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August 18th 2008
Published: August 18th 2008
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A little update since we only had two days in this place before we moved onto Belgrade.. Well we wish we had stayed longer in Sarajevo even though it is only a tiny city for the capital of a country.
The bus trip from Dubrovnik was spectular going over mountains, along cliffs and into deep valleys but the best part of the trip was the stop over we made along the way. We have not really been eating any meat when travelling since it is eith to expensive or to hard to find a place to cook but in Bosnia it is the best! This place we stopped at had 12 spit roasts on the go and some how we managed to get a massive roll of meat each and it was the best! Just imagine not eating meat for so long when you are normally used to it and finding this gem of a place, we were in heaven! We ended up getting a couple of these rolls for the trip and the locals though we were quite funny getting stuck into these rolls!
Well we had a good look around Sarajevo and it is qutie easy to see the hard times they have been though since walking down every street there and bullet and morter holes in every wall near about and some were as large as us. The city really had no hope either when they were under attack, when in the city you look around and there are just hills on each side so they were jusy sitting up there bombing down on them as much as they liked. We meet on the bus there people they fled the country and went to the states and were visiting family, well the remains as they said and there were a lot from Nowray visiting since Norway accepted the refugees and then let them all stay. They all said they would never move back either which seemed a shame cause it is a nice city, the people that stayed through the war will talk about it to us and they were so nice.
The old town of Sarajevo is fantastic and I think it is going to be added to the world heritage list latter this year and I think all the food should also! It is so cheap to eat out there and any veg would find it hard to get a meal! This is how good the local meat and burgers are, Maccas didn't even survive here! Now that is saying something!
So thats all for Bosnia and we are now onto Serbia...

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The best bus stop on the whole trip!!

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