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Europe » France » Burgundy » Chagny September 22nd 2018

The waterways of France are important and interesting but above all they are very attractive. We considered a few options for our week on the waterways. Reports about the Midi Canal that connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic made it seem a little too busy for our purposes. The Burgundy Canal was also an option. We were looking for something reasonably quiet in terms of boat traffic but with access to interesting villages and places where lovely food and wine might be found. Of course, being France, any would have done well on the last criterion but we settled on picking up boats at Mâcon and cruising on a route that would include the Saône and Seille Rivers and the Canal du Centre and bring us into Saint-Léger-sur-Dhuene, within a reasonable distance by train from ... read more
Queue for the lock. Ended up with two "sessions", two boats and then three boats. Took an hour.
So how does this lock work? Luckily not all the boats were crewed by first-timers.
Clear direction. Good signage left no doubt about which branch of water to take.

Europe » France » Burgundy » Chagny July 9th 2017

We wake to a wet morning. This has not happened many times on this trip. Perhaps today is the day we will wear our raincoats. Market days are a big feature throughout Europe. Each city, town or village has a day or two set aside for its market. Today we plan to be at the market in the village of Chagny. The weather is clearing so we are optimistic about keeping dry. The coats are packed just in case. The drive takes about fifteen minutes and in that time we have sunshine, drizzle and heavy rain. But on arrival in Chagny the rain stops. We put our coats on, just in case. It is as well we did. Light rain returns and our coats get wet for the first time in eight weeks. We cannot complain. ... read more

Europe » France » Burgundy » Chagny August 15th 2013

Our journey today takes us further north into Burgandy and the small town of Chagny. We started out from St Etienne thinking it was just another weekday but things were to change dramatically by the end of the day.We were also to discover after an hour or so driving that today was also a public holiday,The Assumption of Mary,one we had never heard of before which shows up our ignorance of the Catholic faith.Not that we noticed many people coming and going from the churches as we passed through numerous towns as we took the D306/N6 north. In fact it took us until we started to think about some lunch that we eventually realised it was a public holiday.Although we should have thought about it a bit sooner with the number of cyclists out in force ... read more
Suburban goats in Chagny
Colourful roundabout in Chagny

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