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August 15th 2018
Published: August 15th 2018
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So.... From kristiansand we had an over night sail to Copenhagen. Given that we're not exactly the dress up and dine kind of people and that we have a small boy in tow, we've steered clear of the gala places and all that jazz, i think we still need some dress code guidelines in the form of pictures or something though given that Ash got asked (oh so politely) not to wear denim shorts in the bar after six. It's an very confusing. Me, I'm just hiding in the room to remove all potential problems! Having been to Copenhagen before, we were originally going to go to Malmo again (in lovely Sweden) but fear of not making it back in time and being the fabled 'family who missed the cruise and had their luggage thrown in the sea' meant we chickened out and instead set out with the aim of finding h and m (no joke, Ash needed a jacket so that he could sit in posher parts of the ship without being glared at or told off, we'd forgotten his from home). A brief glance at the little mermaid (little, a bit crap really) and the thousands of tourists surrounding her followed by a few miles walk and a train ride and we got to central Copenhagen. A small cake and a tea(twenty quid) and a very long walk later and h and m appeared to greet us......the women's only branch of h and m. We then found the child's one and finally the mens one. One blazer later it was back to the train and a loooooong walk. We settled back into the ship with some crazy food combinations at the lido (chicken nuggets with melon and a hotdog anyone?) The next day was a sea day. I swam (freezing) and jaccuzzied (lovely) ash gymmed (got told off for the wrong shoes this time) and Seth played in the 'zone" (some very odd kids around in there......) Stockholm arrived in a haze this morning through stunning scenery. The shuttle bus took us to the city centre and I fell a little bit in love with the place. A stroll and a tram (all the public transport is making Seth a very happy boy) took us to Abba and my life was complete. I sang and danced my way round (Ash avoided me), we walked along one of many harbours (delightful) and back to the bus. Ash insisted on a stop at yet another h and m (seriously worried about him) this time for shoes. We played in the lifts for a bit, played in the zone for a bit (got told off for not having Seths shoes) and fed Seth a plate of cheese, fishfinger, melon, jelly and hotdog before our own chinese buffet. Next stop Tallinn


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