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May 22nd 2019
Published: June 15th 2019
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Comin in for a landingComin in for a landingComin in for a landing

They spread their wings and little orange feet and whir onto the cliffs edge
What an awesome get away! This tiny island country is small in size and far flung in location, but large and generous in hospitality and majesty! My dear travel pal, Fred, and I enjoyed 7 days of hiking and exploring the Faroes via foot, rental car, ferry and even helicopter! A well developed infrastructure, including sub-sea tunnels, combined with incredibly friendly locals who often spoke English, made this an easy place to tour. 18 islands comprise this 70 mile x 50 mile set of islands, 7 of which we were fortunate enough to explore. It's been 2 weeks since I returned, and the lingering impressions that find their way into my thoughts and dreams are those of epic scenery, ubiquitous sheep and newborn lambs, and the happy people who reached out to welcome us. Our airbnb hosts impressed me with things like warm pancakes on our way out to explore, cheerful pick up and drop off from/to the ferry port and helicopter pad, advice on the best Faroe smoked salmon, and lingering conversation and enthusiastic sharing of the way of life in the Faroes. Then there was the invitation to "come on in" to the gated hillside yard of a friendly

A remote home as viewed from the remote village of Saksun. Imagine the solitude and inconveniences of living here!
neighbor to meet the sheep and learn about community life, the Senegal/Faroe bicyclist who stopped just to welcome us, the Faroe men bravely reaching beyond language barriers to explain to us about their annual summer trek with their prize rams to the best summer grazing ground on their island, and our easy going rental car agent who left his home office to drive us to get gas and move to our next location. Fred made me laugh when she animatedly stated "Everything is hairy here!" And then we created and continually expanded upon the list of hairy things we encountered....the bearded men, the shaggy sheep and cows, the Faroese ponies, the sheep dogs, the moss covered rocks, even the grass roofed homes and churches! This is a place where everything is hairy!!! This place couldn't be more opposite from Fred's home in Nigeria or even my suburban home in Michigan, USA. Would I go back? In a heartbeat! I feel the pull even still to schedule another trip to get a dose of fresh air, challenging hiking, and comfort of being in the statistically safest, lowest crime location in the world. Oh, and I haven't even yet mentioned perhaps the

Our first hike led us to this scenic view. In early May, the green grasses are just beginning to emerge over the browns of winter.
cutest birds in the world.... PUFFINS!!!

Additional photos below
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Faroese poniesFaroese ponies
Faroese ponies

One of the many hairy things
Lake SorvagsvatnLake Sorvagsvatn
Lake Sorvagsvatn

Strange to see the two adjacent bodies of water, one naturally higher than the other
Exploring the buttercup roadsExploring the buttercup roads
Exploring the buttercup roads

Nicely paved and infrequently traveled, this road leads to an abandoned village that was so remote and difficult to live in that it's inhabitants all left
Passing by Passing by
Passing by

As viewed out the window of the helicopter, one of the many islands between Streymoy and Suduroy
Hiking SuduroyHiking Suduroy
Hiking Suduroy

Hiking down this cliff led us to a beautiful lake and spot to enjoy a bit of lunch
Puffins on MykinesPuffins on Mykines
Puffins on Mykines

We sat on the cliffs edge and lingered, engrossed in watching them, as well as other sea birds, zoom around.
Puffin burrowPuffin burrow
Puffin burrow

The puffins live in little burrows, similar to prairie dogs. They make little "grrrr" sounds as they move in, out, and about the nesting grounds.
Mykines islandMykines island
Mykines island

This beautiful island, reached by ferry across the bumpy sea, had incredible hiking, views, and multitudes of sea birds
Life is good!Life is good!
Life is good!

We've been called "The Runaway Girls" - and this was our 8th runaway. Africa, China, Portugal, France, and Korea have been some of our past explorations. Thanks to our husbands and families for being supportive of our love of travel and friendship!
Sheep near SaksunSheep near Saksun
Sheep near Saksun

See?! They do have long hair!

We rented a car and searched out "buttercup" roads, so named for their beauty, to travel on and explore remote villages. This 3 house village was at the northern tip of Eysteroy.
Moving the ramsMoving the rams
Moving the rams

All the men take a breather before the grueling trip down the cliff to the seaside grazing grounds.

Pronounced somewhat like "shespitchuan", this air dried lamb leg is the food that Faroese people just LOVE!!! Me, not so much.....
Prize ramPrize ram
Prize ram

These ram owners were so proud and excited to be making the annual trek to the best summer grazing grounds with their best ram. Not easy to reach.....see other photos....
Down down down the cliff they goDown down down the cliff they go
Down down down the cliff they go

It looked a bit like herding cats. Each owner trying to keep their ram on the narrow path without letting them slip over the edge to their demise
Thick coatThick coat
Thick coat

The coat on these rams was thick and soft and felt good to sink my hands into

18th June 2019
Comin in for a landing

7 days - is that enough
Interesting to hear about such a little visited place. You stayed there 7 days if I understodd you right. Is that enough or would you have liked to stay longer? And thay bird really is super-cute! /Ake
18th June 2019
Comin in for a landing

7 days in the Faroes
I definitely would have enjoyed a longer stay, but felt that I saw quite a bit and experienced the Faroes in 7 days. There were other hikes and islands I would like to have explored, as well as a boat ride to see the bird cliffs if we had more time. We were lucky that the weather was good so that we could get out every day, but not everyone is so lucky.

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