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May 14th 2009
Published: May 14th 2009
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Well not quite but working up to settling all outstanding debts and problems so i hope to have a reasonably OK trip to Cornwall.Car had a full service and now only requires 3 tyres(waiting till found).Insurance payment for outside Bulg( relay etc insur for 30 days) to be paid next.Rental continues smoothly,tho at the mild nuisance value of watching Man U games- yugh! Small price to pay for money which as expected more than covers elect and water at both properties.Elect is at last up to date and hopefully will be easier to cope with.They have started to read it each month at long last. So things running smoothly for once although repair to culvert and bridge has meant lengthy diversions through the village after the recent heavy storms and resultant mud, en route round repair. the only downside to things was the sudden death of sianka.It might have been different if he had been at mine away from intrusive hens and particularly sheep.Belief is from Anna and Brian that looking at the resulting corpse it was almost certainly from tick fever ,They have had 2 dogs die from it in Africa and the symptoms coupled with loss of flesh from back end is pretty typical.Wish I'd got ticks off earlier and/or he was at mine.Still no guarantee of success as i have to remove one or two ticks from Bottie and Koochie every other day! A certain downside to life in the country where ticks and sheep are many.Brian has even had to remove ticks off him and Anna,as well as the dogs , from exercising them in the woods. So a hard lesson to learn but at least his last day was being held and helped by me and not suffering for any longer than he had to. So as said I'm now on the run down to the holidays.!!
Speak from UK next.Supergran


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