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June 5th 2009
Published: June 5th 2009
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Well not only did the car give no trouble I got to cornwall in double quick time(14 hours early).Despite the diversion(Romania would you believe) which having sent you on they conveniently decided not to issue further signs and took me 2 hours with the aid of my map to complete, I had managed to bypass the scene of all my troubles last year!Not! After a lengthier road session I ended up at the desired town and confidently proceeded on my way.First feelings of discomfort came with a road stop cafe by an electronic warning statement,that looked exactly the same as where i had eaten with the taximan after securing the replacement tyre!Hoping it was coincidence I drove on until I recognised the next village name and especially the pub right on a rt angle corner.At this point I realised my (planned) diversion had been in vain.At least when the treachorous mountain stage arrived,following spotting where I'd come off ,they had completed those road works(sigh,sigh). About a mile further I realised that the sigh of relief had come too soon and they were now doing the same kind of job(sorry-did I say doing-no they were seated or leaning on shovels)with the upper mountain pass. Many lorries were still using the route and the road surface was scraped in places and traffic lights again in operation. So what's new Romania. That and the unsigned diversion were all Romania could throw at me this time.
The only other hiccup was on the leg from Munich to Koln. On the map the Koln road I wanted appeared to come from the center of the town but in real life neither roads juxtaposition or signs confirmed my assumption.However I could take the E6 and get off at one of 2 towns to travel cross country to the road further up.I chose the first and confidntly exited the slip road not into the town but onto the E5(adjacent).Nothing for it but to continue on that and turn for the town.Having done this once again I could not see the road I needed,but set off on the one ,seemingly in the right juxtaposition ,only signed to somewhere not on the map.Trying to find out if I was right by asking 3 different people none of whom had heard of it,i got lucky with a local(also a driver) who explained that i would have to get to E6 again and go north (back towards Stuttgart) where I had come from.On the way to the second alternetive town i got a sign for a turning to the village I wanted and now back on my route, completed the rest without incident.Despite these hiccups as I said I was still 14 hrs in front of boat time but was able to get the 10o'clock sailing and arrived in Dover 11 pm GB time. I had slept on the boat following an early double whisky and coffee,but still felt I needed more sleeep so took the M20 as far as the Maidstone services.
I downed one large coffee and returned for a second(leaving my keys on the counter(which showed how fraught I was by that time )and then went back for a third.These cost nothing as i was entitled to free refils.!! Things were now looking up and I completed my abloutions in the toilets before downing my pills and a stiff whisky( from the supplies,)knowing I did not need to rush on next am. I woke about 5.30 and decided to wash,brush teeth and get back out on the road.The night before I had worked out a revised route to the south coast which worked really well. To cut a long story short when it was mid morning i rang Paula to see if it would be akward to come straight there.luckily she was just attending to jobs around the place and so I have had a good 3 days here.Thanks Paula.Tomorrow I move to redruth to stay with other friends and meet up with Brett and kathy.,so more later.Bye,bye Supergran.


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