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September 3rd 2010
Published: September 4th 2010
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Friday market
Cannot believe the wonderful weather we are enjoying. Apart from a few showers in first couple of day it has been gloriously sunny. Weather forecasts suggest we should make the most of it so we are making hay…..
Got the scooter out of the garage and headed south to Douarenez, 25 km away. Stopped first at Plomodiern to fill scooter with fuel. Bob filled it himself - then realised pump was not self-serve but scooter tank is tricky to fill and has to be done really slowly with me watching the pump and counting off in ¼ litres. We admired the little market in the centre of the town and the pretty church then carried on our way. Very pleasant drive with not much other traffic and a view to the sea most of the way.
We liked Douarenez’s harbour very much, a really interesting place to stroll. The
colours were glorious, aquamarine sea, multi-coloured pastel buildings lining the harbour and jewel coloured boats. We spotted some extremely large (2 ft) peach coloured jellyfish (Rhizostoma octopus / Barrel jellyfish) swimming between the boats. Also lots and lots of fish, some were huge but also shoals of tiny ones. This area
Douarenez in shades of aquamarineDouarenez in shades of aquamarineDouarenez in shades of aquamarine

Young gulls were getting very excited to have a fish to share for lunch.
of the coast is mainly sardine fishing and tinning. Very amused by some young gulls squabbling over a fish and really making a meal of it, as it were.
We discovered that the place to park your motorhome in this town is at the end of the fishing harbour. There is a large carpark where several were parked up with their owner’s fishing beside them.
Ice-cream for lunch in a little square and then, after a quick look at the river where all the expensive boats are moored, we set off back. Took a bit of a circuitous route as we were trying to use more local coast roads. Found a couple of very pretty little bays and then managed to get to the other end of our very long beach and drove along to the campsite.
We have decided that this area of Brittany is like Cornwall, only bigger and better. The roads are wider and straighter and therefore much easier for us on the scooter and in the Tandy. The campsites are much better and much cheaper. Everywhere is far less busy. We can park our motorhome anywhere we can find a big enough space. And the crepes
Eek - an enormous jellyfishEek - an enormous jellyfishEek - an enormous jellyfish

One of several spotted in the harbour. According to my Google they are harmless and only give a mild sting but... imagine cuddling one of those !
are wonderful and as good as clotted cream.
Had a lovely swim in the superb pool again, this time undisturbed by English ballgames and Bob tried out the waterslide. Followed dinner with a stroll along the beach and a good strong French coffee at the bar just outside the campsite.
We really like it here. This campsite is in an excellent spot with the 3 miles of sandy beach just outside and the weather and the superb pool are bonuses.

Additional photos below
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Narrow steep streets leading down to the harbour
Douarenez fishingDouarenez fishing
Douarenez fishing

Definitely a French fisherman - check his hat. Also spot the only place big enough to park a motorhome - on the harbour

Lovely harbour
Long long sandy beach in front of our campsiteLong long sandy beach in front of our campsite
Long long sandy beach in front of our campsite

Sand is lovely to walk on but a bit hard for sitting too long.

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