Photos from Strasbourg, Alsace, France, Europe

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International Yoga Day in Strasbourg
European Parliament
Swans on the Ill River
Strasbourg – Ill River & Reformed Church of Saint Paul
Evening in Strasbourg
Cellist at Cathedral
Cathédrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg
Evening in Strasbourg
Cathedral Interior - note the Suspended Organ on the left
Strasbourg Tram
Superfluous bedding at MACMA 3
Street art Strasbourg
Front of Strasbourg Station
WW2 memorial
Windows and shutters - spot the fake one
Windows and shutters for real
Very old wooden beams
Ventilation vents in the loft of the old Customs House
Tour guide fails to hold the interest of the youngest person on the city walk.
Street in Strasbourg centre
Notre Dame spire from a distance. The skeletal effect is not so noticeable close-up
Portable houses. We were told you just remove take the beams to the new location after removing the wattle/mud/plaster infill.
Kammerzell House (from the name of the grocer who owned it in the 19th century), was first built in 1467 and then remodelled by a new owner, cheese merchant Martin Braun, above the stone ground floor in 1589.
Many bridges over the River Il
Oldest barrel in the cellar. It's behind a floor-to-ceiling steel grille (hence the shadows)
Newer part of town and nice walk along the river
New on old: now a garage door
Modern touch with blue paint. We were told that the original colour schemes did not include blue.
Meeting one of the criteria! We were told that Strasbourg Councillors were measure here each year after their election. If their stomachs were too big for the gap, off the Council they went.
Marsellaise was written in this building
Too true
Local specialty at the markets. The ginger nougat was particularly tasty.
Leaning buildings
In the wine cellar
Gutenberg Square
Imagine these spouts spewing out milled grain!
Down the steps in the corner you'll find the entrance to the Cave Historique des Hospices
Decisions decisions! And no, we didn't choose the yoghurt on the left, even though we were supposed to be buying something for breakfast!
Complicated door bell - in the Museum of Alsace
Horse checking out the MACMA restaurant
Der Meiselocker: a boy trying to attract and catch birds
In a bookshop window
Kinetic piece at MACMA. The spider moves the length of its suspension track, and the kids there loved it (so did most of the adults)
Installation at MACMA
How to make an entrance
Windows and wood
When the old supports the new. The steel frame is part of a tower for the Lux light spectacular held at that time.
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