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Europe » France » Centre » Orléans September 3rd 2022

Another day in Paula’s world One thing I did not mention in my previous blog the WC are mixed - yes mixed - and there are no toilet seats, however, at least they were not just foot wells with a long drop! It was a quiet day so we decided to go into Orleans which was a bit of a walk and then a tram into the centre - which was nice using different transport. We found the cathedral in the centre and it looked splendid with all the Ukrainian flags as well and if I am totally honest it was one of the best cathedrals I have ever been in - the stained glass windows were stunning. I have taken some photos but to be honest I do not think they do the cathedral justice. ... read more
One of the stained glass windows

Europe » France » Centre » Orléans September 1st 2022

France Passion Now I bet that title made you read my blog quicker than normal. Well sorry to say it is not what you think, it is a camp site that we are staying on. France Passion is an organisation where you can stay at a site for nothing - however, it usually is a place that is attached to a local producer of food or wine. So sorry if I got your hopes up on some juicy news. Anyway the co-pilot did really well yesterday with his navigation skills and we only went wrong once, if honest that was a real tricky bit, but we got back on track by taking a couple of roundabouts. So we were driving along and then all we could hear was something wining - it appeared to be a ... read more
Our view

Europe » France » Centre » Orléans September 1st 2022

Another day another dollar and Goose is not at the wheel So after the night of France Passion, well not in the biblical sense if you read my last blog, we rise early and go to start the motorhome and guess what, the bleeding immobiliser would not let us start it - me thinking OMG and Mike thinking well maybe day 2 could be France Passion in the literal sense, ha ha. Anyway, we tried the other keys and wowee it started so thank goodness for this. The navigator Mike, let’s start calling him Goose as Goose was Maverick’s navigator in Top Gun, started well but let’s be honest he had Sat Nav to help him. So we trundled along the nice french roads through nice villages in the Champagne region and I was loving it ... read more

Europe » France » Centre » Orléans November 5th 2021

Ein Nachtrag zu gestern Abend: mein Restaurant bietet eine abwechslungsreiche Speisekarte an. Als ich das Savoyer Fondue gesehen habe, musste ich es bestellen. Das wird aus Emmentaler, Comté und Roquefort gemacht und hat ordentlich geschmeckt. Heute werde ich vielleicht das Pferdesteak probieren. Es muss ja nicht immer Rinderfilet oder Entrecote sein. Frühstücken konnte ich heute nur bis 10:00 und startet danach meinen Spaziergang durch die Stadt. Zuerst zum alten Rathaus, wo man mehrere historische Räume ohne Ticket besuchen kann. Die Kathedrale ist direkt daneben. Dann durch den alten Teil der Stadt zum Loire-Ufer, wo sich das Starbucks befindet. Selbstverständlich habe ich es besucht und einen Frappuccino getrunken. Von dort ging es zum alten Wohnhaus von Jeanne d'Arc. Genauer gesagt, dessen Replikation, da das Originalhaus 1940 bei einem britischen Luftangriff zerstört wurde. Warum d... read more
Spaziergang durch Orleans.
Spaziergang durch Orleans.
Spaziergang durch Orleans.

Europe » France » Centre » Orléans November 4th 2021

Heute ging es meinem Verdauungstrakt schon wieder besser und nach dem Frühstück habe ich Limoges verlassen. Ich fuhr in nördlicher Richtung zum Château de Chambord. Dies ist das größte und prächtigste der Schlösser an der Loire. Hier parkte ich mein Auto ohne Probleme und musste beim Ticketkauf auch kaum anstehen. Auf einen Audioguide verzichtete ich, da mir so etwas zu lange dauert. Die ganzen Informationen kann man sich eh nicht merken. Statt dessen schaute ich mir das Gebäude ohne Hilfe an und es ist sehr sehenswert. Drum herum gibt es einen großen Park. Im Schlosscafé trank ich dann auch meinen Nachmittagskaffee. Von dieser Sehenswürdigkeit setzte ich die Fahrt nach Orleans fort. Hier fand ich auch einen netten Parkplatz in einem Einkaufszentrum nicht weit von meinem Hotel. Damit ist mein Auto wieder bis Samstag sicher. Mich ärgert ... read more
Château de Chambord.
Château de Chambord.
Château de Chambord.

Europe » France » Centre » Orléans August 4th 2016

Today was another road trip day. It actually rained for the better part of the drive but it stopped right as we were arriving at our first stop of the day! This was a town called Orleans and it was very quaint. The centre had a merry-go-round with two levels and a statue of Jeanne d'Arc. We ate lunch right in the centre and three of us enjoyed mussels which are in season at the moment. They were delicious. Rachel had pizza.....Anyways, we wandered around the streets for a while until we found the Jardin d'Hotel Groslot. This building is an old residence which is now used as a municipal office and the gardens there are very nice. There was a gingko bilaboa tree that was 150 years old! Orleans is at the eastern side of ... read more
Merry Go Round
Jeanne d'Arc
Notre Dame again

Europe » France » Centre » Orléans April 29th 2014

Atlantic to Orleans After successfully riding from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic (see last blog) we stayed at Lacunau-Ocean for 4 nights . Great little place, really good for cycling. We rode loops north and south through casuarina plantations, with views to the sea when on the coastal side and views over the inland lagoons when on the inland side. Sand dunes can be deceptively high, but without luggage they weren’t too bad. From there we rode back to Bordeaux, a long ride with some interesting company. Loved the cyclists who were travelling with their cat and dog in the cycle trailer. Bordeaux is great, I particularly like the Bordeaux waterfront which has everything. Eg the skateboard park has three levels, one for little kids with the highest point only about 500mm high. Then there is ... read more
Cycle touring for the whole family
Saumur Chateau
Typical cycle path

Europe » France » Centre » Orléans July 6th 2013

Today was a driving day. 650kms from Grindelwald to Orleans in France. The route was essentially to Bern, Newchatel, over the border into France through the Jura's then towards Paris and finally south to Orleans. We left at 9am and arrived at 5.15pm with four stops along the way to give Lindsay a rest, a drink and a shake up for the next 100 or so. The first part of the journey to the French border was interesting enough through cropping country mainly. Into the Jura mountains it became very rocky - mainly weathered limestone and clay. Once out of the hills we went into dairying country, followed by miles of cropping in the rolling country and down to the vast flats. It was surprisingly quite sparsely populated. The further west we went closer to Paris ... read more

Europe » France » Centre » Orléans June 27th 2013

My dear friend Lesley and I set off at 5.30 am for the Dover - Calais Ferry... at last we would get some sunshine we thought ...little did we know!! I should have left my woolly hat and gloves in the car. Every time we stopped at a picnique area we froze - 12-14 deg is not what we expect in a french summer. And everyone remind me not to drive round the east side of Paris ever again !! Even with the help of Sally Satnav and maps we managed to take the wrong ramp and god knows how we eventually found our way back onto a road which took us out and onwards south...and also there were the most terrific traffic jams. No never again. So on we went to find a small chambre ... read more

Europe » France » Centre » Orléans February 26th 2012

We have now moved on to Orleans and say au revoir to Paris until June. We have been staying in accommodation arranged through the website "". This had been a great way to travel so far. Accommodation varies from studio apartments to bedrooms in family homes. The best part is that you get to meet the hosts, who have been incredibly generous and kind people. We have appreciated the chance to get know real people rather than having to deal only with hotel staff. We have enjoyed good conversation, great home cooked food and wonderful hospitality. Our hosts so far have really gone out of their way to help us. They have picked us up and dropped us off at trains stations, given advice about what to see and do and shared their lives with us. ... read more

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