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Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Korcula September 24th 2019

Loud thunderstorms and rain overnight so was wondering what the day might bring when I woke up. So a leisurely rise for breakfast by the water. The sun is shimmering on the water like glistening diamonds. A lot of catamarans has docked in the bay for the night as well. Teeth brushed, hat on and I head down to the small wharf to get an early water taxi. I went to walk it yesterday (a short 10-15 minute walk I was told- not so!) but there were no footpaths and cars and buses so I decided ‘when in Korcula do as the Korculans do’ go by water transport. Everything happens on the water in Croatia. So a ‘mind the gap’ leap to board the water taxi. A few minutes out we stopped alongside a catamaran to ... read more
Approaching the Old Town
A reflective nook
The Old Town

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Korcula September 23rd 2019

Today began with a transfer to Korcula Island for a couple of days. I woke up to a rainy day and to be honest, not being a ‘boaty’ person I wasn’t looking forward to a 2 + hours trip on the water. But the universe was looking after me. I ‘hitched’ a seat on a day trip to Korcula with the organisers of my transfers in Croatia so had a wonderful 3 hour road trip through those huge foreboding Rocky Mountains that seem to hug Croatia wherever you are. We stopped at Ston for a break and wander in the rain- quite wet but not enough to spoil my time there. The Walls of Ston are a series of defensive stone walls from Pirates, originally more than 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) long, that surrounded and protected the ... read more
Ston, Croatia-defensive wall 14C
Ston, Croatia
Ston, Croatia

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Korcula October 3rd 2018

Happy birthday Julie ❤️ No plans today so woke when I woke and went down to breakfast around 9:30. After breakfast I decided to walk along the coast until I could find a nice beach and just hang out. The weather was very pleasant today, sunny and warm without any humidity. I walked past many interesting little spots that looked tempting to dive into - the water was crystal clear, blue green and inviting! This part of the world had the cleanest water of anywhere. I ended up walking about 4kms when I decided to stop at a little beach bar called Korcula Hill Beach Club but there was no one there and it was shut. I made myself comfortable on the 'sand' (which was in fact little stones) and enjoyed laying in the sun for ... read more
The view along my walk
Looking back towards Korcula town
My beach spot

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Korcula October 2nd 2018

This morning was spent packing up and getting my bag out my door before 8:15, after which I headed downstairs for a quick breakfast as we needed to be on the bus by 8:45am. We then drive to Split to wait in line at the ferry terminal. Kim and I did a quick walk to find some coffee - which we did but I'm not sure it was worth the walk! We had to go inside a bar, which was filled with smoke, to get the coffee. We couldn't get out of there quick enough and both felt like we had actually just smoked a cigarette haha. Our bus drove onto the ferry whilst we all walked in board and found an area we could hang out together. It was a pretty old ferry so no ... read more
Entry into the old town of Korcula
The alleged home of Marco Polo
Streets in the old town of Korcula

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Korcula July 7th 2017

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Korcula July 7th 2017

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Korcula July 7th 2017

We had a group dinner tonight in a small village in Zrnovo. Wonderful friends, food, history, wine. What could be better!... read more
Grape vines at the restaurant
Views from the village
More Views

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Korcula July 7th 2016

I was now on my way to Croatia. From Rimini, I had to catch a train down to Ancona from where I then had to catch a ferry to Split - the same ferry that I had caught in the other direction nine years ago. Walking the one kilometre or so from the train station to the port, I did see a sign for "check-in" but for some reason didn't think that it applied to me. You'd have the check-in close to where you board the ferry, right? Not seeing an office for Jadrolinija anywhere, I then stopped in at a tourist information office where I was then told that I had to walk back a kilometre in the hot sun to where I had seen that sign. Luckily there was a free bus just passing ... read more
Korcula Town
St Stephen's Square, Hvar
Town Walls, Korcula

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Korcula July 10th 2015

À 175 kilomètres à l'ouest de Dubrovnik, il faut compter un peu plus de 3 heures pour rejoindre l'île de Korčula. Vous me direz que c'est un peu long pour parcourir une si courte distance... Détrompez-vous! Le temps défile très vite à travers ce paysage époustouflant! D'un côté, les Alpes dinariques avant qu'elles ne deviennent les Balkans plus à l'est, et de l'autre, l'éternel bleu marine de l'Adriatique perlée de centaines d'îles dont plusieurs sont inhabitées. Une seule route longe la péninsule, large pour deux voitures par endroits. Elle est parfois vertigineuse, parfois en épingles à cheveux, perchée au bord d'un précipice qui n'est protégé que par une simple barre de métal en guise de parapet... Mais on ne ferme pas les yeux...on fait confiance au chauffeur qui lui garde non seulement les siens sur la ... read more
L'église Saint-Pierre
Les dégradés bleus
Sur les hauteurs, l'église des dominicains

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Korcula July 12th 2014

The island of Korcula is one of the greenest islands in the Adriatic Sea, with abundant vineyards and olive groves. Its southern coast is formed by small beaches and quiet coves. The Greeks, called the island Korkyra. What to see? Korcula town, Blato, Vela Luka, Smokvica... read more

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