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Europe » France » Aquitaine » Agen February 11th 2019

Took a look around Marciac this morning, and had a coffee in the square. SO different from when we were last there, for the Tour de France, when they also had their Jazz Festival. Today the place was so quiet - and we were the only ones who'd spent the night on the Aire (which in summer had been packed with motorhomes). Eventually set off, via Super U for diesel and a few groceries. Later on, still made ANOTHER supermarket stop, as we'd forgotten several essentials! Anyway, rocked up at the Aire at Layrac, near Agen. The plan now is to visit a few people over the next few days (including Tony's sister, who's currently in Bordeaux), then head for home. We'll see! 119km today, making 3255 to date ... read more

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Agen August 23rd 2016

Pont-canal d'Agen There are over 9,000 kilometres of navigable waterways in France. Many of these canals were built before motorised road transport and even before railway networks. They were important for transport, especially conveying agricultural produce to port. Today those canals are used mainly by leisure craft. In the 1840’s the Pont de Garonne was built to connect two canals by aqueduct across the Garonne River. Looking at it today, the 580-meter span looks like the infrastructure project of undergraduate engineers sitting in an academic vacuum. Imagine the professor of engineering addressing his students. ‘Your assignment is to design an aqueduct for boats to cross the river, linking the northern canal with the southern canal.’ ‘Why?’ asked the dux of the class. ‘Why not let the boats float across the river?’ ‘Study your fluid dynamics. The ... read more
Agen 2 Mers Bridge  (27)
Agen 2 Mers Bridge  (39)
Agen 2 Mers Bridge  (47)

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Agen July 17th 2014

July 16 to 17 - Paris - All by myself….Wendy left this morning, so today is my day to sort and organize, and pack and last minute shopping. I have one errand left - to go to E. Dehillerin,d.dGc&cad=rja , Paris’ best culinary store, near Les Halles. But I recommend you go in with a shopping list…this is no place to just graze. I wanted Canele forms - copper - and knew this would be the place to find them. They were less expensive than Bordeaux. Let’s just hope they work for me. If not, they sure are pretty. E. Dehillerin has the most extensive supply of copper pots and pans and just looking at their website is a treat. Put it high on your list of places to visit in Paris if y... read more
Kitchen shop

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Agen August 29th 2010

The Locaboat experience is to be shared by, Kevin, Caroline, Stephen, Sue, Kathy (All Russell-ites) and Brenda, Russell and Gary (friends of Stephen and Sue's from Auckland). The representative of the company explains the ins and outs of the boat and is rather sheepish as he tells us that the boat has a holding tank, but there are no pump-out stations on the canal. All of the effluent goes into the River Baise and the Canal Garronne. Yes, the turd police are lacking and what has worked for centuries continues into the 21st century. There are several companies that are running very lucrative boat businesses on the river and the Garronne canal, and we Kiwi's are very surprised that there is not a single pump out station or even a pump-out truck. What is also surprising ... read more
Stephen, Russell and Caroline

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