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31st August 2018

Those Irish Bees!
How dare a bee sting you? Don’t Irish bees know the rules? Remember when you used to pat bees?
From Blog: A day in Galway
1st September 2018

Irish bees!
I know right! I have always been kind to bees 🐝
From Blog: A day in Galway
24th August 2018

Hi CB! I’ve particularly enjoyed reading about this part of Norway— on my list of must dos, maybe in 2019. Hope you get your new card, CC
24th August 2018

Thanks CC!
New card arrived yesterday. Brid's wedding was spectacular and we are now recovering from the 4am finish. A beautiful bride. Photos will come soon X
27th July 2018

Enjoy the cruise Cath. Swans are not the same without your support.
28th July 2018

Thanks Dan!
Hmmmm - I noticed. It's a slippery slope from here ....
27th June 2018

Hey Cath did u get tempted to look up Joe and Shabbir and the Nordea crew in Copenhagen to suss out jobs?
28th June 2018

Looking for work?
Not likely! I did think about contacting some of the gang but I was there on the midsummer long weekend and I suspect everyone would have been away taking advantage of the long weekend.
18th June 2018

So, what was the final weigh in (for luggage, not you!) and shoe count?
From Blog: Departure Day
17th June 2018

Hey Cathy, I look forward to sharing your adventures. Travel safe and have an amazing time. Xxx
From Blog: Departure Day

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