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April 22nd 2019
Published: April 22nd 2019
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Last time I wrote I was on the train travelling from Poland to the Czech Republic . Having WiFi as one travels is good idea . Fortunately there were no roaming charges involved . It was an easy train ride . Tomorrow it will be a 4 hour journey to Vienna by private vehicles...comfortable vans that we used today . But I am getting ahead of myself.

Thank you for the notes you have sent . It sounds like everyone in enjoying the holidays and the spring weather . I do believe we were 'all real tired of winter . I must admit I have day dreamed a litle about plants showing themselves in my Back yard . I will be into that when I get home but now I am enjoying spring in Eastern Europe. Tulips are nearing their rend , daffodils and hyacinthes are doing okay and there are violets everywhere , some have faced nearly as large as my hand . The trèes flowering are really a weight to see. Magnolias , apples , other fruits , linden , cherries (not as many as Washington) and lilacs as we have moved south . Both sights and smells are a treat.

Prague is an amazing city . Omut , our guide is excellent . As we arrive in a place he gives a history and a walking tour of the core areas pointing out significant places , giving a bit of history and pointing out access points should we choose to explore a particular site further . These walking tours last @3 hours and in the lobby area of our hotel he leaves pages of notes about hours of operation , cost , directions...whatever answers he can think of for questions we might ask . He is good.

PRAGUE , big , beautiful , over the top in some ways and it never seems to end . The Castle , St Vitus and St Nicholas Churches, the Charles Bridge , Old Town , Jewish Town and it's 5 synagogues , Wenseslas Square and Easter Markets each offer a different view of what this city was and I guess it still is. Everywhere one looks there are amazing buildings that have been around for centuries . Turrets , towers , statuary, frescos of all kinds ornate them and they are just ordinary buildings by Prague standards.

Between walking and using the trams I have been able to see a lot . Church on Easter Sunday , an English mass at Our Lady Victorious was packed and after we were able to take a funicullar up the hill to see the city spread out below us . Quite lovely . Then on to the Castle , which had a line up of about 2 blocks to get in . We didn,t have the time to wait. The are masses of tourists here , probably even more due to Easter but we coped.

For me one of the highlights was visiting the Mucha Gallery . What beautiful work he did. !

Today we have spent in a town , which has a UNESCO designation , called Cesky Krumlov which is a well preserved medieval city established in the 1300,s . A delightful place with amazing buildings . I like it

But I am tired and must end . Next stop is Vienna and I need to sleep and rest my feet .

Keep in touch as I begin week 2 of this adventure .


22nd April 2019

Great to read your entries. You capture the travel points well and I hope you keep safe as you jouney along. Muriel
23rd April 2019

Just read the blog
Was surprised when I didn't see a blog from you then found it it was going to my junk mail. Just finished reading all of your entries...great stuff. I'm envious of both Krakow and Prague. have never been to either. You'll enjoy Vienna its beautiful...……………..enjoy...……..Ill keep a look out for your next entry
23rd April 2019

Lovely old city
Sounds as though you could have done with more time in Prague. The castle is a full day including the waits. Views everywhere. More trams await in Vienna. You can do a circle of the city on only two trams...Rest those feet.
23rd April 2019

Jewish Cemetery
I've been to Prague twice and love it. There is a terrific memorial to the Czech resistance fighters and the priest who tried to protect them and it's walking distance from the main area. See it if you can! I've never been to Vienna, and I'm curious if you will have an opportunity to hear wonderful music.
24th April 2019

What wonderful images I imagine! Construction that has lasted hundreds of years, culture and faith. Want to hear more about the eastern European beers, ha ha!
24th April 2019

And this is what you're missing
Grassfires, states of emergency in small towns like Biggar, high winds, dry conditions. Acres of crocuses. More than I've ever seen in one year. Tulips budding. And a forecast of flurries for the weekend. Saturday is Book Awards, and Friday is Little Theatre. Marilyn has given up her ticket, as Ron will be just out of surgery, and she will worry. So I'm taking Joyce Wells instead. Easter bunny found us at the farm. All is well.
25th April 2019

Tour guide
Feel happy for you that you get a good tour guide every time, it makes the trip better! So far, I see a lot of walking, that is so wonderful! Looking forward to next stop.

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