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September 4th 2007
Published: September 30th 2017
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Geo: 58.2534, 22.4892I had some trouble sleeping last night - I was coughing and wheezing all night long, and couldn't really breathe. Perhaps my body is breaking down now that I'm 30! Mary Moment #22: Mary screamed in the middle of the night, scaring the crap out of me. And when I started screaming "Mary, what's going on???", she wouldn't answer me. Probably having ... Read Full Entry

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I reached into my bag and totally sliced my finger on this plastic knife. This is our re-enactment. I wasn't too impressed when Mary told me that she should "Cut your dumbass again" to make it more realistic.

Another cider? No! For once, it's a beer - the local brew, Saku. Not bad.

Solyanka - a delicious and hearty soup of tomato, veggies, beef, potatoes, and finished with some sour cream. The only part that wrecked it a bit was the slices of hot dog. The bread was crap.

Mary Moment #23: Mary shaking pepper into her salmon soup. A nice light broth with chunks of fish. The soup was overly peppery after Mary was done with the shaker. She kept commenting on how lovely the shape of the shaker was, and how she was impressed with how hard it stayed. Mary, Mary, Mary ....

Despite being a little dry and tough, this wild boar stew was delicious. The red wine sauce was tasty, as were the mushrooms. The sauce was perfect with the garlic potatoes. Even though they used frozen vegetables in the stew, it surprisingly didn't detract from the overall flavour.

Mary's ribs (more like strips of bacon) served atop fried slices of rye bread, with a yummy mushroom cream sauce. Note that this was ordered from the appetizer section of the menu, yet Mary still couldn't finish it all.

I found this doll to be alluring ... enchanting ... sexy ... almost like she was calling out to me ...

"Touch my boob, please" she beckoned me ... so I did. Again, I wanted no part of a photo like this - but Mary threatened me with that plastic knife from earlier and I had no choice but to comply.

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