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August 12th 2008
Published: August 12th 2008
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I think we have just headed through paradise for the last nine dazys! Croatia is simply an amazing place to go and relax and have a good party!
Our first stop was Split on the coast and after the worst 18 hour train trip from Budapest we were very glad to arrive on the coast. We only spent one night there in Split though and kept a low profile since was very tired from the train and our time in Budapest was very hectic and was rushing around so not much happened. Pretty much though we headed to the beach right up and hit the best waters I have ever come across! Sooo warm and clear we could beleive it! If only Tassie waters were the same!
One thing that I forgot to warm Crazy man about was the sea urchins that are all around the coast, so he trodded off into the waters and they look trhe same as the ones back home so he didnt worry about them at all.. Well I soon headed in after and saw them myself and just remembered that they are really bad if you get them on your feet so when I got out to him I said 'be careful of the urchins mate they are pretty bad' then he lifted up his foot and said ' what these' and he had four of them sticking out the side of his foot. Ahhh it was a great joke until the next day when he could hardly walk and hopping around.

Our next stop was Hvar Island which is just a massive party place (along with the rest) and the old city is amazing and somehow we managed to get a place right in the heart of it.. We were a little worried about finding a place to stay but when we got there a little old lady came up to us a tried to get us to stay with here for the two nights we had there, it is the norm on the Islands for this to happen and makes life lots easier for us very unorganised travelers! But it is a surprise what you will end up with and we scored the great with this place! Hvar Island is beach during the day for the whole day, a little exploring the old city and then heading out pretty much. It is unbeleivable cheap as well on these Islands and that is why it is getting more popular than the Greek Islands now. Most people that have been to both prefer the Croatian Islands cause it is not completly touristy yet so therefor still cheapish, well for two liters of beer we were paying 3 Aus Bucks so not complaining!

Next Island was Korcula a little further south and pretty much the same as Hvar but no way near a busy. I went to the most random concert here in Korcula, we could hear alot of noise in the distance so went a checked it out and turned out to be a really popular band there in Croatia called 'Thompson' and it was packed! So I thought bugger it and got a ticked and headed in and had know idea what was going on! It was packed to the rafters and right on the beach as well, yound kids at the age od 10 to 12 in mosh along with people at the age of 70. It was a great night even though I had know idea what they were singing most of the time until a couple of Metalica covers were played. We meet an Aussie guy on a yacht as well here, Crazy noticed the boxing kangeroo flag on a yacht and I was swimming around and he popped his head out and said g'day mate and next thing we were up there with him having a few drinks! An absolute champ he is! We were on there for a few hours having some carrying on befor his wife came back from doing the shopping, hopfully we will be meeting up with him again sometime and going for a sail.

Our last stop and this place is right up there with my fav places I have ever been to is Dubrovnik in the south of Croatia. It is absolutly amazing this city.. The old town has a massive wall around it right on the Med and cant be beaten! The insides is like a rabbit warren with littlepaths leading everywhich way and the old Roman buliding inside are awsome! Glad we had three nights here in this place to have a real good look and get a feel for the place. Beaches were amazing as well but the best one we found was one hidden away in the old part of town where there is hole in the wall. From there you head down some stairs to a bar and there are flat rocks all alond plus places that we could climb up to and jump off. That was good fun of course!! But yeah it is a great city but getting so touristy now and the main area was jamed packed with people! The night life here though is crazy, never seem anything like it! We were walking in the old city at 8am and at some beaches there were still around 300 odd people partying on! Just nuts it is!

So now we are in Bosnia for a couple of days before heading more north into Serbia for another two days and back into Serbia if I am allowed but I will mention about that another time haha

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