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June 15th 2015
Published: June 17th 2015
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Dubrovnik Heaven on Earth – according to George Bernard Shaw in 1929.

Croatia has most of the western coastline of the Adriatic Sea. Croatia’s coastline extends from the north east of Italy and Slovenia (north east of Venice) to Montenegro towards Greece –

Except for a few kilometres where Bosnia Herzegovina has a tiny bit of coastline.

So on the drive south east from Split to Dubrovnik, we were stopped twice at border crossings.

At each border there are two check points- one operated by the country from which we were departing and the second for the country we are now entering. However on the day we got there, only one of the two stations was manned at each check point.

It was disappointing to not get any stamps in our passports at either crossing. As we approached both check points, vehicles in front of us had been stopped for some time – making the time queuing to get through lengthy. Perhaps the border guards were onto some illegals. But when our turn came we were waved through by the first without even looking at our passports and the second glanced only briefly.

Where Rijeka and Split are service centres, Dubrovnik is more of a resort city.

All Dubrovnik’s systems are geared for tourists.

From the busy cruise ship terminal to the city’s bus system – it’s all centred around moving, accommodating, feeding and entertaining tourists.

Dubrovnik has been doing this for a long time. In 1929 ( when the world’s money system was at the peak of a zenith before a big crash) George Bernard Shaw said “If you want to see heaven on earth come to Dubrovnik”

Well lots of English still do. And British are the most numerous of visitors

Around 20,000 Brits a month visit Dubrovnik a month in peak season.

Aussies are fifth after Norwegians Yanks and Swedes. We are ahead of the French on this score – but I am not sure if we are counted as French or Australians. No one will easily believe that a non French person would sit behind the wheel of a French vehicle.

At the camp ground we are at we were put in amongst the British.

The arrival of a French number plate amongst a little British enclave in a German dominated park had the pommies scurrying for cover. Only when I hoisted the Boxing Kangaroo did they re- emerge from the bomb shelters.

A local tourist guide suggests various activities. But then adds – “ please don’t do this in the middle of the day.......” It’s quite hot here and obviously the Croatians have observed something about mad dogs and Englishmen.


I have updated this entry with some more photos

A truly spectacular sight this place- Dubrovnik

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