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September 4th 2010
Published: September 5th 2010
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Another bonus. Though the day started with a layer of thin cloud across the sky by lunchtime the sun had burned most of it away and the ‘20% precipitation’ which was forecast didn’t.
We hopped onto the scooter and went to the nearest supermarket in Plomodiern first thing as carelessly had run out of a few essentials. Impossible to manage without kitchen roll in a motorhome. While we were there we stopped for a coffee and then, realising there was a marriage taking place in the church, we waited until the guests and eventually also the bride and groom emerged. Later, back at the campsite, we heard the wedding cars driving past with all the horns blaring.
After lunch we went for a walk a couple of miles along the beach directly in front of the campsite. We had already noticed, when taking photos of the sunset, how it beautifully reflected the light. Today it was amazing. Must be a combination of the fantastically bright blue sky and the very pretty clouds together with the unique lay of the beach. It is totally flat and the sand is hard and the beach is expansive in both directions. The sea has small waves which leave their imprints right up the beach in curving lines and the waves themselves seem to form silken pleats. Once we got a little further along the beach we realised we were walking in several inches of water (enough to wet the legs of my shorts !) even though we were on the beach and away from the edge of the sea. The waves were washing across the beach for several yards and the water then stayed put after the waves had receded.
It gave a fantastic reflection. The beautiful blue sky and pretty clouds were completely repeated on the wet sand below. Walking along it and looking down it was as if the sky was beneath me which was really odd.
We stayed for quite a long time taking lots of photos and trying to capture the lovely pictures that the sea, sky and beach were forming. People helped too as they were all reflected as well. Have included several photos here as easier to use pictures than words to describe our lovely walk.
Back at the campsite we had our usual swim in the pool and returned to the beach after dinner for a quick stroll at sunset and a coffee at the bar. We move on tomorrow but only round the coast, still in the Finistere area as we like it.

Additional photos below
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Pentrez beach at sunset, Pentrez beach at sunset,
Pentrez beach at sunset,

The bobbles on the sand are worm casts and gulls !

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