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September 11th 2012
Published: September 11th 2012
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Hop on hop off boatHop on hop off boatHop on hop off boat

Touring Copenhagen
We find ourselves quite pleased to be in a city again! From a rather remote location in the northern part of the Shetland Islands, three flights and two transfers later and there you are; the bustling city of Copenhagen. This is one of those cities that has a distinct pulse and is alive with activity.

We look around and all of sudden we notice that everything is quite flat. This bodes well for the plethora of bicyclists who motor around on their faithful steeds, secure as they actually have their own lane to travel here in the heart of the city. As Americans, we have to keep a watchful eye on those bike paths as the pedal pushers will mow you down and move on. As well the bikers need to take care. Our first hour exploring in the city involved a car hitting a girl on a bike and they were waiting for an ambulance as we walked past. We are amazed that no one wears helmets in a city where thousands bike everywhere. Fearless or naive? We will bet you the neurosurgeons stay busy with more than their fair share of cracked melons.

A bit weary of hotels and guesthouses, Dave was able to use a website (airbnb) and find us an apartment to rent for our time here. It is so nice having a little home rather than a room. This is our first foray into renting an apartment and so far so good. The only issue we have is this unit was selected because we were lead to believe there was a washer and dryer in the unit…not so. It is in a grungy little basement and is coin operated but once again we have some clean clothes. For those of you who have been in our position, washing every piece of clothing is like starting anew and it feels good!

When you rent on airbnb, you email with the owner for details after the rental is approved. The owner was not going to be able to meet us with the keys because we were arriving after 11pm. She made arrangements for us to pick up the key from a neighbor. We had a bit of difficulty finding the neighbor but fortunately because it was late we decided to spend the money on a cab. The driver was a real gent and allowed us to use his cell phone to call her and get additional details. Arriving in the dark of night it was difficult to assess the neighborhood but good news…..all is well.

Not having done this before we were not sure what to expect. As it turns out, the apartment we rented is normally occupied by the lady we are renting it from. All of her clothes and personal items are still in the apartment. We must admit we weren’t really expecting that. It feels a little odd for all of her stuff to be here but we have adapted as we always do. She must be staying with a friend or family member while we are here.

If you have used the website before we would love to hear what your experiences have been. We have booked an apartment for next week in Berlin so we are eager to see how the next experience differs from this one.

Our walk into the hub of the city is about 35 minutes—not bad at all. Not to mention that it provides some
Game dayGame dayGame day

soccer fan
reasonably good exercise for us.

Hoofing it provides some interesting stops. Our little domicile was on a route directly to the center of the city and a stop the Copenhagen Museum provides the history of the immigrants that make this city what it is today. They had a wonderful exhibition that gave a snapshot of at least a hundred immigrants and the story of where they originated, why they came to Copenhagen and the positive impact they have made. A second exhibition was concerning the jitterbug, hula-hoops, rock –n- roll and the American influence on Denmark’s teenagers over the decades. It is a small quirky museum, but enjoyable.

And now for some really exciting news: we bought a replacement camera lens! After an hour of considering new versus used, replacing the lens with the same lens or upgrading we decided to get the same lens and used. We believe we will be buying the Nikon D800 in the next year and did not want to invest too much money in this current camera. MJ is simply gushing using the Nikon D90 again. A long lost friend has returned! “Point and shoot” cameras are really quite good these days, but for us it was difficult to go back. We are happy having our Nikon D90 back in service.

Our first day in Copenhagen we had walked several miles and it was time to find refreshments and give our feet a rest. We’d stopped in a couple of places and didn’t care for the menu and we finally ended up at the Rio Bravo Restaurant. Yep partner, here we sat in Copenhagen, sipping fines Danish ales, eating a variety platter of fine Danish cheeses and baguettes all while looking at a bar- restaurant that could be located in Wyoming. They had saddles for seats at the bar just like in Jackson Hole. The irony was not lost on us. You almost felt like rustlin’ some Danish cattle.

We put so many miles on our feet our first day in town that we decided to take the hop on hop off bus on our 2nd day. We bought the boat & bus ticket. We enjoyed the boat phase better than the bus phase but both were nice. We’ve taken hop on hop off buses in more than a few major cities
Have you seen my bike?Have you seen my bike?Have you seen my bike?

Brutus exploring
and have found the commentary in other cities to be far more informative. But, they are a convenient way to learn a bit of history and have transportation around the town. Travel tip # 104: You need to sit on top of these double-decker buses and take it all in. And don’t forget to always stay seated while the bus is in motion or risk losing your head on some tree branch.

The route included all the famous places in this grand city. One of those is the Mermaid. Ok……. let’s talk about the Mermaid. Not impressed. Seriously. You pull up and here is this fairly non descript statue perched on a rock near the water. It’s clear that this is one of those things that has drawn more attention than is necessary in our opinion. This town has some beautiful statues that should garner more attention than the Mermaid. We’ll just stop now. You can come and have a look if you like. We had a similar experience when we visited the re-known “Plymouth Rock” in Massachusetts. You get all worked up and then you see it and think, “is that all there is?”

All in all, a very nice city and we enjoyed the sites and it’s definitely worth a visit. Our time was rather short, but we found the architecture interesting, Christiana is rather quirky section of town (but you would have to expect that given its history of old hippies and a fair amount of drugs), the food is excellent throughout the city and the general vibe is positive.

A note to travelers who have the fortune to meet other people traveling: when we were in Greenland we became friends with Thomas and Susanne who live in Copenhagen. They invited us to dinner in their home and we had a most wonderful evening and feel as though we will continue to be friends. They cooked us a traditional meal of Danish meatballs that were absolutely wonderful. We sipped fine Danish beers and had a marvelous evening getting to know each other better. Thanks again Thomas and Susanne!

We have heard from some of Brutus’s fans and they were wondering what happen to him in the last blog. One friend questioned whether or not he may have been afraid of the Shetland ponies. The truth
Dog in a basketDog in a basketDog in a basket

No reason to walk when my owner is driving me!
is it was very windy and rainy in the Shetlands and we were afraid he might blow away and when we were in pubs or restaurants we simply forgot. Whoops! Brutus has had a wonderful time in Copenhagen. Take our word for it.

We’ve enjoyed meandering the antique shops, pubs and sitting at open-air cafes chatting. We met a couple of really nice ladies from Nashville and we had a wonderful conversation about our up coming elections.

All in all, a very nice but brief stay.

Time moves quickly and now we move on to Berlin……

Additional photos below
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Beautiful CopenhagenBeautiful Copenhagen
Beautiful Copenhagen

near the harbor
Cheers from BrutusCheers from Brutus
Cheers from Brutus

Tuborg Classic
Waterfront barWaterfront bar
Waterfront bar

lots of outdoor dining
Exploring the squareExploring the square
Exploring the square

where to go next?
Thomas and SusanneThomas and Susanne
Thomas and Susanne

Good friends who serve a fine meal!
Danish MeatballsDanish Meatballs
Danish Meatballs

a home cooked meal
Fine Amager AlesFine Amager Ales
Fine Amager Ales

A fun beer tasting

11th September 2012

You can tell by the tone of your tale...that you are having a mighty fine time...yep...mighty fine time
11th September 2012

Life is good.
11th September 2012

roun the world in 80 days
Hello We think it is great that you both are enjoying live traveling. We wish you all the best, we enjoy seeing the places your visiting. stay save. Love Mildred & Hank
11th September 2012

Oh my gosh
It is so good to hear from you. We miss you! Hope all is well. Our travels are going well. We love exploring new places. Not going back to work until January. Please keep in touch.
11th September 2012

Gud vad dejligt :)
Håber att du havde det sjovt i København :) Min danska är faktiskt ganska dåligt, men jag hoppas att ni förstår ändå ;)
11th September 2012

Ok funny man
Looks like I need to find my dictionary. Maybe I'll go to one of those translation web sites. Love it. Good hearing from you again.
11th September 2012

I spent some time living in Copenhagen some years back so read your blog with interest.
Though I have to be honest my jaw drop[ed when reading this: “Point and shoot” cameras are really quite good these days, but let’s face it, if your really going to take some quality shots, a real camera is a must". Yet, having never owned a "real camera" I guess I'll never know.
11th September 2012

Hi Jason,
We've seen some amazing photos on travel blog taken with a point and shoot. I will only speak for myself...and I love a faster camera. I'm not sure if you read our blog where I dropped our D90 and broke the lens. I had been so used to it that camera that I was having trouble readjusting to the point and shoot that we bought. The comment was more of a reflection of my inability to use the point and shoot rather than the camera itself. Re-reading that line I see how it could be interpreted. Your photos are wonderful and I am surprised to hear you use a point and shoot.
11th September 2012

Yummy time as usual!
I always get hungry looking at your photos--you do know how to enjoy a town! AIRbnb seems a great deal for couples, and I have friends who found a great mountain cabin. However, you do need to check the location on google maps. Here in Santiago, those offered in my price range would have required using the expensive metro, so I stayed where I only have to walk 45 minutes to town. Looking forward to Berlin--one of my fave cities.
11th September 2012

Hi Tara,
We've landed in Berlin and it looks like our apartment is in a good location. We are going to buy the three day bus pass. I've never had a strong interest in coming to Berlin and can tell in the few hours we have been here that we are going to love this city. I'm glad that we will be here for a week. Glad you enjoyed the Copenhagen blog. We had a nice time. Glad you enjoy the food photos. Who knows what we will find in Berlin.
11th September 2012

Loved your reaction to Plymouth Rock. When I was a kid we would hang around it and listen to similiar comments from tourists who had driven from Iowa or other distant places. I had the same reactions when visiting The Alamo- especially when learning that most of those who fought were mercenaries from NH, MA, or Germany. Loved your blogs and pics. Carolyn
11th September 2012

Hello Carolyn
So good to hear from you again. Yes, it is funny when we hear about something and then go see it and wonder what the big deal is. At least with Plymouth rock it used to be bigger before people chipped pieces off of it. Agree about the Alamo. Where will your travels take you next?
11th September 2012

I reckon the pedestrians should have to wear helmets in Copenhagen. As for airbnb, we've been using them all over the place. We are actually in a sensational apartment in the old town of Annecy right now. The major issue we find is what you pointed out, communication and having someone to let you in on arrival, particularly as we aren't carrying a phone. However there are so many positive trade offs, most importantly price. Read the reviews carefully and then you should be able to read between the lines of the owners spin. Keep having fun
12th September 2012

Hi Penny and Gary
The one we are in currently in Berlin is excellent. Far better than the one in Copenhagen. I think this is an excellent way to have that home feeling and live in a neighborhood instead of in the middle of the tourist crap. We are very happy with this decision. Thanks for the feedback as we are still very new at this.
11th September 2012

Quite interesting to read about your rental, sight unseen, experience. Asalways, i love the detail that you provide in these blogs. Can anyone tell me if I can email this message to a mutual friend of Merry Jo and mine. I tried. She may not want to sign up for the blog, but she really would enjoy reading this.
12th September 2012

Yes, you can cut and past the address in the bar at the top of the page and send it to her. I will send it to you via email and you can forward it to her.
12th September 2012

If you want to take unreal pictures...
You'll need an 'un'-real camera;-)
12th September 2012

12th September 2012

Trying again
Im not sure if my last comment got through so I'll try again. The pedestrians should be the ones wearing the helmets in Copenhagen as for airbnb, we've been using it extensively all year, in fact we bunked down right now in a magnificent apartment in Annecy for a fraction of the price of equivalent hotels. The prices on this site are the attraction. The downside is what you've already touched on, communication and having someone to actually in when you arrive, particularly if your arrival time is not set in stone, which it rarely is. Make sure to read the reviews so you can read between the lines of the owner's spin.
12th September 2012

Hello again
I assume you received our response but just in case. I appreciate your views on airbnb. The apartment we are currently in Berlin is excellent. Far better than the one in Copenhagen. I think this is an excellent way to have that home feeling and live in a neighborhood instead of in the middle of the tourist crap. We are very happy with this decision. Thanks for the feedback as we are still very new at this. We will continue to utilize this. Much cheaper than hotels. As you say, communication and the key hand off are the bigger issues.
12th September 2012
Beautiful Copenhagen

Following you from Panarea
Here we sit on the Island of Panarea in the Aeolian Islands off of Sicily. Beautiful scenery, people and weather. Not much to see of historical value besides the Archeological Museum in Lipari (on the Island of Lipari) which was very nice. This enforced relaxation is awesome and unusual for us. We go to Sicily on Saturday and will spend the following 10 days seeing all the sights so we'll be on the go and the Island interlude will be just a lovely memory . Always love your posts.....looking forward to Berlin. Sonja
12th September 2012
Beautiful Copenhagen

Hello Sonja
Your climate is a bit warmer than ours. I'm glad you are moving to Sicily soon. That is a place I dream of going and look forward to hearing your impressions. Forced relaxation is a great idea.
9th October 2012

The defenders of the Alamo were NOT Mercenaries
As a Texan who is familiar with the battle of the Alamo I was deeply offended and incensed to see someone state that most of the men who fought in the battle were mercenaries. Whoever told the person who stated this in their comment this untruth, was obviously one of those people who just have to say negative comments even if they are plain untrue or a great distortion. While I am sure some of the men who fought there may have been motivated by hopes of getting land after the war (as were most of the people who came to Texas) they were not mercenaries. Actually there was a former mercenary name Rose who left when given the opportunity by Travis....if the story of drawing the line in the sand is true which may or may not be the case. In any case fact and fiction usually become blurred in historic events. But only a person who believed what they wanted to believe in spite of all evidence to the contrary would make such a statement.
9th October 2012

Hello William,
I'm certain no offense was intended. Always good to hear from you and thanks for sharing this bit of knowledge. The Alamo has a long history.
6th January 2019

Rather a delayed comment, over six years later, lol! Thank you for the inspiration and for whetting my appetite for lovely-looking Copenhagen. I'm excited to visit, and I'll try not to get myself too excited about the Little Mermaid to avoid disappointment...! :)
9th January 2019

A lovely city indeed. Much to offer once you scratch the surface. At first it was not our favorite but it grew on us rather quickly. Oh... yes, the Little Mermaid.... one of those things you must take the time to ponder. ha ha.

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