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July 6th 2012
Published: July 29th 2012
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Old ChurchOld ChurchOld Church

Covered in Ivy - must be old
We got into Rennes pretty late at night, but didn't have any problems finding our next host. Joanna who is an animator and illustrator and loves Neil Gaiman was waiting for us and greeted us at her door.

Thursday we walked from her place through a beautiful park and into the old city. We found an amazing shop selling a huge range of prints, posters and postcards. There were some historical, some artistic, some humorous, and a lot from movies. The shop made us want to buy a heap of posters and redecorate when we got back. Not really practical though, so we made do with a few postcards to send home. For lunch we were recommended a particular Creperie from amongst about 100 in the cicy centre! We had a galette (which is a savoury kinda crepe made with buckwheat), and then a sweet crepe afterwards All washed down with a local cider (which we weren't keen on, but it's traditional!). We visited an amazing church, rode around the streets, bought some locally made oat milk (yummy and creamy), and went home to make some delicious pasta to share with our host (who cracked open a nice red too).
More Street ArtMore Street ArtMore Street Art

Some great detail in the cartoon style drawings.
After dinner we went back into the town to meet up with a friend of our host, drink a tasty kind of citrus syrup beer (really good). This was followed by another crepe which was set on fire when served. Yummy day all round!

Friday we had arranged to meet a couch surfer who lived just out of Rennes and who had a car. This was to get us to Mont St Michel which is basically a really tall church built in a really tall rock that is completely surrounded by mud flats at low tide and water on king high tides. Driving towards it - you could see it from around 25km away - massive! It was a funny place to wander around - very narrow walkways full of small shops and lots of people. At the top was the actual church section that you had to pay to enter.

When we got back to Rennes, we met up with Joanna and a few of her co-workers for dinner and drinks in a Phoenician restaurant. A delicious mixed vego plate was consumed along with some kir which is a white wine with added fruit syrup (peach is

This shop would put anyone to sleep

Saturday morning, we packed our bags, had some breakfast, and then jumped on some bikes to head to the market. Trying to ride a bike while carrying an 18kg backpack is entertaining! The market was excellent - lots of tasty local foods including fruits, yoghurts, cheese, pastries and fish. We then made our way to meet our next car sharing driver who drove us to Nantes where we made a terrible discovery!

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Like a crepe but made with buckwheat flour and generally savoury. That tomato sauce was supertasty.
Old TownOld Town
Old Town

Love these style of buildings (and the cluster of TV aerials in the background)
Lean ToLean To
Lean To

Like a bunch of drunk guys leaning on each other to stay upright
Old TownOld Town
Old Town

Wandering the streets
Old TownOld Town
Old Town

Chris finds a small art gallery showing computer game bugs.
Old TownOld Town
Old Town

Chris finds the red light district.

A great little bar/cafe with great decor, interesting drinks, toasted sandwiches and yummy looking cakes.

That one at the front is a beer with an orange syrup in it. It's called "picon-bière". Tastes really good.
Flaming CrepesFlaming Crepes
Flaming Crepes

Yep - that blue light is it on fire.

Looks good enough to eat. So I did.
Attack BeetleAttack Beetle
Attack Beetle

Aggressive scarab who loves to travel
Mont St MichelMont St Michel
Mont St Michel

Wow. It's 'kn huge
Mont St MichelMont St Michel
Mont St Michel

Looking out over the plain which all goes underwater when the tide comes in.

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