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October 4th 2010
Published: October 28th 2010
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Women at workWomen at workWomen at work

Wonder what these women are doing? So do I.

We have been told that when Communism fell in the Czech Republic the buildings in Prague were quite drab and in ill repair. While that is no longer the case for most buildings, renovations, painting and general repairs are continuing on the untouched spots. I was walking with friends near Old Town Square when I saw two women working on an ancient archway. Their ages were quite different and had their hair been the same color I would have thought, oh, a mother and daughter. I watched for several minutes, admiring and appreciating the work that was making another part of Prague more beautiful. I wondered if the white paint they were applying was a sealant over which another type of paint would be added. I also wondered how many coats they would put on before the job was finished.

No, I was not foolish enough to walk under the scaffolding. I knew they were professionals, but ................

Several days later Nancy and I walked down this same street. The white "paint' was gone and the archway looked the same as of old. This puzzled me. My guess is these women were preparing the archway to make

an impression and the white was the inner layer which came off with the impression. This is purely a guess on my part. We will watch and see if any changes are made to this arch later.


29th October 2010

Maybe this was giving them a mold, transfering the design and the whole thing peeled off. I don't know but interesting. Your analysis sounds good to me. Love, Joann

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