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September 23rd 2010
Published: September 27th 2010
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Anything for the cat!Anything for the cat!Anything for the cat!

But smooth legs? Isn't that going a bit far?

We enjoy looking at the posters that line the walls beside the escalators and walls in the subway stations. Many are straight forward and a knowledge of Czech is not necessary. Others are a mystery to us. We noticed that an increasing number of posters mix Czech and English and sometimes just have English as the text. There is one line of posters that caught out attention and given us a good laugh. We are not sure what they are advertising, but does that really matter if we enjoy them?

Note from Nancy- There is one I have seen and Bill has missed. It says something to the effect of "Just what you always wanted, a new drink that tastes just like shoe leather." Actually each one of these that I have seen have made me smile and sometimes have made me just plain giggle with the absurd ideas they present. Lots of fun in the subway!!

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We are not sure about diving into a bowl of soup.We are not sure about diving into a bowl of soup.
We are not sure about diving into a bowl of soup.

But if you are really hungry ...............

27th September 2010

Ah, these are perfect. I can just imagine trying this with our cats OR soup. I was planning on making soup tonight, too...Not sure how refreshing it is to have a big bowl of soup. Sluggish and sloshy, maybe, but not refreshing.
27th September 2010

Nice to hear from you again
Love the poster comments. Glad you are happy.
27th September 2010

Love reading your blog! You are both good writers and photos are great. Thanks for having me on your list. Missed being able to talk Japan with you. I certainly had my share of the mouth tingling spice there and brought some home but honestly, I do not really like it. I miss your faces at HSI but glad you are there. As Always, Teena

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