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April 19th 2019
Published: April 19th 2019
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The journey from Berlin to Krakow was long . @ 8 hours including stops along the way . Between "Under the influence e " episodes and one "Ideas "The time went quickly . Stops every 2 hours , an interesting countryside , and several wèe naps made it pretty easy . PODCASTS REALLY ARE a good idea when travelling .

The countryside was interesting . The fields were at various stages . Some newly plowed but others seem to have been growing for at least a month ... Not sure what they were. There was a lot of forested land and there were always fences in those areas ..

I saw a deer and I understand there are bears , wolves and foxes that live there as s well .

The roads are very good . Mostly toll roads . In one section they were renewing one side . There was large chunks of concrete piled where it had been dug and working slowly a machine moved grinding it up and depositing it in the road bed . Recycling is a wonderful thing . There were many windmills for power and in many area I saw several fields of solar panels . This morning it was nuclear power plants.

It was cold when we are as in Krakow but Omut , 9our guide took us on a walking tour around the city walls and into the main square where one finds St Mary,,s Cathedral , the Cloth House and City Hall Tower. These buildings are centuries old and quite ,magnificent. . Built of brick with wonderful arcades and arches they are eextremely proud buildings . The market square here is the largest in Europe. My first meal in Poland started with saurtkraut soup , interesting flavour, followed by lamb perogies with a mushroom sauce . Of course I washed it down with a beer ...A wheat beer that was good.

Day 2 we wandered in the old city and in and around the Wawel complex. A castle , a church with many chapels tacked on by different kings. The grounds were worth the visit . Wonderful magnolia trees were in bloom as were beds of tulips , daffodils , hyacinthes and p ansies.

At 11am we went out to Auschwitz-Birkenau . It is over an hour outside of the city ...far enough in the countryside that people wouldn't come upon it accidentally . It had been a Polish Army Camp and was quite handsome . Many barracks built of red brick all looking lovely . I am not sure how many soldiers lived in them but when it a camp for prisoners there were700 people in each. . Until 1942 it held prisoners of war from Poland along with Roma , and other ethnic groups . They were used as labour I the Farber factory ...untilthey died . The JEWISH prisoners did not start arrivi g u til 1942 and they arrived from all over Europe. That is when they built Berkinau and became extermination camps . What was done to those who arrived there is beyond belief.

It was hard to reconcile the beauty of that setting today with the horrors that happened in those buildings .

One of the women in the group spoke of a book "The Tattooist of Auschwitz " which I will have to read at home

That evening I was able to go to a concert by the Krakow Chamber Orchestra in StPeter an Paul Church . An amazing group of musician's playing classics of Chopin , Vivaldi , Saint Saen , ...a great evening.

Day three I dedicated to Jewish Krakow . That quarter has lived through many I incarnations. Our guide was very knowledgeable and happy to share that knowledge.

Later that afternoon we made a journey out to a salt mine . In stages we went down 400 steps and at each level we found statuary and exhibits of miners at work . It was interesting and fortunately there was an elevator up but I think it was overpriced . It is the Easter holiday season and Omut says prices are higher . Oh well.

Enough for now . I am surprised no one commented on the last post . Do keep in touch .


19th April 2019

How interesting! Many beautiful and difficult things to see. I love Saskatchewan, but a few magnolias and blooming things at this time of year would be lovely. Yesterday was about 18C, sunny and a perfect start to the Easter weekend. People were out and about enjoying the outdoors. Happy Easter! I am surprised my comment on your Berlin post "doesn't count"!
20th April 2019

I hope that you get some warmth soon. I am glad that Kraków is giving you lots to see and do. The square sounds magnificent. Happy Easter.
20th April 2019

Hi, I did post last time. Somehow it didn't get to you. But, maybe this one will. Your adventure sounds full of lots of interesting sights, sounds, tastes, etc. Not sure if I would like to read about the tattooist of Auschwitz. Probably a bit too morbid. We are doing as much socializing as possible. Two appointments today.One late one, so will catch a bit of Vietnamese supper somewhere. Chili and cornbread last eve at Colleen's, with friends, brunch tomorrow with sister and her family. Will probably get together this week for Jayne's b'day.We were there for supper and dominoes last Sunday. Joyce and Pete are arriving back today, so hopefully we will see them shortly. TTFN
22nd April 2019

Happy Easter
Sounds wonderful, Pam. One day I'll make it to Poland.
23rd April 2019

Train Berlin to Krakow?
Were you going by train or coach from Berlin to Krakow? Either is a wonderful way to see the country. It sounds like a wonderful trip. I spent Easter Sunday with my family and Easter dinner which I helped my Mom prepare. She says she just can't do it by herself anymore, and I'm happy to help and learn. She boiled the ham! I would never have thought of doing that. Linda Harlos and I very much enjoyed Krakow - the food was wonderful and we saw so much. There's a great art gallery, just outside that huge green space. But you may not have had time to do that, as it sounds like you saw all the major "attractions". If you can call Auchwicz an attraction!
25th April 2019

It’s such a windy day here, made it feels good to read your journey, I would like to try the wheat beer when I am there! Gotta see some pictures when you come back!

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