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Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Helsingør June 7th 2019

Today we’re taking a trip up the Zealand coast to Helsingør, home of Kromberg castle, setting for Shakespeare’s Hamlet. First, we need to purchase 24 hour travel cards from the ticket machine. The old man requests 2 tickets plus a receipt and the machine issues 2 cards; one ticket and one ticket with a receipt. However, he is convinced he has been issued with one ticket and one receipt. He calls the helpline to complain that he has paid for 2 tickets and only received one. Eventually, a lady who had been waiting patiently in the queue steps in and clears up the confusion. Once we have ascertained that we do, in fact, have 2 tickets, we catch a train to Helsingør and walk along the harbour. There are some nice sculptures, including a thought provoking ... read more
Helsingør station
Helsingør station

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Helsingør July 6th 2018

An interesting day today, Kronborg Castle in Helsingor, aka Hamlet’s Castle at Elsinore. The guide said that Shakespeare was impressed with the 24 course banquets that the King of Denmark, in the mid 1500s, Frederick II, used to hold to show that he was the most powerful king in Scandinavia. It is very imposing, standing as it does on a slight promontory at the narrowest part of the entrance to the Baltic Sea with Sweden just 4 kms over the water. At that time the land across the water was part of Denmark. Frederick made his money charging taxes of shipping that went through the passage. If they didn’t pay he fired cannons and then made them pay for the cannon balls. The cannons you see in the photos still work and are used on ceremonial ... read more
The schedule of live performances
Polonius tries to persuade his daughter Ophelia that she isn’t really in love with Hamlet
The King and Queen discuss Hamlet’s ‘madness’

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Helsingør July 5th 2017

We were up early again for another train mission to the north of Zeeland. However, there was a problem. Well, there were two actually. Firstly, a steady rain was in the air. I checked the forecast. The rain wasn’t in the rules. The usually reliable sources suggested it would be “occasional”. The Other Half forgot to bring her brolley out of the hotel, but I assured her that occasional didn’t mean it would rain all day. I was pretty much wrong on that one! The other problem was the train. The journey from Norreport should have been another easy direct journey straight to Helsingor on the regional train. Alas, the start of the Danish summer school holidays brings engineering works. A bit like home, I thought. I checked the journey planner. The recommended route was now ... read more
Cafe Hyacint
Helsingor Railway Station

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Helsingør July 27th 2016

Gestern bin ich nach dem Fruehstueck zum nahegelegenen Kopenhagener Hauptbahnhof und habe ein Ticket nach Helsingor gekauft. Dort steht das Schloss bzw. die Festung Kronborg, welche laut Lonely Planet zu den besten Sehenswuerdigkeiten des Landes gehoert. Die Attraktionen Kopenhagens selbst hatte ich ja schon beim meinem Besuch im Jahr 2008 weitgehen abgegrast. Das kaufen der Fahrkarte gestaltete sich allerdings etwas schwierig, weil an den Schaltern eine grosse Menge Reisende warteten und die Fahrkartenautomaten weder EC- noch American Express-Kreditkarte noch den 1000 Kronenschein, den ich am Vortag vom Geldwechsler bekommen habe, annahmen. Dafuer bekommt die daenische Eisenbahn den Negativpreis meiner Reise. Ich konnte dann doch noch den grossen Geldschein wechseln und mein Ticket am Automaten bekommen und bin dann nach Helsingor gefahren. Unterwegs habe ich in der Naehe des Kopenhagen... read more

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