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June 14th 2015
Published: June 17th 2015
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Rough Road Ahead LEADS TO AN ANCIENT GEM – Off the beaten track

We were looking for a place to camp.

We fed "James the GPS" with the ASCI book coordinates and shuddered. Already James has led us in the wrong direction, up a walking track, or to non existent locations enough times for us to doubt James’ commands. Another problem James has that he can not count. Often he will direct to take 2nd or 5th turn off a roundabout when in fact its the 1st or 3rd that is required. I now generally disregard his roundabout messages and read the road signs instead.

James loves to announce at the end of a trip that “ You have reached your destination ” with a rising inflection on the last two syllables.

So late in the day - here is James - perched on the windscreen and a bird’s eye view of the road ahead and relaying messages to satellites in the sky - when he begins a final count down.

“ Left turn ahead” Proclaims James

Maybe - I wonder if that’s true – Doesn’t quite make sense to me.

Then - “ In 200 meters. Sharp left turn” in a voice that says this is a last warning.

I cant see it happening – a left turn here might not be possible – I can already see it will not be easy. At very least I will need to straddle into the incoming traffic to make the turn - Its looking very tight.

Then about 40 meters before where I thought the intersection would be James calls “ Left Turn – and in 400 meters You have reached your destination “

“Bugger you James” I say

Firstly - There is no way I am going up that goat track, and

Secondly – that turn is impossibly tight, and

Thirdly - the left turn 40 meters along the road looks like it makes more sense, even though its vert tight and I am not sure if its correct.

Well as it turned out - James was wrong.

The correct command would have been to turn RIGHT not LEFT.

But above is a picture of the road James wanted us to take. It is a road. That's an old bus stop in the lower left of the picture.

Sure - it is wide enough to drive on- but some foliage might have to be bent back to allow Skippy to pass.

But then at the top it gets very bumpy up the last pinch.

Maybe Skippy can hop up the stairs.


I took a walk up the track the morning after we found the campgrounds.

And found this little church.

By the inscription erected 9/10 of a century ago this little church has been in operation since the year 925 AD.

The church building is tiny.

I took a photo through the slats in the door.

Outside there is a gravel paved area with a large tree. It appears that most of the congregation would be outside under or around the tree during services.

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