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September 1st 2022
Published: September 2nd 2022
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Another day another dollar and Goose is not at the wheel

So after the night of France Passion, well not in the biblical sense if you read my last blog, we rise early and go to start the motorhome and guess what, the bleeding immobiliser would not let us start it - me thinking OMG and Mike thinking well maybe day 2 could be France Passion in the literal sense, ha ha. Anyway, we tried the other keys and wowee it started so thank goodness for this.

The navigator Mike, let’s start calling him Goose as Goose was Maverick’s navigator in Top Gun, started well but let’s be honest he had Sat Nav to help him. So we trundled along the nice french roads through nice villages in the Champagne region and I was loving it - bit too much as Mike oops Goose decided we would go on the toll roads otherwise it would take too long.

So toll roads it is, and yes you guessed it without being told the lottery numbers, there are cross winds or is it cross wind and not just driving a motorhome that does not like going at speed on a toll road! Answers on a post card please!!! So yes here we go again. I am being buffeted without passing large lorries let alone passing lorries as well - at one stage I thought my wrists were going to give way trying to keep a motorhome in the centre of the road whilst being buffeted by the wind and large lorries - now you remember that the other day I was shouting Jesus Christ I can do this and I am going to die well deja vu it happened again and again and again. I think I might need to go to the throat specialist as my voice is now husky - or thinking about it I am sure I could make money on those 0898 numbers with a husky voice.

So we have to go over this long bridge and you guessed it I don’t like heights either and Goose (got it right this time) says this bridge is 1km long - well you can guess what I shouted at him and it was not to lose his feathers, I can say it was more like you are going to be the next Christmas Dinner if you carry on.

At one stage Mike even thought I was going to do a typical Princess Paula and say “that is it” I am not driving another foot - like I did in New Zealand when we did the Milford Trek and I said I am not walking another foot - but of course had to as there was no other way out.

We arrive at the campsite I have found having driven over a couple of very small bridges at the end, and they are small bridges no exaggeration here at all and honestly no embellishment here - I thought one false move and we are over the side. This is not the best part cos when we got there it said, after I’d driven over 150 miles, full - what full, do they not know who is trying to stay here Princess Paula!!! So Mike oops done it again Goose goes back in to find out if there are any other campsites near whilst I start looking on my Park 4 the Night app and Search for Sites app. I found one 7 kms away wow and behold Goose did his charming trick and we can stay for 2 nights win win chicken dinner! Well I was promised a night when I did not have to cook - well you guessed it a burger van was visiting the campsite and guess what Mike decided to get me a burger - I AM IN FRANCE THE CENTRE OF FRENCH CUISINE AND I GET A LE CLASSIC - no idea how tomorrow is going to pan out with Goose as we have a day and night in Orleans and if I do not get a nice meal in a nice restaurant Goose may need to fly home as he is not coming in the motorhome for sure.

Then, after dinner, the next surprise. If you’ve read earlier blogs you will know Goose is not driving because he is waiting for his driving license to be renewed by DVLA. Well, he get’s a phone call from a cardiologist at Blackburn General telling him DVLA want him examined!! There are hoops and there are hoops to jump through but a cardiologist examination would seem to be the least likely to us as Goose has never had a problem with his heart apart from meeting me, ah so then let’s be honest yes a cardiologist is a good idea.


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