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October 3rd 2018
Published: October 5th 2018
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Happy birthday Julie ❤️

No plans today so woke when I woke and went down to breakfast around 9:30. After breakfast I decided to walk along the coast until I could find a nice beach and just hang out. The weather was very pleasant today, sunny and warm without any humidity. I walked past many interesting little spots that looked tempting to dive into - the water was crystal clear, blue green and inviting! This part of the world had the cleanest water of anywhere. I ended up walking about 4kms when I decided to stop at a little beach bar called Korcula Hill Beach Club but there was no one there and it was shut. I made myself comfortable on the 'sand' (which was in fact little stones) and enjoyed laying in the sun for a while. But it felt weird, being on my own and I kept checking around me to see if anyone else was around. At one point I saw a couple swim from around the point, into the bay I was on so I decided to pack up and walk around the point to see what was there. There was a nice spot with bean bags on the beach that also had a little restaurant/bar set up which was open. There were only about 6 other people around but I felt more comfortable there. I asked how much it would cost to hire a bean bag and they said as long as I had lunch there it was free. I was happy with this arrangement and said I would go for a swim and then have lunch. I settled in for a while on the comfortable bean bag and once I felt pretty hot, I decided to go in for a swim. The water was quite cool and refreshing and it took me a little while to get fully in but once I did it was beautiful. I swam for quite a while and enjoyed the serenity of this place. I imagine it would be choatic in the summer so it was really lovely to be sharing this with only about 6 other people.

Around 2pm I thought I would get something to eat so i headed up to the restaurant and sat down, but no one came to serve me so I headed up the stairs. I saw the lady who worked there and asked if I could order some lunch now. She advised me that it wasn't possible as they had "a problem with the kitchen". ? I kept asking her if there was anything they could make, anything cold even and the answer was still no. She said someone was working on it but they didn't have any idea when it would be fixed. They didn't even have a packet of chips she could sell me but they did have wine! I ordered a glass of rosé so at least I has something and then I contemplated what I would do next. After the drink I asked her if there was anywhere else around that might have food and she said "maybe next door"". I went for a walk but there wasn't anything open. By this time I was getting pretty hungry so I decided to pack up and walk back into the old town of Korcula, keeping an eye out for anything open along the way. There wasn't. I'm the end I wandered around the old town and found a really lovely Asian place on the water that did an amazing crispy squid salad which was perfect! It was sometime after 3 when I had this and I don't know if it was just because I was hungry but it was sensational!

Once I was fed, I wandered around the old town before heading back to the hotel to rest and freshen up, as I was meeting Kim & Don at 6pm for happy hour and then dinner. It was surprisingly windy when I met them out the front of the hotel but we sat there and had a drink. We were joined by Robyn & John and the five of us then headed into the old town for dinner. We had been recommended a restaurant by the name of Marco Polo and after a bit of fun with the map, we eventually found it. We were lucky enough to get a table in the laneway and ordered some drinks. I decided to have the macaroni with meat, as I had really enjoyed that the previous evening. There restaurant was really busy, even though it isn't overly big but the two wait staff were run off their feet and the kitchen was tiny. Unfortunately this meant we waited ages for our meals! But we had fun chatting and drinking the wine we had ordered while we waited. We finally got our meals at around 8:30 and ate them pretty quickly! I felt sorry for the group of people on the table next to us, who only arrived about 10 minutes after we did, as they didn't get their meals until after 9pm! After dinner we walked along the waterfront back to our hotel. We were going to have a drink somewhere but it was way to windy to sit outside so we headed back to the comfort of the hotel.


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