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July 15th 2018
Published: July 16th 2018
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Approach to TallinApproach to TallinApproach to Tallin

Old town to the right, part of modern on the left.
Spent just one night in Tallin, which was sufficient. The old town is fairly condensed with encroaching buildings that obscure the view. Folks here are rather different than Scandinavia. Drivers more aggressive, especially the taxi delivering us to our apartment. There is less refinement.

We board another ferry for a hop across the eastern Baltic to Helsinki. Unfortunately Trump and Putin will also be there, creating a traffic nightmare and making our movement more difficult. There seems to be no reason for the meeting, other than assuaging Trump's narcissism. Oh well, we do have a few shots of Tallin for you.

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Got 'em Here TooGot 'em Here Too
Got 'em Here Too

Parked just outside a gate to old town.
One of Two Major GatesOne of Two Major Gates
One of Two Major Gates

We entered old town through this gate. Reference to the gate first occurs in 1362, so its been here awhile.
Great Coastal GateGreat Coastal Gate
Great Coastal Gate

Goods entered the city here through a port just below. This was the most important gate. Tallin was a major player in the medieval Hanseatic League we mentioned in an earlier Bergin post. Rich folks were German, Dane and Swedish, while the labor was provided by locals.
Interior WallInterior Wall
Interior Wall

Section of the interior wall that continues to encircle Old Town. This portion used by folks hawking their likely imported sweaters.
Two Hundred Forty Step ViewTwo Hundred Forty Step View
Two Hundred Forty Step View

Labored up tightly wound tower steps in a church for the view. Soviets used this vantage point to block Finish television from entering the country.
Prision CellPrision Cell
Prision Cell

One of a number of rooms Soviets kept troublemakers before shipping them off to Siberia. They were not nice people.
Town Hall SquareTown Hall Square
Town Hall Square

Large square with town hall in the background. The outdoor restaurants were set up with large television screens to watch the World Cup. Football (no not American football) is hugely important in Europe.
View of Wall and a FewTowersView of Wall and a FewTowers
View of Wall and a FewTowers

Wall and towers are actually cute. Pity not able to see more uncluttered views.

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