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Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Mljet September 27th 2018

The island of Mljet is about 1h30 ferry away from Dubrovnik. At this time of the year there is not so many option concerning the schedule. So, in order to have time to enjoy the National Park, we decided to spend one night on the island. The ferry took us to Polace, where we rented bikes to go to the main Lake. It is rather a steep ascent but I managed on low gear so I guess everyone can also manage. The descent on the other side is easier! But steep to climb on the way back. However, views from the top are stunning. Our B&B was in Babin kucé and turned out to be a perfect location to explore from. On our first afternoon, we took the small boat from Pristaniste to the small island ... read more
in the boat
Mljet National Park map with reliefs
Park entrance

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Mljet November 10th 2017

Seems that returning to places isn’t such a bad option after all. Especially after ten years when I recognised remarkably little. This realisation is a good thing as it’s getting increasingly tricky, and expensive, to keep going somewhere new. I’m not one for repeatedly visiting the same place. I know people who return over and over to the same Greek island because they absolutely love it and others who have worked their way along almost every kilometre of the Croatian coast because they love Croatia. It’s not that I’ve never fallen in love with a place, it’s just that I would be concerned that there could be somewhere else I’m going to fall in love with too and by going back somewhere I’ve previously been I may miss out on the new one. So reluctantly I ... read more
Dubrovnik Old Town
The view towards the mainland from the western end of Mljet
Dubrovnik from Lokrum Island

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Mljet July 30th 2017

On Sunday morning, we got up early and left our camping at 7AM to get to Croatia. We were just in time, with only half an hour waiting at the borders where we could see the lines grow longer and longer. When we passed them, entering Croatia, our estimation was that people entering Montenegro would have to wait 2 hours in the queue to exist Croatia and at least 2 more hours to enter Montenegro... So we were pretty lucky with our half hour of delay. Thanks to this, we made it just in time to the ferry in Prapratno to get to Mljet. On our way we passed but Dubrovnik and it looked lovely but everyone we met told us better not to stop there since the tourists there are excruciating. Mljet is an island ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Mljet July 7th 2017

Another great swim stop! The current was much stronger in this area as you could feel the cold and warm currents pushing you around the water. It's still amazing how much the salt water just lets you float pretty much effortlessly. Fun, nonetheless!... read more
Swim Stop!
Swim Stop!
Swim Stop!

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Mljet July 7th 2017

A stop on Mljet for a trip to the Mljet National Park in Pomena to see the two salt water lakes. A quick stop to take a dip and venture into the monastery on a small island at the larger lake. You can't swim in view of the monastery but there were some great spots on the back of the island to cool off. 🌴 The scenary wherever we've ventured this trip has just been amazing. The locals have been great and always helpful when you're looking for the way to go or a good place to eat. We found a great restaurant around the harbor from the ship that had amazing food! So glad I like lobster! ... read more
Map of Mljet
View of Small Lake
An Ivo Talk...

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Mljet June 10th 2013

Mljet is another island off the coast of southern Croatia. This island is covered with forests with a few fields and vineyards scattered throughout. Mljet is known for its underwater sea life and its wine and cheese. While here, I will learn about how the vineyard business is essential to this island. I will also snorkel alog the coast to see the sea life.... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Mljet August 15th 2011

“Oh no, they’re French, they’ll smoke, and that means after a beer, or seven, so will I.” That was my response to Michelle informing me that we (she) had agreed to have a communally cooked dinner that evening with a French woman (Marie) and her partner Simon. She had just met Marie outside the unisex shower block at the bottom of the rustic camp site we had pitched at on the island of Mljet. Little did we know that this chance meeting would be the start of a brilliant three days spent as a group of four on the stunning and remote Dalmatian Island. That morning Ante, from our guesthouse in Dubrovnik, had kindly dropped us at the ferry port via a camping shop to get Butane for our stove. After queuing for an hour with ... read more
Ropa Cove
Josh, Marie, Simon

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Mljet July 31st 2011

Today we all had a sleep in after being out relatively late last night! Some muuuuch later than otehrs! El and I piked early at 1am feeling our age! And got a really decent sleep which was good times! We got up in time for a really good brunch on board at 11am! the we got ready for our really busy day of lying in the sun!! So we headed up on top of the boat, El and I claimed a deck chair which was amazing and we literally just lay in the sun and slept and listened to music for an hour or so then jumped in the water off the boat and swam for about 45mins and then headed back ontop of the boat to our posies again! Life is so tough I tell ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Mljet January 10th 2011

Saturday (28/8/2010) Our host dropped us down to the Port and pointed us in the direction of the passenger ferry, (as it turned out it was quicker and cheaper than the car ferry). We joined the growing queue happy not to be one of the late ones turned away and got a couple one way tickets to the Island of Mljet (as recommended by KB and Sas). We arrived at Mljet a couple hours later and took one of the local touts offers of a cheap apartment just 500m from the port. We got lunch supplies whilst the prepared our apartment and enjoyed our salad rolls in the sun of our balcony. Afterward's we hired some bikes and set off into the National Park to Mljet's famous lakes. After a steep climb and a couple consultations ... read more
Catching some rays
Photo stop
View from the top of  killer hill

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Mljet May 4th 2008

Nothing cures a hangover like a swim, it’s even better when it’s in the Adriatic sae between some beautiful Dalmatian islands. It was a tad ‘fresh’ but after a while you became acclimatised or numb, one of the two. We quickly learnt that it was great fun to jump off the roof of the ship and plunge into the sea, Scott was bombing in on his back, getting some good splash height, I think if I had tried I would have belly flopped and bought up last nights dinner for fish food. Maria and Josh, a Canadian couple, had a great underwater camera so were able to take photos of people jumping in and shots of us being idiots underwater. (I pinched some of your photos from facebook, thanks guys ). Once back on board it ... read more
Mljet - Midnight swim
Mljet - National park lake
Mljet - Sunset

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