Wed 02/11/09 (Day 11) - Hump Day

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February 11th 2009
Published: March 1st 2009
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I think I'm going to need a bigger bottle.
Still no moose on the drive to work. A couple notable things from work though... None work related of course, haha. Lunch was charred herring... Very interesting, and it tasted plenty good... It's exactly what you'd imagine it'd be: A filet of herring with the skinned charred up. So I basically had some gross charred tasting fishy burps for the rest of the day. Tasted good eating it though.

Well, like me, I assume many of you think of vodka when you think about what Finnish people drink. More specifically you might think Finlandia. I'd been looking for it though and haven't seen any on the shelves at the bars and restaurants I've been to so far. So I asked the guys at work if it's like the Foster's of Finland. See Fosters, Australian for beer, is nigh impossible to find in Australia. They don't drink it, I never saw it. So anyway, I wondered if Finlandia was in the same category... Call it Finnish and sell it to the Americans. I was affirmed that this is not the case, that it is really Finnish and most likely if I'd have asked for it every bar would have it. Although I think recently the company was bought and it's no longer Finnish owned. So to amend me not finding Finlandia one of the Finnish guys that I work with brought me in a bottle. Good stuff 😉

Still no moose on the drive home. Stayed close to home and went to Sevilla for dinner. I had a simple salad for a starter and then a really good, rich bacon pasta. Sevilla is a chain, but it holds its own. And it has pretty much the cutest waitress in town... That always helps.


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