Chris and Nena

Chris And Nena

Chris and Nena

We have been meaning to go on a decent trip for ages now. Last year some very cheap prices came up on bestflights, so we decided to take the plunge.
After this it became all about saving as much money as possible. Working a lot, and spending stuff all (apart from the occasional necessary bike part or gadget).
We are looking forwards to five months away, spending two weeks in Thailand, and the rest of the time split between Europe and North America. We haven't planned much - just hoping to see lots of great sites, and eat a pile of tasty food.
Oh, there'll probably be a lot of food photos posted up. Sorry if this bores you - we'll chuck up a few postcard shots too I'm sure. 😊

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver October 8th 2012

One of the places we had wanted to visit in Vancouver was Capilano Suspension Bridge (having seen a photo on a website nine months ago). When we got here we found it was around $35 each to get entry, and some people said it wasn't really worthwhile since there was a free suspension bridge nearby at Lynn Canyon. So, when we finally got through the worst of the traffic heading back into Vancouver we went straight over into North Vancouver to Lynn Canyon Park to take a look around. It was pretty beautiful and the suspension bridge was around 50m high and 50m long. We spent a fair bit of time just sitting on rocks in the sun next to a stream. It was really peaceful and gave us time to chat about how we felt ... read more
50m Down
Pontificating on a Rock

North America » Canada » Alberta » Lake Louise October 5th 2012

In the morning, we grabbed some breakfast, checked out and then went to pick up our rental car for the next week. We then went shopping for food and supplies, including checking out MEC (Mountain Equipment Cooperative) which is huge and has great prices on camping and outdoors stuff. We were both starting to feel a bit broke, and we also were pretty limited in how much room we had in our bags, so no purchases were made (so much restraint and discipline!). Actually, we were going to get a reusable coffee filter for $8, but then you had to become a member which was $5 so no really worth it. We finally got on the road towards the Rocky Mountains around 3pm only to discover the perils of Vancouver traffic (especially when it's raining for ... read more
Distant Peaks
Freezing Falls
More stunning distant vistas

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver September 29th 2012

It was around 10pm when we got in to Vancouver and thankfully our hostel was very close to the bus station. We had to fight our way through a crowd outside the pub next door to the hostel to find our way in. The room was pretty good clean with a comfy bed and a TV which we didn't turn on at all. Chris discovered that his bottle of cooking fuel had leaked a bit and everything in his backpack smelt like fuel. Great. He unpacked everything and stuck the fuel bottle out on the window sill so it didn't stink out the room. Sunday morning and we wandered through Chinatown on our way to a breakfast cafe that had been recommended. It was very popular and there was a bit of a queue outside. It ... read more
Mega Breakfast
Communal Gardens
Nanna Nena

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland September 23rd 2012

We got into Portland in the evening and met our host Val. In her profile picture on Couch Surfing she had a white wig and white face paint (taken at Burning Man perhaps?) so we weren't sure we'd recognise her. Thankfully she recognised us as we pulled up to the kerb. After a bit of a chat and unloading some stuff, she took us up to the local Japanese. It's very well known and even on a Wednesday night there was a queue and a 30-45min wait. We put our name on the queue and popped into a nearby bar to taste some of the local brews and chat about quantum psychology and other random things. One of the key aspects of Quantum Psychology is to do with defining or branding yourself or others. For example, ... read more
Napkin Art
Street Food.
Mexican Noms

A couple of hours North out of San Francisco, we stopped in a little town called Gerberville as we thought we were pretty close to the Redwood area and wanted to get some tourist info and local maps. Gerberville was a bit of a surprise. Along the way we had noticed a lot of dreadlock types and organic food places (bit of a difference from out around Nevada!), but Gerberville was a complete Nimbin! On getting out of the car we had to walk through a cloud of sweet smelling smoke while a group of stoned guys rambled on at each other sounding like a cheech and chong movie, and then we noticed hemp stores, the "smoking caterpillar store" and the large number of rasta images around. It was pretty funny to find this scene in ... read more
Big Tree
Big Tree
Ex Biggest

North America » United States » California » San Francisco September 15th 2012

The flight to San Francisco went without any issues. We flew with Virgin and had possibly the newest airplane we've ever seen. Everything was shiny and un-worn. A bit of a change from some of the sad looking planes we've been on. We had to do a transfer across to the international terminal and then catch the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transport) to our destination. It was easy to tell we were in San Francisco with organic food places even in the airport and lots of information on the airport attempting to become carbon neutral. On the train we chatted to a guy from Portland, Oregon who was really friendly and helpfully letting us know which train to catch and places to see up in Oregon. Nena's cousin Perdi and her partner Jake met us at ... read more
Redhead in Redwoods
Curly bark

Once finally out of the BM exodus (three hours after starting out) we grabbed some petrol and then jumped on the freeway towards Reno (stopping briefly so some school kids could wash our ridiculously dusty car for $6). In Reno, we found a Wholefoods store, and next door a Sierra Trading Outlet. Double score! Sierra trading is a mainly online store which sells camping sorta stuff extremely cheap. Wholefoods (as we may have mentioned earlier) is a great place for stocking up on at least vaguely healthy foods, supplements and ready made meals too. There was also a nearby Goodwill drop-bin so we put in a bunch of the clothes that we had bought back in Vegas (now slightly dusty, but still good!). We limited ourselves to only a couple of items in Sierra, grabbed some ... read more
Tropical Beach
Freaky drive

North America » United States » Nevada » Black Rock Desert September 3rd 2012

ok, this blog will be a little different. Burning Man doesn't lend itself readily to the normal ways of doing things. So, here's some random memories and thoughts about the week. Oh, for those that don't know "The Playa" refers to the type of dusty desert surface. It's pronounced like plier and not like player. Dust Vast numbers of mechanically crazy glowing gigantic art cars crusing the desert picking up randoms A shipwreck in the desert complete with pier and various weird ship paraphernalia (pickled squid?) Wrangler fish swimming around luring trippers with glowing ball bait Daily hunt for a tasty coffee (always free) Camping with Couch Surfers - most from Seattle, but plenty from worldwide More dust So much art out on the playa. We are still finding pictures online of things we didn't see. ... read more
A road full of Burners
In dust we trust...

North America » United States » Utah » Zion National Park August 27th 2012

Later in the day after leaving the Grand Canyon, we followed the advice of a couple of cheerful ladies in an electronics store and camped at The Coral Pink dunes which were a set of huge (and pink) dunes. It was a bit of an off-road play centre, but thankfully all the ATVs stopped at dinner time and didn't start up again. We sat and watched the stars for a while as it was a beautiful evening. There wer e a lot of shooting stars too. oh, the reason for being in a small electronic store was trying to find power adaptors and connectors so we could listen to our mp3 players through the car stereo. Chris had come up with the Universal Law of American Radio: "The strength of the signal is inversely proportional to ... read more
Coral Pink Sand Dunes
Coral Pink Sand Dunes
Nena looking melancholy

Since we were too late getting to The Grand Canyon to see sunset we decided to further confuse our body clocks by getting up ridiculously early and watch sunrise. Our alarm went off at 4am, we quickly pulled up camp and then drove closer in to the Grand Canyon to where we could catch a shuttle bus to where we wanted to go. The morning was a bit cloudy and hazy but it was still pretty beautiful in the pre-dawn light and seeing the light come into the rocks as the sun rose was gorgeous. We wandered along the path between different vantage points, saying good morning to other early risers, and to an Elk that was wandering through the trees. Feeling tired, we caught the shuttle bus back to our car and dozed for a ... read more
Grand Canyon at dawn
Lonely photographer
Grand Canyon at dawn

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