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April 25th 2019
Published: April 25th 2019
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Time really does fly . Our 2 /2 days in Vienna were good . Although it was raining it wasn't particularly cold and I was dressed for it . I really enjoyed the walking tour we did . To fuel up we stopped at the market for lunch first. . I had a great falafel plate with hummus olives and pita. Very tasty . The falafel was moist and had a lot of parsley mixed in . I think k it was even better than Afghan falafel which has potatoes mixed in to kèep them moist ..Our tour lasted close to 3 hours and the guide had many stories to tell . The old town has palaces horses, galleries , museums all housed in incredible buildings ranging in age from the 1300,s Of them all I think St Stevens was the most impressive both inside and out. . A huge gothic structure with 2 towers which one can see from many parts of the city ...if the streets were straight and other buildings did not get in the way .

After the tour I left the group to go and have supper with Stephanie and Florian a young couple I had met in Morocco last year. We had a ,most pleasant èvening together.. I had really ejoyed spending time with them then and we seemed to just pick up where we had left off. Nice people .

Next morning the sun was shining when it was a beautiful day .I was able to see the city from the top off the north tower , accessible buy elevator , and the contrast between the era's of the past and the contemporary was marked. Then we che ked a few places from the previous day and they looked even more magnificent in the sunlight. Give our limited time I chose to do the hop on hop off bus to explore . It is a large city . Between the 2 routes I went to the Albertina gallery and residence. The staterooms were magnificent ant the gallery was showing impressionist including Picasso and and another show featuring Rubens. Loved them both .

The evening was spent at a concert that really wasn,t that good . After the magic of the one we attended in Prague these musicians were techni ians had just seemed to be going through the motions . The cellist was good.

On the way back to the hotel I we entered an amusement area with a delightful Ferris wheel but it was closed for the night . Oh well maybe in Budapest .

Enough for now. Stay in touch


25th April 2019

You are having a nice journey, very busy. A lot to discover.. Spring is slowing coming. I took my bike out last Sunday, it was a beautiful day. I even at a little sun burn, just enough to start a tan. Sadly we also have a lot of rain and water is flooding many areas. We had maybe 6 inches around the cottage. Now we know so noting under the cottage to be damaged. But now it needs to dry. There is still ice on the lake. Maybe you read in the news paper a Green Party is now opposition in PEI, good news. Thank you for the stories on your trip, have fun.
25th April 2019

Tour bus
It seems tour bus is a great idea in Larger cities, I wonder if there is any guide on the bus. Isn’t Vienna the center of music? Enjoy!
25th April 2019

Sounds like a dream trip Pam...culture, beauty and great food at every turn. Envious of your description of spring blooms! You get two springs this year as well 👌. Will keep reading and enjoy the trip through you ...thanks for sharing it.
25th April 2019

Glad you got to the Albertine. You certainly packed in lots in the time that you had. You are certainly an experienced traveller.
25th April 2019

Falafel connoisseur
I love that you can compare and contrast the worlds felafels. My very best was on Koa San Road in Thailand, though I've never had a bad one anywhere. Keep sharing! Love reading your tales.
26th April 2019

We spent a few days there had wonderful Sacra-torte and enjoyed the city and museums. Did you see the Lepizans? We were supposed to go to a concert but I was sick with a terrible cold, my eyes were practically sealed shut. This is where our river cruise ended we spent s few days before going to Prague. Enjoy Budapest it is on my bucket list.

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