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August 16th 2018
Published: August 17th 2018
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Today was Seth's 12th country and a new one for us as well, we woke up in glorious sun for Estonia. Being an hour ahead none of us were entirely sure when we should have breakfast but we did all at least manage it in the correct dress (we'll forget Seth trying to pull his t shirt over his head in the restaurant.....) and headed out. The shuttle bus took us to Tallinn and its safe to say we all loved it. Seth was mesmerised by yet more public transport (if you have a child who likes things that have engine si think a cruise is the very best holiday) and we loved the cross between prague and bruges as well as the much cheaper prices. Seth caught up with some much needed pigeon chasing, he cornered one (Estonian pigeons appear not to fly, they just get flustered and run around more) before we dragged him away. The cobbled streets were definitely built in a time before pushchairs and i don't blame Seth for wanting to be carried rather than have his teeth rattled out. It didn't however explain why a bit later, i glanced down to the pushchair he was now back in, to see him, shoe in hand giving it a good lick. Strange child this one..... That said i think i feel a little bit in love with Tallinn now, it's beautiful, pretty cheap and full of life (and strange puppets but the less said about them the better) We stopped for a pizza lunch, great until a very odd woman decided to not only glance at our food but pretty much put her nose on the pizza. The nice Japanese man passing at the same time was equally perplexed. A wander back to the shuttle bus and we found an alcohol shop. Ash went in to find strange Estonian spirits and Seth and i waited. We got bored so went into a shop. Then we came out and waited some more.... After a very long time, a flustered Ash appeared having not seen us in the shop, he'd decided we been abducted by Estonian gypsies, and had been pretty much all round Tallinn to find us... Whoops! Seth got his digger and tram fix as we waited for the bus to the boat. We both felt a little bit sad that no h and m store or clothes buying had happened today but loved Estonia (there's a chance i *may* have spent a chunk of last night planning a new route for the holiday 2020.....) back on board, Seth had fun in the play zone (so did we if we're totally honest ) and we set sail watching Estonia disappear whilst sharing Seth's chicken nugget tea.

This morning we got to Russia. Sadly, all we could do today is look at it out of the window (it's pretty glorious) as due to visa restrictions we have to have a tour to be able to leave the boat and we've booked on one tomorrow. So today we made the most of a near empty ship. Todays wardrobe malfunctions, which were all mine, included Seth pulling my skirt down at breakfast, full on pants on show to the poor old dears behind me, having raisin juice from a seth snack on my t shirt for most of the day, changing said t shirt and then having jelly on it for the rest of the day. Again, we'll not include Seth going up to a lady in the restaurant and showing her his tummy before we could stop him. Don't want to speak too soon but i think we've cracked the dress code rules (maybe) there have been no clothing related tellings off for over 36 hours! . We also found out yesterday that were on the boat with Jean Slater from eastenders (well the actress who plays her at least). Ash has a select group of ladies he shares an evening drink with while i put Seth to bed who told him about the world superstar (!!} on board. The next morning after goggling who she even was, we saw her at breakfast and then she was on our shuttle bus into Tallinn and was talking to us about pushchairs and wheelchairs. I don't think I'd exactly call myself star struck but she's on wikipedia so must be worth a mention! Bring on tomorrow and Russian fun where we must remember.... No picture of the harbour or anything in it (gets you potentially arrested) no ice cubes, no paddling (much pollution) and no wandering. Fingers crossed we'll be off to finland tomorrow and the homeward keg


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