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April 23rd 2009
Published: April 23rd 2009
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Where to start? I suppose that the first thing was J+J's visit was great if short and the new company registration was completed.Still need to transfer propertyat Yunets to it. Went down to check out how this had overwintered and found it had been broken into .There followed a trying 4 days of insurance cover contact,police statements and eventually it was OK'd to get the work done.Still attempting to contact Phil and Mary to get Stan to look at what needs to be done,hopefully Sun(26th).J+J being back for a further 5 weeks they hope to meet me there.
To my own life here.Despite chronic back ache and muscle strain from redecorating and tidying Lizard house I am now recovered and reasonably fit again. I had been contacted by the village mayor substitute re possibly letting lizard house for a long let to a couple - English man and Russian wife. Wasn't sure at first as you hear of so many dreadful letting dramas but took the contact email address and described the property and facilities available. Received a favourable reply stating they 'd like to see it and agreed to meet the next week. I now know that they have actually been living outside Varna for 2 years and not just coming over from UK as I originally supposed. We got on great and they were able to move in on 14th April.Brian's first job being to complete the new (unknown when we first met) tap problem so that they could have the water back on!! Cracker tenants!.They have 2 rescued street dogs who from being noiseless have really come out from themselves and proudly(or should that be loudly)protect their propety!! B+A are going to buy in Boyana and build a 'green' house from scratch. Looking forward to seeing it develop.Meanwhile they are staying until 19/8. Then Sven,Clare,Sam and Stu are over. From 7th of sept the offer to return if necessary is available.The money was pitched to clear the cost of their electricity and water and internet contact.Electricity still continues to be a mystery even though I mistakenly thought I understood the system.namely you pay three bills each month - For amt used, for supplying that amount of units and for reading the meter!!Very invidious and re last point the meter box for 24 out on road is new and they have stopped putting windows in the door so the only wayI have of checking the readings is to be there when they come which has never happened yet! Tomorrow Meta is coming to the office with me to find out where the innordinant costs are coming from .Presume they are months not read before, coupled with new habit of reading every month from April and therefore are big .Hopefully will sort it tomorrow.As it is I have had to find 1300Lv for the 2 properties. The point being that they will not show you the breakdown till you pay them and even then it is not very clear.Night rates and day rates mean 2 readings for each property for each month. My "retirement" is rapidly becoming as busy as when I was working! The ongoing project is cultivating the land to take the crops. Long and tiring work so I'm spelling myself.Georgie is helping of course and Meta continues to rustle up food each night. Lots more could say but fingers are tiring.Hope to contact all soon.Supergran


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