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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 19th 1997

Day 18 After enjoying two and half weeks of good summer weather, my luck finally ran dry….or wet. It was July 19th and rain pissed down on me the whole day. Before I arose, I enjoyed quietly listening to the sound of the rain hitting the window beside my head as I lay back in my cot. It was rather relaxing…until the familiar clattering of the hoofs upset the serenity. Ox-lady had arrived and she had returned for her daily pound of flesh. "Water, water everywhere, I guess I'll just go drink". Once the gaggle of misfits woke from their drunken slumber, they decided that due to the inclement weather, they would drown their day in a successive series of Prague pints. I, on the other hand, was determined to not have a few drops of ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 18th 1997

Day 17 It was around ten bells when I was awoken by the clattering hoofs of the Ox-lady. Clomp. Clamp. Clomp. Clamp. Hearing the racket rumbling from those disheartening hoofs, instinctively I yanked my sleeping bag as far over my head as possible to block out the awful clamour. Then the ringing of the bell joined in with the symphony of hoof stomps. Immediately, the image of a monstrous beast clad in mud encrusted Kodiak boots and a square cow bell tied round her neck popped into my head. Realizing, none of the other passed out zombies were waking to let her in, I rose to do the deed. Yep. Upon opening the door, my weary eyes were greeted with the sight of the beast coming in to collect her pound of flesh. This scene repeated ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 17th 1997

Day 16 The sun’s rays barely peeked over the horizon when I was already standing in line at the train station waiting to be whisked away to another faraway and exciting place. I was leaving a city that I never really got a chance to explore. Well to be precise, I didn't give myself a chance to explore the city’s historic sites. I went to a museum but that doesn’t really count, as I cannot say I paid much attention to the exhibits. I was more interested in checking out the young girlie who was checking out the exhibits. To be serious, I didn't want to leave but it was just too costly to stay. The obscene prices for accommodations were far too much for me to bear. This was especially true from the fact that ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague June 12th 1997

Can’t remember the real names of the two American guys on tour in Europe. Bill and Ted maybe. Or Jay and Silent Bob. Or Batman and Robin. Doesn’t really matter. Bill and Ted have come to symbolize the essence of budget travel. Backpacking Europe 101. They liked Amsterdam, they like to party “if I know what they mean”. I know what they mean. They would also like to go to Sweden “to chill” for a few days. But now we’re all in Prague. After a day of sightseeing we end up temporary roommates at the nice little hostel. Basically because there is nothing better to do, I join them for dinner. They know a nice restaurant. Nice because the atmosphere and the food is decent. But nice mainly because it’s cheap. Upon receiving the menu, the ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague June 6th 1997

They work in pairs, they are big, and it’s their home court. In other words, no way of screwing them. They hit down on tourists with large backpacks, exiting the Prague subway. Prague is a very nice city. Lots of things to see, lots of things to do. Most locals are very nice. With European standards it’s a cheap city to visit. Still, most people choose not to pay the streetcars, buses, or the subway. The tourists take after the locals and neglect this basic detail as well. That is when the two big guys get you. Just when you think you made it yet another time without paying, they walk up to you with a piece of paper. The text is written in Czech, obviously. The two guys, wearing civil clothes, tell you that this ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague May 3rd 1996

Geo: 50.0878, 14.4205abc... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague June 21st 1991

Geo: 50.0878, 14.4205Shared a cabin on the train from Holland to Czechoslavakia with 2 more people one of who whom was male blonde possibly German or Austrian ( could picture him in lederhosen) seemed a bit pious and knelt down to say his prayers which was a bit unusual. The other had a guitar & you guessed it had an impromtu concert with Kum-by-ah & the Way to Amarillo (I hate this kind of carry on) and all other travellers seemed to love it and were crowding in to the cabin to join in. We hung out in the corridor - where I seem to remember were some pretty gross toilets so early in the journey. Anyway we did get to go to bed only to be woken up in the middle of the night with ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague November 24th 1978

In November 1978 we decided to take a train trip for Thanksgiving weekend to Prague with Milt and Mary, a couple from the base chapel. We took the Friday night train from Frankfurt and crossed the border near Hof. I remember being woken in the middle of the night with the Czech border guards searching under and through the train and having our passports stamped. We arrived in Prague, Czechoslovakia early Saturday morning and took a taxi to our hotel to check in. Then we walked to the Old Town Square to watch the clock strike the hour and all the figures in motion. It was a rainy day, so I had my umbrella tucked under my arm. I accidentally poked a man with the tip and he reacted as if he had been stabbed; before ... read more
View towards St Vitus Cathedral
Bob on the Charles Bridge
Prague from the Charles Bridge

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