first stop was at the Champagne house of Hughes Godme. This tour takes us to mostly boutique champagne houses - of which we found out there are around 200 of in this area. The lady we met is married is the owner with her husband and i think we caught her out not ... read more
A small selection of champagne bottles
Now that's a champagne glass!
Louise, Janine, Sue and Peri

Europe » France » Champagne-Ardenne » Reims July 17th 2018

This morning we are booked into the tour of Taittinger at 11:15am so we all had breakfast together and then spent time getting 5 girls showered and dressed - which is challenging as there is only 1 shower in the apartment. There is a bath with a hand held shower head but the bathroom is the walkway to the bedroom Peri, Sue and Lou are in so that is also interesting! We knew it was about a 30 minute walk so we set off with plenty of time to spare so we could take in the sights along the way. We arrived in time - to find out Janine had booked us on the French speaking tour haha. We were able to rescedule to the 11:45 English speaking tour but we were also aware that would ... read more
The birthday girl in her favourite place!
Inside the 'caves' of Taittinger
Why don't we get all these options of bottle size in Australia?

Europe » France » Champagne-Ardenne » Reims July 16th 2018

We had one of our best breakfasts so far! Love this hotel! Today we have quite the journey ahead of us so i have broken it down into seven stages: 1. Taxi to train station 2. Train to Genoa Brighole 3. Shuttle bus to airport 4. Flight from Genoa to Paris 5. Train to Champagne-Ardenne 6. Train to Reims 7. Find apartment Hotel was fantastic and organized our taxi to the station - it arrived on time at 8:30 and we were at station within 10 mins. Train to Genoa Brignole was due at 8:52 but was running 10 mins late. The schedule had this train arriving at Brignole at 9:20 and the shuttle bus leaving at 9:30 so this was going to be close. We had already accepted that if we didn't make this connection, ... read more
Dinner location in Reims
Dinner location in Reims
Cathedral of Notre Dame Reims

Europe » France » Champagne-Ardenne » Reims June 8th 2018

This is one of the days we had been waiting for and it didn't disappoint. In the morning we walked up to the Information Center in Epernay and turned up just as the Tourist Train was about to leave, so we hopped on the tour. The tour took us up the Avenue de Champagne, where every building was a stunning who's who of the Champagne world and many have tours & tasting. After having lunch at the apartment, we headed for the train to Reims and then headed to the home of Mumm. On Arrival at Mumm we waited for the rest of the tour to arrive (of course we were 30 minutes early was not going to be late to this one). After a 10 minute video on Mumm we descended 10 meters to the ... read more

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